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By Mick
Great batteries
September 1, 2022
Perfect for headlamps and other small lights.
By John
Best AA Rechargeables
December 15, 2021
These are vastly superior to other rechargeable AAA batteries
By Brian
Quinton, VA
Getting more cost efficient
June 28, 2021
I bought these for all the remotes in the house to cut my costs. With my charger these are saving me money in the long run.
By Rick
Newbies - Pay Attention
March 25, 2021
I've been buying from BatteryJunction for 8 years. Granted, it took me a little while to sort through all the different types of batteries in order to determine the best value for the money of all the options that Battery Junction provides. I'm going to summarize for you my experience over that time. I used to buy Duracell Procell batteries because they were the best buy compared to any other retailer. Then, after much research, I started to get a little smarter. Battery Junction, if you look, has an enormous amount of information on how to choose batteries depending on your needs. By all means take advantage of that. A good place to start is the category under batteries labeled "applications" and "type". There is a world of information there. Many years ago I tried looking at rechargeables because it just seemed to make sense. However, I found out the hard way that Duracell and Energerizer made crap for rechargeable batteries - literally most failed in one to two charges. Today, there is a whole world of much...MUCH better choices. The VERY best are the Eneloop low self-discharge batteries. They are the best that money can buy. I've bought 104 AAA and 72 AA Eneloop batteries over the last six years. Not a single one has failed and you can just keep charging them over and over and over again. The BIG thing that I've learned is that alkaline batteries destroy devices by leaking and causing corrosion and device destruction. Rechargeables do NOT leak. I've saved hundreds of dollars by converting to these batteries by eliminating the destruction of devices...not to mention the much lower cost of using rechargeables. The very best charger is the Nitecore D4 Digicharger. You can't beat it. Finally, noting that Eneloop are 1.2 volt NiMH, out of the hundred or more devices for which I need batteries I have only a few that actually require the higher 1.5 voltage batteries. For those I have to stick with alkaline batteries which is very risky however I recently ordered some of the Xtar 1.5v rechargeables. I'll but in another review once I check them out. Good Luck All.
By jatalia
Midwest City, OK
Overall good batteries
November 19, 2020
If you do a little digging you will find these are rated for 600 charges not the 2100 claimed on the box. 600 is still really good. I use these in my camping headlamp, and when camping season is done they will go a year without a charge. I don't bother trying to top the of at the start of the next year anymore, because when I did in the past the charger would show them as done in about 5 minutes. I don't really know about the claimed 10 year shelf life, but 1 year at room temperature they can differently handle.
By Hank
Say Goodbye to Alkaline, and Where to Use These
June 25, 2020
Alkaline batteries are horrible. They are expensive, wasteful, and can leak in your electronics! Seriously, I've seen everything from clock radios to Maglites destroyed by this over the years. Switching to Eneloops has saved me a ton of money and I no longer have to worry. I use the black Eneloop Pro batteries in a lot of devices because they last longer between charging. However, they can be charged less total times and cost more money. There are some devices where these regular white Eneloops make more sense. This includes clocks, remote controls, devices that drain a battery completely down to zero, kid toys that might get lost or destroyed, and any device where the batteries are a tight fit. The black Eneloop Pro batteries are a little thicker than these or standard alkaline. It's usually fine but with a few older AA devices that require batteries to be fed down a tube, the black Eneloop Pro batteries either don't fit or can get stuck if forced. In all of these cases, go with the standard white Eneloops.
By Young
Fine battery
June 10, 2020
A fine, good value battery provided with great service.
By Mike
Panasonic Eneloop AAA Batteries
March 24, 2020
Works great, I have been using these and the AA size for over a decade and really like them, also use them for emergency lights in my car (AA size) and just top them off once a year, have given them for Christmas presents the last few years
By Thang
Tomball, TX
Best rechargeable batteries I have ever used
March 17, 2020
The absolute standard for rechargeable AAA batteries. There aren't many that can match the quality of these cells! You can tell just by holding them.
By Steve
Redding, CA
Great for our headlamps.
March 5, 2020
We use a lot of headlamps for indoor and outdoor activities. Several of our headlamps use the AAA battery form factor. One day i was talking with our mechanic. He uses a headlamp while working on cars. He was going through a lot of alkaline batteries. I did some research and found these batteries. I ordered some and tested them in our headlamps. They worked well. I ended up giving these and a Panasonic Advanced charger to our mechanic. He loves them. Great batteries.
By michael
Woodside, NY
January 24, 2020
These batteries stay charged for a very very long time making them absolutely perfect for remotes and flashlights. I highly recommend these because of their performance and also help save the planet by buying these.
By Craig
Houlton, ME
Best rechargeable batteries available in my opinion.
December 3, 2019
I have been using these eneloops for years now and they just keep working. I have them in flashlights around the house and in the car. They don't seem to mind the cold either. It frequently gets below zero here in the winter.
By Kulelat
N Las Vegas, NV
Save money on this AAA batteries
July 25, 2019
Stop wasting money on throw away batteries and get these batteries. Great for around the house uses; remotes, controllers, and other electronics.
By Mike
Product Referral
July 16, 2019
A friend of mine gave me his idea for a good rechargeable battery. I knew I couldn't go wrong with Battjuct products!
By yunh
Norwood, MO
Works great
June 25, 2019
The batteries works great and they charge great.
