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By Jon B.
Park City, UT
Dud Ultrafire 10440 AAA
March 21, 2018
I purchased 4 PKCell 10440 AAA batteries from Durnergy at Amazon for my Streamlight 66318 Microstream flashlight and they all worked. I tried the PKCell batteries because I previously purchased 4 UltraFire 10440 batteries from Battery Junction and all 4 were duds; the supplier replaced the original 4 and 3 of the 4 were duds. Good customer service from Battery Junction but only one working UltraFire out of 8??? Allthough, the supplier refunded my money they would not acknowledge the dud batteries and said the problem was my flashlight. Not likely, I have been using the flashlight since 2016 with good higher voltage (3.7 volt) UltraFire 10440 batteries. Perhaps UltraFire's quality control is not what it once was. I will not risk buying UltraFire again. You Figure!!
ProsPretty good customer service
ConsWould hope they would protect customers by discontinuing poor products
By Rem
Nashville, TN
March 7, 2017
I have a lot of experience with lithium batteries, and these are my first AAA style cells as I normally use plain brick cells. They came with the standard charge of 3.87v, a good sign, but I had to charge them super slowly at 0.1A to keep the voltage down and get more capacity in which was only 25mAh to reach 4.2v at 0.1A. After the charge it dropped to 4.05v. For testing I ran it down to a safe 3.000v 3 times using an 8ohm then 10ohm then 25ohm load until the voltage drop became very rapid signaling it is about empty. By the way these tend to hold their voltage around 3.6-3.45v average even without a load, kind of low. After the thoroughly, but not too deeply draining the 2 I bought, I charged them for about 80 minutes at 0.1A and put about 120mAh back in. I expected at least 250-350mah for a "500mah". I have to admit they work, but are not powerful. If I was looking to get cheap batteries I would have just aimed for cheap ones, I got mislead somewhere else that ultrafire was very good, now all I hear is how overrated and bad they are. I have them now and don't need high performance, so I'll keep them.
ProsThey work, and can last a reasonable amount of time in low power devices
ConsOnly 120mAh of useable capacity, weak voltage.
By Philip
Portland, Oregon
Great in my LED flashlight
November 19, 2016
I have a small, single AAA LED flashlight. This rechargeable battery offered much brighter light. I think it fully justified the risk that it could overload the flashlight. I like it.
By Kris
Surprise, AZ
The right product at the right price
May 16, 2016
After calling to get some advice on which 10400 cell to order, I chose this one, and it works perfectly in the chosen application (OLight i7R EOS).
ProsProper size for the device; protected cell; proper design (button top) for the given application
By Frank R.
Atlanta, Georgia
Works in LUMAPOWER EDC LM2 flashlight
February 17, 2016
This battery works in the LUMAPOWER EDC LM2 flashlight. It is listed as 10440 but is a little bit shorter than the Trustfire 10440 batteries that I ordered at the same time which do not work in that flashlight. These may actually be 10400 type but whatever they are they work in the flashlight.
By Ed
March 31, 2015
I was using alkalines in my Lumapower LM21 but could not get the full 300 lumen output. When I replaced the alkalines with the UltraFire 10440 what a difference, now I have a bright 300 lumen white light that lights up a room. I have charged it a few times with no problems. I have been using it for a few months now so time will tell on its durability but so far great results and no problems.
ProsPrice, powerfull, easy to charge, good run times
By Thomas
Dover, TN
Top Notch
February 5, 2015
I've used several brand's of 10440 in various pieces of equipment with mixed results. When I started using these UltraFire batteries I experienced a remarkable improvement in the operating range along with longer run time between charges. I'm having no problem with over heating under heavier load's, which I was with the other brand's. Highly recommend.
ProsPretty blue colour.
By Jon
New Port Richey, FL
Midget powerhouse
November 15, 2014
Started using them in several AAA flashlights that I determined would handle the extra voltage,HUGE increase in output, I limit the run time to keep the temp down.But a nice wow demo to amaze the general public.....(non flashaholics).
ProsCheap power packed batts, they last for a long time with proper use and conditioning.
ConsWould like even more capacity, but that's a given.....
By John
Just What I Needed
May 6, 2011
I was looking for a lithium replacement for the standard four cell arangement in my Kyosho Mini-Z fleet. The power delevery is constant and strong up to the end of the run. I often store the cars for a long time and they hold their power well. They charge consistantly each time even after a lot of abuse.

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