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By Ralph
E-70 Flashlight
November 24, 2022
I really like the E=70 flashlight as it can light up all of my 15 acres.Plus the setting give you the light at the time you need it.
By Colton
Perfectly good flashlight, for the battery its meant for.
September 11, 2022
The E70-AL is a great EDC flashlight. The light is very bright compared to some of my older flashlights I have around the house. However, its worth noting that while this flashlight is compatible with 18650 batteries, it will not fit an unprotected 18650 battery, only one with a protection circuit. Its also worth noting that the flashlight has no usb charging capabilities. Overall, its a good flashlight, but I wish I knew what I know now about this light before I made the purchase.
By Eric
Rock Island, IL
Acebeam E70-AL
September 7, 2022
Acebeam is my new go to brand of light. Good light, good price.
By Silas
Seymour, MO
Amazing EDC Light!
August 13, 2022
This has been an excellent light. It's super bright with an amazing UI. Its size lends its self to pocket carry and the clip holds it perfectly in place. I have had only one issue. The tail cap switch went a little buggy. When I took off the head to check the battery and screwed it back on the light would automatically start cycling through its modes. After leaving the head off for a few minutes and putting it back on the problem went away. Over all a good light with an excellent beam pattern and color for EDC. I will update if I have any more issues.
By Ed
New Jersey
Happy with this flashlight
April 6, 2022
I’m a flashlight junkie. I have a bunch of lights sold on this site from Nitecore, Fenix, Olight, Streamlight and others. I didn’t need another flashlight but couldn’t help myself when I saw this. I have only one other light powered by a 21700 and it’s too big to EDC so this one is only slightly bigger than my 18650 powered EDC lights and I thought I’d give it a try. I am very pleased. It is a little chunky in my pocket but I don’t mind it when wearing jeans. Maybe once warmer weather arrives and I’m wearing shorts I’ll choose something smaller but we will see. I like the brightness levels. I like having the ability to either go to moonlight mode or high in a moment. A couple of “wishes” I have for this light that would make it absolutely perfect are: the ability to see battery levels. And a way to go to turbo from the tail click instantly. The double tap for last used and then another double tap for turbo works well enough but I would prefer a way to have moonlight and turbo modes instantly and I then the extra step for “normal” modes. However that’s a personal preference and may not be a choice others would want. This works fine with a little practice (and I mean a little …a few minutes). The beam itself is really nice. I like the spill, the throw and the color a lot. I don’t normally do reviews because I’ll just sound like everyone else but this one inspired me lol
By Elwood S.
Alton, Illinois
EDC and spotlight
November 10, 2021
I have several EDC flashlights that I have used to augment my carry firearm for night firing. The Acebeam e70 high beam 1300 lumens is more than adequate for night shooting. The turbo function 4600 lumens clearly illuminates any questionable objects beyond the typical targets background. I just ordered another one with spare battery.
By mark
Does everything well
September 25, 2021
From a 1L moonlight to a sunshine bright 4600Lumens this light has you covered. More importantly the UI (user interface) makes the light versatile & easy to use. You can't know when, where or why you'll need your light next, doesn't matter with this UI. Add in really good run times at normal lumen levels .. you have a winner
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Great Light!
July 27, 2021
Acebeam has done it again! Well made, great looking. Controls are well thought out, but different that what I was used to. This light is BRIGHT and it does put out some heat, but I like the fact that it can stay on turbo (4600 lumens) for 1.5 hours. Alot of lights claim to be bright, but they can only stay on for a short period of time (many less than 2 minutes) at their maximum brightness before stepping down due to heat protection of the circuits. This light is well made, reasonably priced and now my favorite in my collection.
By Jim E.
Hagerstown, MD
Looks as good as it functions.
July 7, 2021
Besides having a modern good look to it, this flashlight puts out more lumens than any other flashlight its size or smaller that I am aware of. It is a little larger than a typical Every Day Carry (EDC), but again, no smaller flashlight can give this level of performance or last as long on a charge for a given light output. And the versatility is great. I can use it indoors and close up on low settings and still light up my world outside. The high light output was welcome the other night when my family was leaving a 4th of July fireworks display that we watched from a vacant field. Things were rather dark to walk through the field, so I pulled out my E70 and lit up the whole area so everyone could easily see where they were going and avoid stepping in any holes or whatever. Everyone was rather impressed with the light output as much as they welcomed it. So, for me, the E70 fits in my pocket just fine and I love it.

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