By emelvy
So far so good
June 6, 2019
These rechargeable batteries should last 5 years or more. They are working fine now, when new. I'll write another review in 5 or 10 years, if this seller is still in business then.
By Chris
Shelby, NC
Great batteries
May 14, 2019
The standard in rechargeable batteries. I use nothing but eneloops unless the device requires something super high drain. I love not throwing batteries away and it is nice knowing I will never run out, just have to recharge them. These are good runtime, good life, but not great. They work and do everything well, and have a great shelf life!
Eneloops are best
May 13, 2019
See the title.
By Jason
High quality
February 19, 2019
They work great.
So. Cal.
Great batteries and saves money!
February 16, 2019
I needed more Eneloop AAA's and the big-box stores only sold them in packages that included a charger, AA's and AAA's. I only needed AAA's. Once again, Battery Junction to the rescue! Very happy with the purchase.
By Stan C.
October 29, 2018
Switching over to all Eneloop batteries due to so many devices in the house that take batteries.Hopefully they'll last longer plus I can recharge them when needed.
By James
Spokane, WA
Gold standard in NiMH
October 23, 2018
No complaints here. They are a bit pricy compared to alkaline AAs but have many advantages and worth the extra cost over time. Most of mine are 5+ years old now and still working fine.
By Vince
High quality batteries
June 3, 2018
We started using these in 2009 after my first son was born. We found these at our local costco. Since we were using so many batteries for baby toys we decided to give these a try. All I can say is wow. I have lost track of how many AA and AAA we have bought as the boys get bigger and toys need more and more batteries.... After almost 10 years I have only had one single eneloop that showed external signs of leakage.
By Rich S.
Williamsport area,, PA
Panasonic Eneloop - AAA Great Battery
December 21, 2017
This Battery works well for me! Consistent on recharge mAh, voltage and good shelf life. I use the Ni-MH for all my AAA needs.
By Enrique
Houston, TX
These are the absolute best rechargeable batteries that you can buy !!!
November 1, 2017
I have about 24 of these Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries and they are great. I use them in the majority of my LED flashlights and they are very long lasting. A very big plus is that you don't have to worry about them leaking in your equipment and ruining said equipment. If you can get these with the charger included, well then that just makes the deal that much better. All in all a very great deal on the best rechargeable batteries on the market.
ProsLong lasting, LSD (low self discharge), quickly recharged.
By Jim
Slow delivery
September 27, 2017
Batteries as ordered seem to be working fine. Delivery could have been much faster however
By Ed
Los Angeles, CA
Great rechargeable batteries
August 15, 2017
These come precharged and I was able to use it in my remote control right out of the package.
ProsGood price
By Robert
Olympia, Washington
Panasonic Eneloop AAA 8 Pack
November 24, 2016
These eneloops are wonderful while powering my gear for emergencies. Once I charge them up, they sit until we lose power the next time. I always know when I turn on my flashlights in an emergency situation, that they will work. I feel more confident and safe knowing this. Thus I've come to depend on Eneloops
ProsLong shelf life Dependable low discharge rate have never exploded or leaked
By AZBlueeyes
Excellent Product
August 22, 2016
It comes pre-charged and holds the charge for a long time. Great product.
ProsGreat product
Consnone so far
By Steve
Albemarle, NC
Great Rechargeable Battery
November 7, 2015
These are way better than the old rechargeable that we had.
By Ellen
Works great
February 3, 2015
came fully charged, recharged well, still working
By Richard
Delmar, NY
Ni-MH Gold Standard
December 5, 2014
Eneloops have an excellent reputation, and in my experience it's well deserved. Low Self Discharge chemistry means that you can charge them and then leave them in a flashlight, radio, remote control, etc. for years without significant self-drain occurring. Unlike higher voltage rechargeable chemistries, Ni-MH is safe, tolerant of overcharging and over-discharging, and can be stored at full charge without shortening overall battery service life. And in high-drain applications (such as flashlights), Eneloops will actually perform better than alkaline batteries, giving you longer (and sometimes better regulated) run time. The best thing, though, is that these batteries won't leak like alkalines. I've replaced every pretty much every battery in the house with these (the only exception being my thermostat), and plan to never buy another AAA or AA alkaline battery again. :) Oh, and they are an environmentally-friendly choice as well... if you invest in a decent charger, you can conceivably re-use these batteries for decades... during which time they will pay for themselves many times over.
ProsAll said above... a great replacement for alka-leak AAAs in almost every application you can think of. Especially in the case of low-capacity cells like AAA -- where the retail cost of a AAA battery is somehow the same as a AA battery -- rechargeable is the way to go.
ConsThe voltage on these batteries is expected to be slightly below that of fresh alkalines, so voltage-sensitive devices may not be a good fit. Example -- when I use AA-sized Eneloops in my thermostat, the "low battery" icon keeps flashing. The thermostat appears to work just fine at the lower voltage, but I opted not to risk it, and replaced them with L91 lithium cells.
By Tim
Great batteies
November 11, 2014
These seem to be good batteries. A lot better than what came with my device. I'd recommend these to anyone who wants to get batteries.
By David
Hammonton, NJ
Best Rechargable NIMH's
September 16, 2014
I've purchased AA's in the past and thought I'd give these a try also and they have the same quality as the others I've bought.
ProsPowerful, Long Lasting

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