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By Jim
Napa, CA
Good for Trackpad & Mouse
August 4, 2020
I use these rechargeable batteries in my trackpad & mouse. I only have to recharge once a month. They have never let me down.
By donald w.
very satisfied
May 9, 2020
The charge on these batteries for a couple days of continuous use before needing charged. I will be buying more
By Jeffery
uses this in my shower gel dispner and my scaner
March 30, 2020
I got this to put in my shower gel dispenser and my old radio shack scanner that I got over 20 years ago I have the Panasonic Eneloop batteries in my keyboard and mouse set that are 3.5 years old still works good so I got the Panasonic Eneloop pro batteries for my scanner and shower gel dispenser so I will see how will this works I will do a update after I have Panasonic Eneloop pro batteries for a wile more to come
By Keenan
Good Price, Fast Shipping
December 31, 2018
I can't say much more than the heading says, except to say they work.
By Larry
Greenfield, WI
Hands Down the BEST AA Rechargeable Batteries Available
October 29, 2018
I bought these Panasonic Eneloop Pro BK-3HCCA-8BA over 1 year ago and use them in a Nikon digital camera that I use daily with flash and hundreds of pictures per day. These batteries have unbelievable capacity and seem to last forever between charges. I bought an 8 pack so I would have 4 in camera and 4 for backup. Camera never went dead no matter how many pictures i took in 1 day. My word for these Eneloops is AMAZING. If you want the best get the Eneloops. Buy them from Battery Junction so you get the real deal.
By Mark W.
AA Batteries
May 29, 2018
Got these with the titanium charger and plan to have plenty of spare battery power for my SB700 Nikon flash.
By Rocky M.
Great for Laser Tag
April 26, 2018
Our laser tag units eat through batteries like candy so we decided to invest in some batteries that will prolong playing time between charges. The eneloop pro is great for holding a steady charge longer than anything else we've tried on these power suckers. The only reason I'm giving them 4 stars instead of 5 is because they're so expensive. In fact, a set of batteries cost as much as one laser tag gun; but you do get what you pay for. Thanks for the discount and free shipping Battery Junction!
Proslong lasting, powerful
Consexpensive, little larger diameter than a traditional battery
By John
The Great State of Texas
Good Product
March 7, 2018
I ordered 12 of these NiMH batteries for use in various AA powered devices. They all tested at over 100% of their rated capacity, when discharged at 700mAh.
By John
December 18, 2017
So far so good
By NixImages
Rochester, New York
This is my 2nd order from Battery Junction
October 2, 2017
This is my 2nd order of Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries for a grand total of 48 batteries. As a photographer I need batteries that are dependable and have a decent power curve, the Eneloop Pro 2500 mAh batteries are just such a battery. Whereas the output of standard AA batteries drops significantly after initial use the Eneloop Pro batteries maintain a constant output for a significany longer period of time. As an example, when using standard alkaline batteries I get about 20 full power flashes before my recycle time goes from 4 seconds to 7 seconds. With the Eneloop Pro batteries I get about 75 full power flashes before I see a time lag between cycle times. Lets face it, 4 of these batteries cost as much as 32 AA Alkalines but the constant output and ability to recharge is woth the cost.
ProsConstant output level, 75% more than alkalines. Rechagable ( about 9 hours for full charge, depending on charger) low self discharge
Conscost rechargable up to 500 times (2000 mAh versions rechargable up to 2000x)
By Bobrip
Richmond, VA
Very enviromentally friendly
August 12, 2017
Each battery can replace 500 alkaline batteries. Imagine the raw materials, packing, shipping, handling and production energy that saves. These are so much better than batteries that you only use once. Also since these never leak (I have never seen one leak and I have about 100) imagine the flashlights that are ruined and have to be replaced because of alkaline batteries. Ruined flashlights is waste generation. Lower internal losses because of low internal resistance. This gives greater current for photography flashes, high brightness flashlights and other high power devices. This results in more run time and faster flash recharge.
ProsEnvironmentally fantastic. Save money versus alkaline or other one use once batteries. Will handle higher power levels efficiently so less energy from the cell is wasted as heat, giving longer run time. Will not leak and ruin flashlights or other items.
