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By Glenn Z.
Marvista CA
June 14, 2023
Great product, price & service for my Arlo cameras.
By Alfred S.
Wayne Pa
review of CR123A Lithium battery
May 23, 2023
I have used one battery so far and it is working just fine. The price is far less this my previous purchase of this product and they seem just as good.
By Dave
January 4, 2023
The order was received in a reasonable amount of time at a great price
chesterfield mass
titanium cr 123
December 29, 2022
full power here and the best price always. been buying these for the past 10 years. great performance in my tactical o lights. you wont find any others at this price anywhere. probably the best dollar value at battery junction.
By Icbm
Great powerful lil batteries.
December 28, 2022
These are perfect size a d price. I use these on my L.E. Issued flashlights and personal O-lights.
By Sean
Good Battery
November 29, 2022
Battery's have good power last long time
By Rick J.
October 25, 2022
Theses are the best Cr123 batteries in used. Sit in my bag but plenty of power when needed.
By Pete
Emergency Power and Long Life Power Supply For Microcontrollers
September 5, 2022
I have a few house monitoring projects that need guaranteed long term power available such as monitoring for water leaks, auto house water shut-off, and loss of home power monitoring which all need to power a microcontroller. This battery is excellent for those low power consumption solutions! I also keep a handful around as an option for shelf stable emergency lighting and emergency power for extremely small devices and maybe meshtastic should the world find itself ending.
By Henry
Georgetown, TX
Great purchase
August 5, 2022
I keep these handy. I have several items that use these batteries.
By Kenneth
A very Pleasant surprise
August 2, 2022
I've made several purchases here and free the choices are great. However, I've always believed that name brands or better-known brands were better. I decided to try the new titanium Innovations battery. I said I would purchase just enough to handle my initial change of batteries. Well, so far the charge is holding up quite well. My cameras are still showing 96,95.96 for the 3 cameras I've changed after 3 weeks so I guess I will be purchasing a larger quantity as I stock up for fall. Great Purchase I'm very pleased thus far. Ken
New Mexico
Excellent product for the price!
June 28, 2022
Cost effective batteries, which are of high-quality. I'm greatly impressed by how well they've functioned in some of my lights/lasers.
By Chris
June 8, 2022
great product
By Z
Western Wisconsin
Best Deal out there.
May 4, 2022
I've been using these batteries for over 10 years now. They are an excellent value for the dollar.
By David
Good to have on hand
March 28, 2022
I've used these batteries before and really like them. I just place a reorder because I like to keep them on hand. Great price and great value.
By Jim
North Carolina
Love the wrapping
March 21, 2022
You wouldn’t think the way a battery was wrapped would matter but this is one little way to make life a bit easier. I use the 123A batteries in several applications some require 2 batteries and some just 1. So with the 2 batteries wrapped together I can just drop in a pac or otherwise I’ll split the pac and use one and have a second one for next time. As they say easy peasy!
By Glen
Santa Paula, CA
long lasting
January 17, 2022
These batteries have lasted 6 years in my office drawer. I just put the last two in my flashlight a week ago and they work perfectly.
By Rick
San Jose
They work as advertised.
January 12, 2022
I have purchased these before from Battery Junction and they have a long shelf life, that's why I bought them again. Good price as well.
By Kenny G.
C.C. Texas
Great batteries
December 13, 2021
For the price per battery and the quality of each battery these are a bargain and work great in all my family members flashlights…
By Manny
Excellent batteries
December 1, 2021
These batteries are excellent and cheaper than other brands out there. They have a great shelf life and are very reliable when the need arises. I have several boxes stored and I label the date of purchase so I know which ones to use up first. Highly recommend
By Brad
CR123A Titanium batteries
November 30, 2021
Great battery for the price.
By Eric
Denver, CO
Great Battery and Compares with Brand Name
November 9, 2021
I use these batteries in my gear and they work very well, can't tell any difference in performance from the major brands! Thank you.
By Kevin J.
Murrieta, CA
Great shelf life
October 15, 2021
I have boxes of these batteries that are three and four years old. I use them first before I use the new ones I order. I've done tests on ones that are three to four years old in flashlights to ones that I have just purchased and I can see no difference in strength. Great shelf life. I know these batteries move quickly because every time I order them I checked the date on the battery and they were just made a few months prior to the current date. So they are really fresh. I've tested these batteries in flashlights against surefire batteries, which are basically Panasonic batteries. These batteries perform just as well if not better at half the price.
Worthington, Ohio
Great value!
