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By Edward
Cambridge, OH
Best AA battery available
November 19, 2016
Worth the extra money to use these over alkaline...Don't have to worry about corrosion. I have left alkaline batteries in lights for only a month or so & they corroded...doesn't matter what brand. But these can be left in the device without worry of the device being ruined because of inactivity. Shelf life is incredible also. At least a break even on cost because of long life. Don't have to worry about carrying extra batteries.
ProsNO corrosion Long Life
By Rocky
Birmingham, AL
Documented that lithium last's twice as long as standard alkaline batteries!
November 20, 2015
I've always observed that I've gotten longer battery life from Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries compared to regular alkaline batteries, but when I received my most recent Bushnell brand deer cam, the manufacturer actually stated in the manual "The Trophy Cam HD Aggressor consumes very little power in a stand-by state. This means it can deliver up to six months stand-by operation time when the device is powered by the full capacity of AA alkaline batteries, and up to twelve months utilizing lithium AA batteries." This confirms what I've observed, so I will continue to power my electronic devices with lithium! Oh yes, and the lithium brand that Bushnell recommends in their manual, Energizer!
ProsProven longer battery life!
By Gordon
Better Battery -0 (f) or colder degree than reguler battery
February 20, 2015
Not dim at colder temperature in a mag lite D-cell flashlight. I have not had them long enough to give a good review.
Proswork at low low temprature
Consso far none
By Boris
North Hollywood, CA
February 19, 2015
I get these all the time, they last forever, and Battery Junction has great deals on these, especially the opportunity buys.
By Rupert
Shreveport, LA
Excellent Value
January 27, 2015
I purchased these batteries for my game cameras. Lithium batteries are more reliable last longer than normal batteries. The price was excellent and they were shipped right away.
By GuntherG
Las Vegas
Good value
January 20, 2015
I needed a couple of dozen batteries for devices from smoke alarms to remotes to thermostats in two buildings. I have grown tired of leaking alkaline batteries damaging equipment. It was time to upgrade to lithium batteries, which have a very long storage life in intermittent use and apparently do not leak. Battery junction sells the batteries and not the usual retail packaging. Can't beat their prices.
ProsPrice, battery longevity, no leakage
ConsInitially higher cost.
Good value for the needed extra use
December 19, 2014
Should be long lasting & work well for alarms and safes
Proslast better than other types
By Tim
Lithium is the only way to go.
December 16, 2014
Lithium batteries are more reliable and store for at least 10 years. They also work better in cold weather.
By ronk1313
Excellent Product
December 7, 2014
Extremely long lasting, high quality product. I like these so well, I purchased some AAA also. Shipping turnaround is fantastic. Seems like I received them almost before I ordered them.
By Kris
Phoenix, Arizona
Great battery, great price
November 14, 2014
I needed more than my usual number of AA Lithium primary batteries, and this fit the bill.
ProsLithium primary batteries Light weight
By Russ
United States
Eveready Lithium AA Batteries
October 22, 2014
Ski season is almost here and it is time to get the gear ready. I use cameras that require AA batteries for one reason, so I can use the Eveready Lithium batteries that are affected by the extreme temperatures. I have skied in 15 below zero and was able to capture great pictures from some of the worlds greatest ski areas.
ProsLonger life and greater temperature range of functionality.
By Berneck
New York
Only 10 year shelflife
October 16, 2014
5-star price. I can't find these batteries any cheaper anywhere else. However, expiration on these are 2025. It's stated in the descrition, but not in the specs, which states 20 years. I think people read the specs and not the description. It's a little misleading. I would have paid a little more for the longer shelflife as I am storing these for long term. If you plan on using regularly, it's an awesome price.
ProsCheapest price
ConsOnly 10 year shelflife
By David
Springfield, MO.
Old expiration dates?
October 16, 2014
I bought two lots of these batteries. One set had a 2025 expiration date, the second, a 2027 expiration date. The same week I received there group of 200 batteries each, I saw them at Sam'sClub with a 2033 expiration date, and only about .11cents per battery higher cost. I called BJ to ask why the batteryits they are selling had about a 40% reduced period of usefulness. The customer service person could tell me they but direct from Energizer and had no additional explanation of why big box store have a fairly longer period of viability. Is the reason BJ's cost are a little reduced because Energizer uses them to clear out aging inventory? The customer service person did not have an answer to that question.
ProsThere are good batteries and last a long time.
By John
Durham, NC
October 2, 2014
Have some devices which are AA powered and hence purchased these to increase useful storage time. Have had issues with alkaline batteries going dead and leaking in devices which at best is not a good thing.
By Product R.
Houston TX
September 27, 2014
NEVER LEAK. Higher capacity than other AA batteries. Much longer lasting (up to 9X) in high drain devices. Extremely long storage life (probably over 20 years) make them excellent for emergency use. Maintains steady voltage over operation, but they die suddenly when fully discharged. I avoid all alkalines because of intermittent leakage experience on major brands, even on new batteries.
ProsNever leak. Extremely long storage life. Much higher capacity in high drain devices.
By Kev
Cherry Hill, Pennsylvania
Trail camera turbo charger!
September 21, 2014
I run the lithiums in both Moultrie and Reconyx game cameras. These cells stay strong compared to alkalines when they discharge. Flash is strong on both cameras. I am noticing slight discharge differences between cells though. Some cells may be at 100% while others are at 80% while some may be dead but this is after extended field run times. When they are new they rock.
ProsCamera is alive with new cells!
ConsNot all cells "tank" at same time.
By Craig
Energizer AA Lithium batteries
September 18, 2014
AA's came in a generic white box well padded with bubble wrap and well padded envelope. My camera eats even the best Alkaline AA batteries, so I hope these will do a better job.
By Patsy
Yakima, WA
They work, love the long life in my camera
September 7, 2014
great service, received in mail in 4 days
By Bill
Great batteries!
August 30, 2014
These are the greatest primary AA batteries! They store almost forever, they have huge capacity, they are extremely light, and the most wonderful thing about them is they never leak! I swore No more alkalines! After cleaning up my last alkaline batteries' leaking mess. I buy these online from Battery Junction at a good price, and keep two to three dozen on hand. I do the same for AAA batteries. I even bought the adapters for three AA to D size and use these in larger D battery powered lights. While these lithium batteries cost two or three times the alkaline batteries, the difference is trivial when compared to the cost of a good flashlight or other electronics when ruined by leaking alkaline batteries. Lithium AA is the winner. Buy these once and you will be converted.
ProsNever leaks, light weight, stores forever, high capacity.
By Hector M.
Salem, Oregon
Good deal BJ!
July 29, 2014
I think it's true what they say--once you go Lithium you never go back! I have been buying L91s for years and now I'm so excited to be able to afford to buy in bulk. I don't like using rechargeable batteries, but I like these because they last at least twice as long as your standard AA. They also have an extremely long shelf-life, so I don't need to worry about using them up before they deteriorate.
ProsLong-lasting, affordable, 20-year shelf life! and they can operate in a 180 degree temperature range
ConsCan't think of any

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