ConsThese have not been widely advertised by the suppliers as to the advantages. Lower profit for battery manufacturers and sellers.
By Chachee
Best AA Rechargeable
May 18, 2017
I have over 12 trail cameras in service and the Enelloop Pro Black batteries have been consistently the most reliable. Better than the White premium version. Better than other higher capacity brands.
ProsBest and longest lasting out of many brands tested.
By PJ N.
Camera Flash Batteries
March 23, 2017
I got these to use in my SB800 off camera flash. They hold there charge well and the flash recycles faster than other batteries I have used and holds the charge longer.
ProsA great battery
By allan
N Las Vegas, NV
Awesome AA Batteries
January 20, 2017
These rechargeable batteries are used for everything around the house. Remote controls, Garmin GPS, and especially game controllers. The higher amp low discharge makes the batteries last longer than normal throw away batteries. Saved hundreds of dollars and worth buying these rechargeable batteries.
ProsNice looking and long lasting
By Kirsten D.
Portland, OR
Great batteries, but.....
January 19, 2017
Why is EVERYTHING in plastic? It's terrible for the environment. Please be a leader and find alternative packaging. Otherwise, 5 stars.
ProsExcellent batteries
ConsHorrible plastic packaging. Would recommend to a friend unless I found another good battery without the plastic packaging.
"Chicago, Illinois"
December 24, 2016
These batteries perform very well. I will be purchasing more this coming year.
By Bill
Houston, Texas
Solar Light Batteries
December 14, 2016
Best battery for solar landscape lighting I have ever found...
By Roy
Norman, Oklahoma
The best rechargables made
November 3, 2016
They hold a charge for a long time so my flash unit is always ready. Plenty of power and give a reduced flash cycle time and more flashes per charge than alkaline batteries.
ProsGreat value compared to the cost of alkaline batteries. Capable of heavy current draw. Hold a charge for up to a year.
By Nathan
Fenton, MI
Awesome for Camera Flash
October 25, 2016
I use these in my Canon wireless camera flashes and they perform SO well! Amazing difference from alkaline. I have three flashes so I will be ordering more soon.
By Rich
Brownstown, IN
Best rechargeables
August 21, 2016
I just reordered more Eneloop Pros. These are absolutely the best rechargeable batteries I've ever owned and they live up to expectations with regard to shelf life.
ProsExceptional shelf life and runtime on most every device I've been using them in.
ConsSome folks will find these a little pricey, but they're well worth the extra investment!
By kevin
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Quality Battery
July 16, 2016
Stable Performance
ProsQuality and Price
July 5, 2016
Works well for me bought over the counter brands and they do not hold up at all
Prosthankful of the higher quilty
By Chris
Long lasting
March 23, 2016
I've used these batteries extensively in flashlight and trail cameras. Through sweltering heat and frigid snowstorms they keep cranking, lasting longer than any alkaline battery I've used and just as long as non-rechargeable lithium batteries. Out of the package they were at about a 90% charge. The bad news is that one battery out of the pack did have a problem. About 6 months after purchase I went to recharge the batteries and the top part of one battery was separating from the body and it looked like there was some leakage that one would normally see from alkaline batteries. This battery had NOT been mixed with any other types of batteries, was previously charged in an Eneloop charger, and there was no sign of damage//leakage in the trail camera so I'm not sure what caused it to have problems.
ProsLasts very long time despite adverse weather Came pre-charged out of the box
ConsOne battery out of the pack started coming apart and looked like it had leaked
By Carolyn
Vienna, VA
January 12, 2016
This is my first purchase of the higher capacity enloops and I must say, these really deliver the power! I haven't had them but a few weeks so far, but they are performing far beyond my expectations so far. I use medical devices known as TENS units for the control of pain, and wear them all the time--even sleeping (in fact without them I can't sleep!) They are great if the batteries are doing their job. Before these batteries, I would be rudely awakened sometime in the wee hours with pain that one cannot sleep through! Since getting these batteries, I am actually getting uninterrupted sleep!! I cannot say enough good things about these batteries, and after I have used them for a lengthy period of time, I will update my review if possible. I am just so thankful to find that the problem was not the TENS unit, just the quality of the batteries!