October 13, 2021
Great value! This bargain pack of CR123As is just what I need to power my 2-cell flashlights. They produce a light as bright as I get with all other brands of 123s. At this price, I can always afford to have fresh batteries in my light.
By Roger
Madison, WI
Excellent Batteries
August 22, 2021
I need these batteries for camera equipment and a couple of flashlights. They arrived on time, and they all work very well. You can't beat the price. I will buy more of these as soon as I need them.
By Alex
The only CR123 i use
February 19, 2021
Cant go wrong with these. Never had any problems. Love that there wrapped together.
By Mikial
Powerful batteries at a great price
December 27, 2020
I can't even imagine buying my batteries anywhere else. These CR123's would have cost me a lot more at any other seller and they are first class quality.
By Geno
Valrico, Florida
Great deal & price
December 23, 2020
I have purchased this item before. Very happy with item.
By Tom
Finally used up
December 20, 2020
These batteries last for years only second box since original order
By Daniel
Good cells
November 20, 2020
Purchased for Arlo cameras, so far so good.
By Richard
Bakersfield, CA
Love these things!
November 7, 2020
I have been buying these batteries from here since 2009. can't beat the price! and I've never had a problem with one.
New England
Great Value
October 30, 2020
Buying the batteries by the dozen makes real economic sense. I use these in my Olight H1, Fenix HL50, headlamps and other budget 16340 powered flashlights. With a long shelf life I do not worry about depleted batteries.
By Geoffrey
San Diego, CA
Good Value
September 18, 2020
Good performance at a low price. I've always been happy with them.
By Eugene
Great Battery
July 3, 2020
I have been using these for several years, great Battery, stores well
By gg
great battery
June 22, 2020
Great battery and super price.
By Big D.
Great Purchase
April 21, 2020
Just in time, on time at a good price.
By Jerome D.
Sun Lakes AZ
Excellent battery
April 1, 2020
These are the best value priced high performance you can buy IMHO. I've been using these batteries for years and they never fail to do their job. Just keep the price low and I'll keep buying.
By Tom
Houston, Texas
Reliable and Economical
March 11, 2020
Performance is indistinguishable from far costlier brands. Great job, Battery Junction!
By Hutch
High Point, NC
As Good As Any!
March 9, 2020
So far I cannot see any difference between these batteries and the ones that cost twice as much or more. Time will tell, but for now this is a no brainer. Hutch
By Michael
Troy, MI
Good battery
March 3, 2020
Great price. I always check Battery Junction first for prices. They always seem to have better prices then any where else.
By Paul
123 batteries
February 17, 2020
Work well very decent price and free shipping reccomend
By John
CR123 Batteries
January 17, 2020
They work fine and saved me a lot of money buying thru Battery Junction.
By Donald W.
San Jose, Calif.
My Cameras
January 14, 2020
I use these batteries in security cameras and they have been in now for a week. The cameras run 12 hours a day and the batteries are still at full charge.
By Brian
Cincinnati, OH
Dependable, High Performing Batteries
December 29, 2019
These batteries have never failed on me and they have a good level of performance. For the price, they are a great value!
By Casey O.
Great value!
December 29, 2019
Buying in bulk like this is a true savings, and the batteries are of great quality.
By Brian
New Jersey
Battery 2 packs
December 26, 2019
Nicely packed in pairs. I keep extras with me when working and being in pairs helps.
By Dustin
Titanium innovations cr123a batteries.
December 2, 2019
Batteries are great. The reason for only four stars is shipping cost.
By Lenny
Clinton, CT
Great stocking stuffers!
October 18, 2019
A very good battery to include with a gift light. The box of 12 has 6 shrink wrapped packages of 2 in the box so its easy to carry a set of spare battery's.
Misery USA
CR123 Batteries, Best Price
October 4, 2019
I use a combat light from Surefire that takes 3 CR123A batteries. It used to cost me double the Tanks, Battery Junction. JDQ
By zack
the woods
exactly as advertised
September 3, 2019
the batteries are powerful and work well. they fit my flashlights as planned
By Barbara
The Most Unreliable Batteries
August 8, 2019
Bought a 12-pack, less than half of them worked in my Olight flashlight. Battery Junction reluctantly replaced them. This batch, only about 3 of 12 worked. All were stored properly with the ends not touching each other and within the recommended temp range. These are supposed to last 10 years. I will take OLight's advice and buy a more reputable brand. This happened with 2 different OLight flashlights, both determined by OLight to be in good working order. I trusted this brand and they left me in the dark, carrying dead weight in a foreign country too many times.

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