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By Scott
Northwest Indiana
December 9, 2021
EDC for sure. Very bright, long run time and decent price. Especially since it's made in China. I bought 4 for our family. Now we'll see how long they last and perform.
By Conor
Lubbock, TX
My New Favorite!
October 29, 2021
I have a LOT of flashlights in my house. Some people might say I have a bit of a problem, even an obsession. I say I'm just an enthusiast for good flashlights who's tried a lot of brands/models in order to find a few that are really good, and I'm too thrifty to just get rid of the extras. Besides, I can always barter away the spares when the SHTF. My point is I have a lot of experience with different 18650 flashlights, and I can tell you this is the best I've personally tried. I've got Streamlight, Nitecore, Klarus, and Olight lights, but I've never spent $150+ on one of those fancy SureFire tactical lights, but I can't imagine they're much better than this (aside from having the gun kit, of course). The design and quality of this light are just amazing. Anyone can produce a rugged LED light with a solid aluminum case that can stand up to shock and the elements. But this little guy excels in its features. First of all, I love the double button design. The tail button turns it on and off, while the side button cycles through the power modes. And best of all, it REMEMBERS what setting you used last. This is a surprisingly rare feature, even in name-brand lights with 2 buttons. AND, if you press the side button while the light is off it has no effect. This really is an exquisite light for EDC pocket carry. And while other lights have an option to recharge without taking the battery out, most of them rely on rubber seals to protect a USB port. This one though just leaves the charging port exposed and it doesn't matter. I love the way the magnetic charger snaps on, it's surprisingly satisfying. I do have a couple minor gripes, but but they're more a matter of preference and not worth detracting from the 5-star rating. First, the pocket clip is a bit too stiff out of the box. This means it will last longer I suppose, but it's a bit of a pain to get it in and out of the pocket early on. That said, I like how it's reversible so you can carry either button up or button down. The tail button is also a bit stiff. This probably means it's a quality button that's never likely to break, and it reduces accidental activations in the pocket, but it does make using this light to signal a bit problematic. Finally, the surface finish is a bit rough. I don't mean it's poorly-finished, I mean they deliberately gave it a rough texture. This means it's easier to grip when wet or while wearing gloves, but it also means if you repeatedly brush the back of your hand against it while reaching into your pocket, it can rough up the skin a bit (I have dry skin prone to cracking). That said, I'm glad I bought 2 of these and now I use one for my EDC and keep the other in my main bugout bag. A bit pricey now, but I got them on sale for $80, so I'm VERY happy with my purchase.
By 213
Millerstown, PA
PowerTac Deal
March 10, 2021
PowerTac lights are very good lights. I was introduced to them by a veteran police supervisor and I was still skeptical. My skepticism evaporated once I used the lights (the generation before the ones I'm reviewing here). They were well-made lights that emit clean, bright, white light. Very good power levels and certainly on a par with Nitecore (which is my favorite brand; I have a MH12 I carry EDC and it keeps working). I think our company paid over a hundred dollars each for the older gen PowerTacs, so this bundle of 2 for $80 is a smackin' good deal to add to my personal arsenal of flashlights. Thanks!
By Alex
Great lights
March 10, 2021
These lights are very good, I own 8 now and some as old as 10 years and still going strong. They have a good warranty and they stand behind it if you need it.
By Mike
Insanely bright!
February 16, 2021
Love the magnetic charger and high lumens!
By Robert
Finger Lakes Region Upstate NY
February 3, 2021
Very well made. Good throw with strong hotspot and nice spill for flood. The best of both worlds. Excellent heat management with an efficient emitter and quality reflector. Mine is the 1300 lumen version when it does ramp down, it still maintains close to 1,000 lumens for up to 2 hours without getting too warm. It is hard to imagine the amount of light that comes out of such a small unit. Easy to use, with two buttons. Tail switch turns it on and off. Side button sets the brightness, and actuates strobe function. Lockout is turning the tail cap CCW 1/2 turn. Powertac factory technical support and customer assistance by phone is excellent. I own several flashlights from EDC to high powerful search lights and this is my favorite. Battery junction also provides outstanding customer service. Shipping is fast.

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