ProsThey deliver the power needed! They last at least 6 hours even with high drain devices! They don't have memory problems (will be able to testify to that after I have had them a while)
Consnone so far.
By Richard
Ocean View, NJ
November 30, 2015
The Panasonic eneloop pro AA batteries are great. 35 years ago I tried rechargeable batteries and they did not work well, which jaded me from ever trying them again. These are not your grandfathers rechargeable batteries! After much research I choose eneloop pro batteries and I could not be happier. They hold their charge very well in storage and in my flashlights. Also I have piece of mind knowing they will not leak and ruin my precious devices. Because they have no memory, they can be "topped off" or recharged without waiting to fully discharge them, allowing you to hit the road with 100% fully charged batteries whenever you want.They even operate down to -4 degree fahrenheit. After reading everything on the eneloop web site I decided to take their advice and use a slow charger.I use the Panasonic BQ-CC17 charger which came as part of my panasonic eneloop pro power pack (K-KJ17KHC82A), it will charge one, two, three or four AA eneloop pro batteries in about 9 hours, and works great.For storage I use the eneloop plastic cases in both blue and white that hold 4 AA or 5 AAA, the different colors help keep my batteries separated making it easy to rotate my spare batteries with those in my flashlights.After about 5 charges you break even with the cost of quality alkaline batteries and being they can be recharged 500 times makes them a real bargain. They are also environmentally friendly, keeping all those disposable batteries out of the landfill.Keep in mind, if you do not need the 2550 mAh of the (black) eneloop pro batteries the standard 2000 mAh (white) eneloop batteries are much less expensive and can be recharged 2100 times, while holding 70% of their charge after 5 years.
ProsHold 85% of their charge after one year. Operate at -4 degrees fahrenheit. Will not leak. Ability to be topped off without effecting memory. Convenience of always having fresh batteries. Very cost effective. More environmentally friendly than disposable batteries.
By CelticCross74
Washington DC
Best of the Best NiMH
June 10, 2015
Just got yet another set of these from Battery Junction. Also just got a new Xtar VC4 charger which tells you how many MaH it adds on top of whatever is already there. Firstly the charger is first rate and charged 4 new Eneloop Pros to a stonking 1.5 volts each! Secondly over 2000 mah were added to each cell. The cells when I got them read 1.3 volts right out of the package. My math is pretty fuzzy but Im thinking these cells charged to roughly 2650 per cell in the end on the FIRST charge! Being Eneloops I know construction is top notch and that it will be a couple of years of constant use before they even begin to degrade. Worth every cent.
ProsTrue 2550+mah capacity Best construction in the industry For what you get these cells are UNDER priced!
By DaleW
Cape Coral, FL
Higher Capacity, Still Same Great Eneloop Quality
May 13, 2015
These give you 25% more capacity than the standard Eneloops for those high drain devices. I use them in my digital camera and am amazed at how many flash pictures I can take on only one set of these.
ProsMore capacity. Works great for flashes, motorized toys, etc.
ConsHigher price than regular Eneloops, Self-discharge rate is also higher. 500 recharge cycles instead of over 2000.
By Larry
Mt. Vernon, WA.
Great batteries
March 13, 2015
These are my favorite batteries.
ProsThey came 100% charged. I have several of these when they were Sanyo and they are still going strong after 4 yrs now.
By John S.
United States
Eneloop Pro High Capacity Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries - 8 Pack
January 21, 2015
Great product. They last 12 hours in my scanner.
