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By Jeremy
Chantilly, VA
September 2, 2022
PANASONIC-ENELOOP-BK-4HCCA4BA-4AAA. Great for the kids toys.
By Roger H.
Madison, WI
The Ultimate Ni-MH AAA re-chargeable battery.
August 29, 2021
I use re-chargeable Ni-MH batteries a lot. For instance, recently I purchase a new cordless phone system. All handsets require these batteries. The phone system came with junk batteries that deliver only 300mAH. I discarded them and used these Eneloops delivering 950mAH. This extended idle and talk time significantly. That's what I needed. I also use them for certain bright flashlights. Now I can use them longer before I have to recharge. I highly recommend these batteries. The price is right.
By Lawrence
NE Ohio
It doesn't get any better
November 15, 2020
1. Eneloop quality (the best). 2. Battery Junction Pricing (the best). 3. Battery Junctions service (the best). And unlike some other vendors you don't have to worry about these having been scavanged out of a dumpster, cleaned up and resold.......
By Ken
Los Angeles
Great batteries
August 19, 2020
Use Eneloops exclusively for my AA/AAA. Use these in my Petzl headlamps for a nice balance between runtime and cost savings.
By Thang
Tomball, TX
Among the best you can get
March 17, 2020
Among the best, you can get. Being a professional photographer, I've used almost all renowned brands and this one has delivered best. Eneloop and Uniross are my go-to brands.
By Vman45
San Diego
Excellent value
February 12, 2020
Great product
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Great rechargeables
January 13, 2019
Not much to say about these. They are good and hold their charge longer when not in use. Use them for everyday household items and have not been disappointed.
By Chuck M.
EL CR 123 A batteries, you cant beat Battery Junction.
October 24, 2018
The batteries , that these replaced , needed to be modified so the negative end could be picked up on the side. I made two small L shaped peices,forn a flattened peice of copper wire, About ten thousands of an inch thick , ( retired finish machinest )) to pick up the end and allow the charge to be picked up on the side. About 1/4 of an inch. Works great now. The headphones I needed to use the batteries had the negative pickup on the side. Great product, and helpful chat reps. Happy customer. Chuck
By Mark
Sturtevant, WI
Best aaa
March 8, 2018
You can't get a better aaa nimh battery !! I own 3 aaa flashlights and this is the only batteries I use !!
ProsLong lastig and great power output !!
By Robert
West Alexandria, OH
One Long Lasting Rechargeable AAA
September 16, 2017
I bought these to go in a flashlight I use at work a lot, and unfortunately it uses AAA batteries, unlike my others that use Li Ions. I was getting tired of buying Alkalines all of the time. Then a friend suggested the Eneloop Pro rechargeable s . I'll never go back. These little guys out preform my old batteries 10-1. I am impressed how well they last and keep my 400 lumen light bright for hours. They take a bit longer to charge in my Nitecore charger than do my Olight rechargeable s, but man do they hold that charge. It was a great investment, and I will be ordering more.thank you Battery Junction for the fast shipping.
ProsThey come pre-charged Very light Holds a charge a lot longer than previous batteries I had been using.
By Ole
Danville, CA
The Best
January 8, 2017
I purchased 20 of these cells. I only want the best, and combined with my two Xtar chargers I should be set for a very long time
" Chicago, Illinois "
" Eneloop AAA "
December 24, 2016
I will be using these in my flashlights and remotes. Past results show that they will be performing well.
By Victoria
Los Angeles, CA
Great batteries
June 21, 2016
Absolutely perfect for flashlights!
By Jim
So far so good
April 4, 2016
These batteries work as described so far.
March 24, 2016
By Troy
Best Cell Consistency
January 21, 2015
This is a great product. I decided to try them on the Maha Powerex C808M charger after using them on the 30 minute charger, and they charged to the same level on both chargers. I was impressed with the fact that the Maha charger shut off on them properly, as I could not get even the white Eneloops to properly terminate on the Maha. I decided to try these cells after having many problems with other brands, and after having the white Eneloops leak in the 30 minute charger, even though they weren't hot.
ProsWorks with even the fussy Maha. Can be used in the 30 minute Ultralast charger, though make sure they are empty first and the gadget has stopped running.
ConsCells can get out of balance if using them in a charger that shuts off all slots at once. Use quality charger, I recommend the Maha line. I have no cons against this product. The slightly weaker cell took more charge, so the set should be even by this discharge cycle. I am running them down in a portable speaker. They seem to be doing fine.
By Troy
Excellent Quality Control
January 15, 2015
This item is excellent. It works great with a 30 minute charger I had to buy. I just make sure the battery is empty first. I needed to use the 30 minute charger with a Maha I had because the Maha had such a hard time terminating on AAAs for some reason, so I needed a charger that never missed. Cell consistency is great. They have performed flawlessly when other cells of other brands have matched poorly.
ProsAll pros. I could not go with the regular white Eneloops because last time they leaked in the 30 minute charger even though they were not hot. Maybe making them rechargeable so many times crammed everything in so tight that there was no room even for any normal pressure buildup without leaking. I will continue to buy Eneloop Pros if possible in the future. I sure wish they had 5000MAH C and 12000-10000MAH D sizes!
ConsNone. Make sure they are empty before using in that Ultralast 30 minute charger. They may not terminate in the Maha consistenly as they are AAAs. Watch the first charge.
By Benjamin
San Antonio
Outstanding batteries!
September 14, 2014
It seems like every new household electronic now comes with a remote control that takes 2 AAA batteries. These batteries are professional grade - charge fast, charge completely, and hold a charge under heavy use much better than the brand name batteries in the checkout aisle of the grocery store or at Home Depot or Lowe's.
ProsCharge quickly, completely, and hold a charge longer. Going to buy more!
ConsHaven't had any yet.

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