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By Dale
Bullard, TX
Fenix HP25R Headlight
May 15, 2018
The light is a little confusing to work, but puts out 2 different beam types, spot or flood. That is what I like. I do not like the red light or strobe light. You think you are turning on the flood or spot, but the red light comes on. It is powerful and I like being able to recharge it with a USB connection.
By Tim
Mariposa, CA
Another winning design from Fenix
February 28, 2017
I have several Fenix lights. It is my favorite brand. The HP25R is extremely well designed and is a multi use headlamp. It's basically 3 lights in one. It has a red led that is perfect for astronomy work. A flood light with multiple settings and a spot light also with multiple settings. The brightest setting is an amazing 1000 lumens. The battery is a single, included 18650 that is located on the back of the headband for balanced weight. You can charge it by attaching a usb cord to the battery holder and a usb port on your computer or and adapter. You will love this headlamp.
ProsVery bright, multi use light.
ConsA carry case would be nice.
By Lawrence
Danielsville, GA
great features
November 8, 2016
while this lamp is some what more expensive than others, it has fetures that make it worth it
Prosinternal charging, no need th bey a charger
By Richard
Gainesville, FL
I finally got a really powerful headlamp
October 29, 2016
OK, I have to admit it - I should have bought one a long time ago. I've been getting by with smaller, lighter weight headlamps that were OK for getting around the yard in the dark with my hands full. But none of them were really serious, out-in-the-woods headlamps that would allow me to walk around in unfamiliar terrain with a reasonable degree of confidence. This headlamp finally fills that hole in my arsenal of lights. Plenty of light, a choice of wide beam or spotlight, and a strong 18650 rechargeable battery that's easy to change and carry a couple of spares in my cargo pockets. I don't do that much after dark hiking - one of the reasons it has taken me so long to buy my HP25R - but when I do need it it's ready to go. The recent close brush with hurricane Matthew clinched the deal for me. I don't want to say EVERYONE should have a good headlamp like this one...but maybe you should.
ProsBright, several brightness levels, choice of wide or narrow beams, long life, standard rechargeable battery. Band is adjustable for a wide range of head sizes (my skull runs extra large, and it is REALLY hard to find a hat that fits, but this headlamp does, perfectly). Battery compartment in back helps balance the weight nicely so lamp doesn't feel like it is sliding down my forehead.
ConsThe red LED, provided to preserve night vision, is really just barely adequate for close-up work. My 67-ytear-old eyes are getting weaker every year, and it would be nice if it was just a little more powerful.
By Thomas P.
Phoenix, AZ
September 29, 2016
ProsLightweight, bright, comfortable.
By Rolf
Woodland, CA
Surgery use
September 29, 2016
Works great, just as good as the very high priced "medical" ones
ProsDual lighting mode selection
By Mike B.
Great headlamp
September 27, 2016
Extremely bright. Heavy, but we'll balanced. Good run time at full tilt.
By Astronomer1
Hated it, unworthy of Fenix
June 24, 2013
Despite the separate battery pack, the headlamp is heavy and poorly-designed. The portion of the band that goes across the top of the head is too short, and cannot be lengthened to fit the light into the proper position. The hinge was difficult to adjust the beam angle. Furthermore, I did not appreciate the electronics design, either. Upon inserting the last battery, the light came on full blast and nearly blinded me--the switch doesn\'t default to the off setting when the batteries are removed. Finally, the battery box itself, although of thick plastic and heavy, appears to be fragile and the plastic easily broken. I love my Fenix TK41, but this design does their company a disservice.
By GregB
January 30, 2013
Seemed like alot of money, but this has paid for itself in convenience. Barely noticible on your head. At medium output it lasts all day fot intermittent usage on projects. I have used this for plumbing, in crawl space, for extra light running a router in free form mode, and as supplemental light hanging blinds inside while the sun was out on the outside. Pair this up with a second set of NiMH batteries and you will be prepared.
By Dennis
Versatile--Home to Professional Use
November 24, 2012
I bought one of these headlights, just waiting for the one day when the store I work at loses its electricity and its backup generator conks out. I like that it has variable light output, so I can use it on its lowest or second setting for doing this kind of work. I put it in my pack, along with Tenergy\'s LSD NiMH batteries, and have the peace of mind knowing that, if the lights do go out, I will not be forced to work with their wimpy flashlights or be stuck with the group. These lights are excellent for many uses. In a blackout at home, your lowest setting will give many hours of navigation light. You can use them in professional applications, such as search and rescue or mountain or cave exploration. This fine light gives more light than the professional cavers\' lights only a few years ago--yet the batteries last longer. With its separate battery case, the weight of the 4 AA batteries is in your pocket or belt, not on your head. The light itself is about as light as one of those flimsy department headlights that gobble batteries to put out less light than this in its second output. As with other Fenix products, I find it easy to use. The switches on the power cable allow you to go through the brightness modes (I would have liked it better if you could go in both directions, but I understand that this isn\'t the year 2050 yet and such would complicate the light). The other button activates distress signals in search and rescue situations. Also nice is that this light lets you use NiMH batteries. I simply put in some of the Tenergy LSD NiMH batteries and place the light in my pack. That way, it matters not whether the blackout happens tonight or a year from now. With NiMN batteries, I don\'t worry about what happens if blackouts become an ongoing event because of an oil embargo. No need to keep a mountain of alkalines or bring a backup set because I wish to get the most out of each set--I simply pop them in the charger at the end of one use, put in 4 more fresh NiMH batteries, and wait for the used ones to recharge. This light makes me actually hope for a blackout--and wonder why they waste so much lighting the whole place when all I need is to light the immediate area.

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