By Scott
Shoreline, WA
Steady-State Power
January 7, 2015
These are nice 'AA' rechargeable batteries with a great resource of mAh power. They come, as is the 'norm' with Eneloop, all ready carrying a charge so one is able to use them right at delivery w/o having to wait to charge them first. Although if they are not NEEDED fright away, it is a good idea to run them through a quality charger as it will bring the charge up from about 1.34v to 1.46v. Now just for those numerically minded, the following is a list of what I consider to be the top rechargeable 'AA' batteries and their voltage before and RIGHT after a charge. This does NOT reflect the 'staying power' or resource of mAh that each battery maintains. Eneloop Pro - pre-charge 1.386v ~ post charge 1.472v Eneloop - pre-charge 1.373v ~ post charge 1.485v Imedion Powerex - pre-charge 1.364v ~ post charge 1.478v Tenergy - pre-charge 1.312v ~ post charge 1.438v So far I have found the Eneloop Pro to have good 'staying power' in LED flashlights and Bluetooth remote mice.
ProsGood resources. Long staying power. Good reserve. Good 'shelf-life.' Better mAh than most others.
ConsA bit on par with the standard Eneloop. A lower initial charge than the Powered Imedion.
By John
Orange County, CA
Great Batteries for Photographers
January 6, 2015
The Eneloop Pro are a but pricey but great for gear that consumes a lot of power like my off camera flashes. My first pro batteries. These batteries come 90% charged so its a good idea to charge them up before using them.
By Product R.
Houston TX
December 16, 2014
I did a quick Refresh/Analyze test in a Maha MH-C9000. All four batteries had a capacity of 2600 ±10 mAhr. The charge rate was set to 800 mA and the discharge rate was 500 mA. The rated capacity is 2500 mAr. I have ordered two additional packs of 8. I will run a full break-in test later. It takes about a day, so I used the quicker Refresh/Analyze mode to save time. I expect these will perform well over time. I have some very old Eneloop 2000 mAh batteries that are finally down to about 1600 mAh capacity after many years service. All Eneloops are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Every one has exceeded rated capacity and given excellent service.
ProsHigher Capacity than regular Eneloop. Low Self Discharge All batteries exceed specified capacity Reliable performance.
ConsHigher price than regular Eneloop.
Amsterdam, NY
Great batteries
December 12, 2014
I haven't used them for very long but work as expected and have displayed just slightly more voltage than my 2000 mAh eneloops.
ProsLonger run times than standard ni-MH eneloops
By Jon
New Port Richey, FL
The rip van winkle of rechargeable batteries
December 10, 2014
Well my beloved Nitecore EA41 runs through AA battery's, but Eneloop, already a long time favorite came up with an even better solution. Big jump in mAh. They last a long time now. Thanks Eneloop. I just wish the price would come down a bit so I could buy a ton more.
ProsHigher capacity,ultra long shelf life,stable chemistry.......
ConsHigh price,
By Tony
Well worth the price.
December 10, 2014
We've been looking at these for some time. We found them here at a great price.
By Toolman2
United States
Currently, the best I've seen.
December 9, 2014
Of all of the NiMH batteries, these deliver the best balance of power retention and capacity. This is especially important for my portable camera flash unit which I need at unpredictable instances with ready power. The former NiMH cells that I used just lost their charge over time and had to be charged again for use. Using alkaline batteries added to the anxiety because it was difficult to tell when they would leak in the unit. These cells fill the bill with long-term savings and ready power when I need it. Not to mention that they work great in flashlights too!
ProsReady, high power. Rechargeable, well made. Great pricing.
By Benjamin
San Antonio
Great batteries!
September 14, 2014
I have an older digital camera that eats AA cells like breakfast but has a great lens. Even though it is a relatively low density megapixel camera by today's standards, the controls are where a 35mm SLR's would be, and it's easy and fast to use, except... that it eats AA batteries! Well, no ore worries, as these batteries charge quickly ad hold their charge much longer than the brand name batteries.
ProsCharge quickly, completely, and hold the charge longer.
ConsI don't have enough. I'm going to order more!
By John
Niagara Falls, NY
Really Holds A Great Charge
August 16, 2014
Holds a charge for along time and are great for high drain devices. My Nitecore EA41, which I also bought at Battery Junction loves the batteries power and longevity. Make sure to buy these in an 8pk as you will need the batteries in other high drain devices. Panasonic has a winner with Eneloop batteries. I am going to, but other size for all my high drain devices.
ProsPrecharged, holds charge for along time .
ConsNone I can see .

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