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By John
Easy & Cost Effective
December 15, 2021
I have high end chargers, but this is what I use on Eneloop AA & AAA. Safe, easy, efficient. Just put them in and you get a green light for each battery that is charging. When the light goes out you are done. Compact for travel too
By Sandra P.
August 5, 2021
I have used these batteries for years. When you offered batteries and charger for $25 sold! Thank you.
By Hank
Great Charger, Say Goodbye to Alkaline
June 25, 2020
Alkaline batteries are horrible. They are expensive, wasteful, and can leak in your electronics! Seriously, I've seen everything from clock radios to Maglites destroyed by this over the years. Switching to Eneloops has saved me a ton of money and I no longer have to worry. Get started here with Eneloops and a charger. There are a few different chargers available. This one is the BQ-CC17. It charges more slowly than the BQ-CC55 but unless you need your batteries charged in a hurry, it may be the better long-term option. After talking with electronics experts, the numbers given for how many times you can recharge your Eneloops is an average. In theory, using the slower charger should help you to get farther out into the possible range before seeing a significant decline in performance. Of course, I've never seen the end of life for an Eneloop or even an Eneloop Pro. Have you?
By Mark
Good reputation
December 21, 2017
There's nothing i can add about Eneloop's that hasn't already been said. It's a proven battery system. - M.
By Daniel
Provo, UT
The standard in rechargeable AAs
November 13, 2017
Eneloops are the best AAs. I had another brand of Low Self-Discharge NiMH AAs before buying the Eneloops, and while they did a passable job, their performance degraded more after a number of charge cycles than the Eneloops have. Additionally, the included BQ-CC17 charger is much better than the average AA charger. Individual slot charging and termination is a big advantage over the cheapest chargers, not only because you may need to charge an odd number of batteries but also because each cell is neither overcharged nor undercharged. The charger stops charging when the battery's voltage dips when full ( -dv/dt termination), which is the recommended way to go and is uncommon on cheap chargers. When it stops charging it completely stops - which is important for preserving the lifespan of low self-discharge cells.
ProsCharger probably worth about this much on its own because of individual slot charging and -dv/dt termination; high lifespan cells
By small_525
Burbs of Chicago
Time will tell
February 29, 2016
Read good things about these and figured I'd try them myself. Not using anything other then "by eye" they seem to run my lights brighter. How much? Is it in my mind? don't know for sure. I change batteries often as might lights get sketchy when voltage drops so rechargeable make sense for me.

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