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By Carl
Fenix E15
May 6, 2019
Perfect for all occasions. Wish they made a Cordura holster for it.
By Ray
Warrenton, MO
Good light
June 7, 2018
Would be 5 star of it had a tail switch. Takes 2 hands to turn on and switch brightness modes.
By Joe
Oakville, CT
A great little light
September 3, 2017
A great light to have as a backup, tucked in a jacket or jeans pocket. Good power, battery life and throw. Only drawback is twist-head turn on. Inconvenient.
ProsGood power, battery life, and throw
ConsTwist-head turn on
By John
brightest small light for the money
August 21, 2017
Beautifully made, amazingly bright, after 2 years on my keychain it still looks great and works perfectly. Get the matching fenix 16340 battery mine is still going strong after 2 years. I have the E05 in black and stainless(which is a gorgeous little light) and they are okay for in the house or even walking outside but are no match for the E15 if you need some real light to work or see anything past 30 yards. Have over 50 flash lights including a TK61 and a killer Olight thrower but the E15 is the one that gets the most use.By the way to get less light either cover the lens with your finger/thumb or use a bit of paper and some tape to make a diffuser.
Prossuper small for the 450 lumens which it really does make with 16340 battery
Conscould use a fifth firefly setting of.5-.8 lumen or so but otherwise none killer flash light.
By Jason
East. TN
Fenix e15
May 8, 2017
Nice litte light that will easily fit in any pocket.
ProsVery compact... Bright too be so small.
By Tom
Roselle, IL
Compact, Reliable, Capable Go-To Outdoor Light
December 31, 2016
The 2016 E15 pretty much checks all the right boxes for me. It's compact, so compact it could be an EDC fitting into your jeans 5th pocket. it's very well made and well warranted. It's reliable, given its purely mechanical twisty switch operation and simpler electronics. It's quite powerful when powered by a 16340 in Turbo mode, and surprisingly bright in Turbo with a CR123A, too. It's low, medium, and high modes are well spaced for general use outdoors and indoors (although many would ask for a much lower low for in-tent night vision preserving illumination). It's throw in turbo is quite good whether with 16340 or CR123A considering the physical size of the light, yet its beam dispersion is wider than many giving a good field of view. The E15 tail stands with key ring, too, even with a 3mm paracord lanyard looped through. I've accessorized the E15 adding a Fenix AOD-S diffuser, which fits well once a small Ranger Band (or small, wide rubber band) is snapped onto its bezel to add the extra few mm and grip to hold the diffuser securely. The AOD-S makes the E15 a great area light for camping or indoors during a night time power outage. A Nitecore NFG23 fits on as well, providing a green output for helping to preserve night vision during those late night strolls to the facilities when camping. The E15 can even become a headlamp when teamed with Nite Ize Headband with it's elastic loop retainer. The E15 doesn't quite make the EDC for me, although I'm tempted - I prefer a smaller AAA light, the Fenix E05 for that role, and keep a Chapstick Cap in the same pocket to turn that into an area light when needed. But the E15 is a permanent Camping companion, along with the AOD-S, NFG23, and Nite Ize Headband making the E15 an area light at camp, a late night walk light, a trail headlamp, as well as an all-around utility flashlight.
ProsVery compact size yet surprisingly strong performance Very well built, materials and workmanship Output modes well spaced for general utility use Good throw in Turbo for either RCR123A/16340 or CR123A use Takes Fenix AOD-S diffuser and Nitecore NFx23 filters using a small Ranger Band at the bezel Fits Nite Ize Headband to be used as a headlamp
ConsWhile the output modes are well spaced for general utility use, and I'd rather not give up any of the levels (Low 8, Medium 50, High 110, Turbo 270/450 Lumens), I, too, would enjoy an ADDED moonlight level of about 1 Lumen, so the E15 could be used as that one or two man tent low level light hanging from the overhead loop or used for that late night walk without compromise of night vision.
Roselle, IL
Perhaps An Ultimate Just-In-Case Light
December 22, 2016
Pretty strong words, eh? Well the 2016 E15 pretty much checks all the boxes when it comes to either a BOB or Glove Box Light, or even an EDC Light. Durable construction, Small size, Twisty Switch for zero drain and press momentary actuation (either by compressing the head to the body or pressing the head to the side using thumb pushing toward the forefinger), LMHT modes with good utility mode spacing, and the use of either one CR123A primary cell or RCR123A/16340 Lithium Ion rechargeable cell. With a suitable "Ranger Band" surrounding the head, the E15 accepts the Fenix AOD-S Diffuser, and also then accepts the Nitecore NF(RGB) 23mm filters. Certainly many prefer tail switch, and many prefer side switch for EDC uses that are more tactical or surveillance in nature, but many also find side and tail switches to fail over time or activate in pocket or holster, too. The E15's size, twist full off, max brightness & throw, useful brightness modes, and potential for accessories give it advantages in the category of a stowed Just-In-Case Light that can't be denied. Of course it does require CR123A's, and while finding an economical brick and mortar source of supply is doubtful, good CR123A cells are less expensive from Battery Junction than their L91 AA Lithium Iron counterparts while providing more VA (volt-amps) of energy to the LED driver, which generally turns into a longer useful run time per dollar. Admittedly the survivalist would choose standard AA size, drawing on a broader selection of cell availability and chemistry. Unfortunately Fenix has no Twisty equivalent to the E15, but does offer a Tail Switch E12 alternative (NiMH, LiFe, Alky, no 14500 LiIon). Finally, the E15 is a value in cost compared to equivalent output lights from other makers.
ProsSmall physical size Excellent build quality Reliable, Durable, Zero Drain Twisty Switch Operation Great utility mode spacing CR123A and 16340/RCR123A single cell Strong Turbo Brightness and Long Throw with 16340/RCR123A cell Can accept AOD-S diffuser and Nitecore NF(RGB) 23mm Filters using a Ranger Band or wide rubber band gasket Great value for the dollar for performance and reliability
ConsThe Ultimate would be an equivalent design using a single AA size including 14500's for Turbo.
By Allen
Nice little light.
August 24, 2016
I use this as an every day carry light. Very handy as opposed to finding a large light at the house. It really illuminates your viewing area well. I attached a key fob to it for easier removal from pockets.
ProsLightweight, fits that little pocket in your jeans perfectly and securely.
ConsNo cons, but after using this for awhile I wish there were a switch option on this light. The twist switch works fine but would be difficult to use one handed. A tailcap pushbutton would be a good option to offer on this light.
By CamperFL
Apopka, Fl
What a great EDC!
April 13, 2016
What a great every day carry! I love and own several Fenix flashlights,can't beat them! This light one is the size of my Chapstick and will stay with me always. It's small but super bright ....it's a must buy!
ProsSmall, very bright,takes the same cr123 as all my other Fenix lights,size of a Chapstick.will get pics
ConsNone! Buy it
By James M.
The best
February 20, 2016
I'm visually impaired and my flashlight is as vital as my glasses. This light replaced the one I've used for 15 years. It's small, starts at the lowest level, and most importantly, glare free. The lens and reflector provide perfect light.

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