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By Doc
San Antonio
Amazing torch
August 17, 2020
Acebeam hit a grand slam with this little light. First it is very nice looking with it's gold highlights. Second it is very versatile being so small and bright. Third it is very well made and the way they crammed three LEDs in the head is impressive. Lastly the throw is nicely balanced with a generous sized spot and enough glow around it to fill in.
By Jon
New Jersey
Absolutely love this little flashlight!
June 22, 2020
So much light from such a small form factor! You will be amazed! And the build quality is superb. Feels great in the hand and disappears when you put it in your pocket. I have found a new favorite flashlight company >> Acebeam all the way!
I just think acebeam is 100%
May 25, 2020
Small strong and just what I needed well crafted piece
By Craig
WOW - great flashlight!!
May 11, 2020
I would give this more than 5 stars if able. This light is BRIGHT and the delectable lumen levels is a great feature and easy to use. Does take a bit of learning to determine the right lumen levels based on the "clicks" but once figured out - no worries. Super compact and the clip allows many mountable options. I like clipped to the bill of my hat for a kickin' headlamp option. Might be more expensive than others, but the construction, quality, features and brightness are worth the bucks. Can't speak to the battery life, but betting in the "moonlight" mode it will last for sometime and is really the normal lumen levels one would use at night. Buy this light - you won't be disappointed!
By Colinsdad
Longmeadow MA
March 12, 2020
I have a job where I build trains for Boston and Philly- I use my lights daily, just to be able to accomplish my tasks. I've EDC'd an Old Skool Preon1 with a 10440- great light with very low runtimes (for obvious reasons). A 4sevens Ti cr123 light, which is AWESOME with the appropriate high drain 16340 cells, but, trying to switch on or change modes one handed is not the easiest thing. But, this particular light and form factor were PERFECT for what I needed! I also purchased a FireFlies headlamp, which is outstanding with the 21700 battery and 3000 high CRI lumens, but, a bit clunky for wearing all day during a 10 hour shift. I happened to be shopping around for some ideas for a replacement and, came across this light with the OSRAM option. This light is exceptionally well thought out, with decent mode spacing, one handed operation (with clicky switch) and WOW does this Lil guy put too some serious, well concentrated lumens! The clip is definitely well thought out, except for it's orientation where one must carry it reflector side up in your pocket. This is a quibble that is easily overlooked for the performance/form factor of this gem!! Annnnd, as always, quick shipping and hassle free work from the folks here! Super impressed with the light output, beam profile/corona/spill which is PERFECT for someone like me, who uses this gem as a part of my daily toolbox! I've never owned an OSRAM product, so, I'm really impressed by what this brings to the table for a professional like myself who uses this to make his living. Two thumbs waaay up for both Battery junction and this product!!!
By Jay
Two Rivers, WI
Cheers for the Tail Switch & 1800 Lumens
January 17, 2020
Since purchasing my first single CR123 LED (ARC brand) EDC, in 2003, I've preferred non-tactical tail switches - especially when they tail-stand as this light does. That early ARC Light had only one 40 lumen level. Now, Acebeam gives me from moon to turbo - plus strobe, high or ECO ranges, and longer battery life. Remember that the included Acebeam IMR123 cell offers maximum brightness. Also remember moon-mode requires a longer switch press each time, but the other levels are memorized for last one used. This light is often in my pocket.
By John
, stoughton wi
It is an excellent light And would recommend it
November 20, 2019
If I could make a change it would be to replace the tail switch with a side switch on a light this small it is extremely difficult if not almost impossible to one handedly use the tail switch. With that said if I lost it I would replace it with another.
By Andrew
Great value
October 1, 2019
I was surprised at how well this light worked. It's extraordinarily bright and casts a very wide beam. The price for the lumens is also excellent, 'though I have to wait to see how well it holds up with use. Using 3 LEDs in such a small light is an interesting approach and I'll also be interested to see how that heats up the light during extended on times. The two modes (eco versus power) are confusing so I just leave it on the power mode and cycle through the light levels. I also like that one can go immediately to the highes by double clicking the rear switch while a singe click goes to the previously used lever.
By hilltop94720
Oakland, CA
good edc light
July 26, 2019
Pretty bright, especially for something this small and light. Beam is good, but not a great thrower. Only design failure is that it has a tail on/off button, and it has already turned on twice in my pocket - so now I keep the cap partially unscrewed. Twist on/off lights work much better for pocket carry.
By Eric
Rock Island, IL
Acebeam TK16-AL
June 26, 2019
Nice little light. Great throw, narrow beam.

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