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By Kean
Berkeley, CA
Still Going Strong
December 13, 2017
This is an amazing charger even if it has been discontinued. I'm assuming the newer version (https://www.batteryjunction.com/fenix-are-c2-plus.html) is probably as good or better than this one. The crazy thing about this charger is that it can charge batteries that none of my other chargers will have anything to do with. I don't know what kind of algorithms they have put into this particular charger but IT JUST WORKS! NiMH that show 0 volts start charging and a particular kind of battery that has an internal sensor that disconnects the battery with other chargers (and consequently never fully charging the battery) charges just fine.
ProsCharges seemingly dead batteries
ConsWish it could handle D size batteries
By Jay
Oakland. CA
Works well, compact.
January 3, 2017
This was exactly what I needed, a charger that handles AA NIMH and the LIFeSo4 18650 batteries for my flashlight. The display is clear, gives you voltage SoC for *each* battery, and charge progress on bar graph. Charge times are reasonable, if not super quick, but that's a good thing for battery longevity anyway. No scary heating observed either.
ProsDoes the job quietly, clearly, and without taking a ton of space.
ConsOnly 4 slots, I'd buy an 8 slot version if they made one.
By Richard
Brownstown, IN
Best Charger I've Found
October 11, 2016
I have several different chargers to handle the various rechargeable batteries for a number of lights, radios and other battery operated equipment. The Fenix ARE-C2 is hands down the best for charging different size batteries simultaneously. The digital display is very useful for monitoring charges and charge times. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
ProsDigital display
By Charles
Owens X Rds, AL
A Very Smart Charger
September 27, 2016
This is a simple to use and versatile charger.
ConsNo conditioning function.
By Perry
Gorgona Panama
Big improvement over what I had!
September 27, 2015
Good charger. I had my eye on another but opted for this one first. Will probably try the other too.
ProsI like that I can place the batter in the charger to charge and let it remain there until needed.
ConsNothing yet.
By John
Kingman, Arizona
So far the bestcharger yet.
September 25, 2015
So far the Fenix ARE-C2 charger is the best yet, it charged 4 almost dead 18650 batteries in about 2 1/2 hours to a full charge, also I have several old 18650 batteries that I only took about 2/3 of a charge, the Fenix brought them to almost a full charge. Plus it shows approximate voltage & charging progress.
By Torrence
Nice Charger
May 11, 2015
Works well and I like being able to tell if the batteries are bad from the readout. Nice feature!
By Cody
Poor Design!!
April 22, 2015
Works Great for everything but "C" batteries , the main reason I bought this charger! There are only two of the 4 bays (Slots) That will accept "C" size batteries. That isn't the reason I only give 2 stars. The poor design is because the 'C" batteries wont stay in their bay slots, they pop up and lose connection. I have to place a heavy book on top of batteries when I want to charge my "C" batteries and I would imagine the "26650" would have the same issue but I can't say for sure about the 26650 but there diameter are the same as "C". Secondly It gets HOT! No vent slots for heat to dissipate..
ProsWorks for everything but "C" size diameter batteries. Nice display, Its pretty.
ConsPoor design! Gets Hot! No air vents. Display can only be viewed from an angle.
By Rod
Winder, GA
No regrets.
February 20, 2015
Came highly recommended on the forums. Has given quick charges. Easy to tell what stage the charge is in. Charges Li-on and Ni-mh batteries simultaneously. Great charger.
ProsBacklit display. Easy to use. Charges multiple types and sizes.
By Greg
December 23, 2014
I bought this charger to charge C sized NiMH batteries. The display and charging voltage is nice, but it is physically impossible to charge 4 C sized batteries at the same time. It will hold 2 C sized and 2 AA at the same time, but even then, the C sized batteries must be positioned very carefully into the slots or they will not make a proper contact.
ConsThis is poorly designed to accommodate C sized batteries.
By Levon
Los Angeles, CA
An Awesome Charger - your rechargeable batteries deserve this
December 12, 2014
I have been looking at chargers and reading reviews for a full one year, trying to decide which charger to get. Hobby dollars are tight for me, but I believe in buying the best quality even if I have to save for it. After sifting through all the reviews - reading between the lines, checking and cross checking I decided to get Fenix ARE-C2 (also my fiance bought a Fenix BC30 LED Bike Light and I was very impressed with the quality). I read on some other sites that something about the LED display but when I got mine I found the display quite perfect. It is also very nice to show the voltage of the battery from the minute your start charging all the way to when it's full. The other thing about this charger is the build quality is very good, the way battery bay slides open feels very good and it's easy to put batteries in and take them out, even the 18650's which I understand not to be the case with some of the other chargers. And of course you can put any battery in any bay.
ProsCharges great, individually displays each batteries voltage while charging, excellent quality, easy to use, charges fast
By Ozgeardo
Sheidow Park, South Australia
Simple "idiot proof" Charger for all common batteries
November 1, 2014
I have numerous chargers but they are all specific for battery types or require input for discharge/charge rates etc etc. All fine for me but was "just too hard" for the simple folks in the family. This charger takes all the guess work out of charging and stops the rest of the family from asking "dad can you charge these batteries?" I have been using this charger for a couple of weeks now (thats a few dozen batteries in this household) and it all appears to be going well.
ProsAny one can use it without having to be a battery guru knowing chemistry - charge rates - configuration. Simple easy to use. KISS Keep It Simple Stupid, what more can I say
ConsDoes not display mAh or allow discharge, cycle or reforming batteries etc but I have other chargers for these tasks (MAHA C9000)
By Benjamin
San Antonio, TX
Outstanding piece of gear
September 14, 2014
I have several 18650 Li-Ion batteries that were given to me by a flashlight manufacturer along with four chargers also given to me by the same manufacturer. Over a period of time, none of the chargers would charge to batteries, so I didn't know if it was a case of bad batteries, bad chargers, or both. After reading all of the reviews, I chose the Fenix. It was a great choice, as I was able to bring all of my 18650's back from the dead (except for one, plus all of my NiMh EverReady and Duracell AAA's that also stopped accepting charging from the (store bought) chargers that came with the batteries. Bottom line, the chargers that are usually supplied as part of a blister pack with 4 AA's or 4AAA's or even 2 18650's ARE ALL JUNK. Buy this charger and throw the others away. Beats trying to replace all of your batteries!
ProsIndividual monitoring / charging for each of the 4 bays. You can put in any combination of AAA, AA, or 18650 and this charger will monitor each battery's capacity and give you a visual bar graph of each battery's progress.
ConsHaven't found any yet.
By Eric
Atlanta, GA
Excellent charger
May 19, 2014
After buying and returning both the i2 & i4 that were defective right out of the box I bought this charger and I love it. You get what you pay for with the other 2 chargers mentioned.
ProsLCD screen showing voltage of each cell Build quality

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