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By tetvet
washington state
Light - Light
June 7, 2019
The Fenix HL50 Headlamp is ideal for my uses. I love that it easily rotates up/down, positions on forehead, Lt. / Rt. I like the ability to use either the recommended CR123 battery or with the supplied extension tube, use a single 'AA' battery. Versatility. It is light-weight, easy to wear, stays put and I like the (4) brightness mode levels to include the 'TURBO' mode that is good for about 5 minutes. The other three levels; 170, 60 and 4 Lumen all get used by me. I many hand torches that I consider 'usable' either in terms of length of medium power on with high bursts or how far / bright a hand torch might be offering. The light might put out some 8,000 Lumen but for only brief moments. There might not even be a 'switch' to turn it on / off. Just depress and hold for a momentary flood of light. Then there are others that require a shoulder harness to carry and they are the size of a soda can around. Then there are the 'new breed' coming out with accelerated technology that is getting 35 - 45 minutes in the 'blast zone.' That is quite impressive and to be commended especially in that these are easy EDC torches.
Bright and versatile
December 17, 2017
This is a very nice headlamp. I've had several, used mostly for backpacking and general chores in the dark, and this one is the best so far. It's bright, has a nice pattern (many have too narrow a beam for my uses), and runs economically from a single NiMH AA cell. You can also use a CR123 cell for a little less weight and slightly more light, but with no ability to recharge -- rechargeable CR123 cells, even LiFePO4, aren't allowed. I bought one, used it for a while, then liked it enough to get a second one.
ProsBright Economical - runs on NiMH AA Good pattern
By Daniel
Provo, UT
A joy to use
November 10, 2017
I've used this light for hiking, camping, and more mundane tasks closer to home. It beats the 3AAA headlamps I used to use all to pieces. The neutral white and even beam pattern are a noticeable step up - more pleasant and easier on the eyes. It's simultaneously brighter and longer running and also both lighter and more durable. I've not really used it with CR123s or used it as a handheld task light, but it's nice to know it has that flexibility. I do wish it had a moonlight mode. Half a lumen or so would be great for many close tasks in camp or in a tent.
ProsBeautiful NW beam Good performance Versatile
ConsNo moonlight mode
By Calvin
Very Nice Headlamp
January 10, 2017
I like do a lot of night hiking, canyoneering, and even night time backcountry skiing. I've tried many different headlamps, but this one has impressed me most with its small size and good light output. There are brighter headlamps, but you really can't use more than 365 lumens at close range. I was also very pleased that it can accept a AA sized cell, since that is also what my GPS and avi beacon uses. Nice to keep weight down by only carrying one size of extra batteries.
ProsBoth AA and CR123 cell compatible, small and light weight yet with good light output.
ConsCaution, this headlamp can't handle the higher voltage of lithium ion cells! Not a big con, but something to be aware of.
By Mark
Alvaton, KY
The best headlamp at BatteryJunction
February 3, 2016
I have purchase several headlamps from Battery Junction and this is by far the best. If you will notice it hardly ever goes on sale. That is how good it is. I have yet to see BJ discount this light.
Proslight wieght , bright, able to use multiple batteries types.
By Phil
Light and bright
February 3, 2016
Perfect for my use (around pianos). Can't ask any more from a perfect light for my situation. Definitely use the CR123 instead of the AA.
ProsLight Bright
By Richard
North Central Florida
Great little headlight
January 13, 2016
This is my go to light for outdoor work at night. Last night I was outside dripping the faucets and covering some sensitive fruit trees before a freeze and it was plenty bright even on the medium setting. The light rotates easily in the frame to allow me to position it higher for walking around the property and lower for close work. I like the way the switch will "save" a setting and the way you can determine whether you want the off/on or intensity set simply by holding the button down for a longer or shorter amount of time - a great improvement on older lights that cycle through the settings every time you turn them on or off. Last but not least, the ability to choose between an AA or a CR123 battery gives me an option to use less expensive/easy to purchase alkaline cells for short jobs around the house and keep the more expensive, longer lasting CR123's for emergencies and long storage.
By Jason
Bothell, WA
It's so light.
April 9, 2015
I wanted a light weight headlamp and this is the one! Light and bright. Easy to use and so light when you use it with a CR123A. There is a similar offering from Jetbeam but this one seemed like the better deal since it was on sale at 40% off!
Proslight weight!
By Patrick
Midwest USA
Its light weight makes it a favorite
January 11, 2015
The HL50 has become one of my favorite 'go-to' headlamps when I want to grab some quick hands-free illumination. It really is well-built and rugged, and light enough that I'd take it hiking---it vastly outperforms the old, dim AAA Petzls I used to use. Weight-wise, I almost don't notice I'm wearing it when I have it on. I like the flexibility of using either CR123A or AA batteries, too---I find AA Eneloop cells last plenty long enough and are almost as bright as the CR123As. All in all, a winner.
By John
United States
Great lightweight headlamp
December 28, 2014
Wonderful, super lightweight headlamp that is useful around camp and hunting. Easy switch access and simple to use.

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