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By Jeffrey
Herminie, PA
My perfect EDC flashlight.
September 9, 2018
I have been rocking this flashlight for 2 years now, only on occasion throwing in another flashlight to try and compare. After 2 years of testing in all kinds of conditions I have concluded that this is the perfect flashlight to meet my needs. The PD25 is and excellent sized lightweight flashlight 5 lighting modes. It strikes an excellent balance of lumens, beam distance, and runtimes. I used a CR123 battery, but you can also run this light on a 16340 rechargeable battery. Well constructed and durable, this flashlight should give you years of excellent service under most conditions. Impact resistance and waterproof ratings aren't the best you can get, but exercising some care, this shouldn't be an issue, it hasn't been for me. I've dropped mine a couple of times intentionally and clipped it to my ball cap while walking in heavy rainstorms and it didn't affect this flashlight at all. I don't suggest you do that should you buy one though, I was just testing the flashlights limits. Some may complain about the 440 lumens as the max setting on this flashlight. I have no issue with that. In fact 150-250 lumens is the max I ever need, I do on occasion work night shifts, so the 440 lumen mode is a bonus to me. All in all I consider the PD25 as the best EDC flashlight I can have.
By James M.
Joplin Missouri
it just works!
May 11, 2018
i have had a Fenix PD25 for 3-4 years now,and carry it a lot! This light has stood the test of time,while other lights have failed to be reliable ,or didn't preform as well as the PD25. Guys, this is the best review i can give an EDC! Its the one I carry,the one I depend on.If things got really rough ,its the one i want with me! it woks all the time,every time
By CelticCross74
Alexandria, VA
Awesome Bite Sized PD35 is Awesome
February 17, 2017
This little light cannon is awesome. Reading across the flashlight forums it tests out to exactly the output Fenix says it does. The light is small. Small enough for any pocket in any kind of pants, shorts etc. Build quality is the usual outstanding Fenix standard. All machining is perfect etc. You have the option of running it on regular CR123 cells you can buy at most convenience stores as well. Using my new 750mah AW cells the light just cranks. Surprisingly wide beam profile for such a small light. Another "can't go wrong" winner from Fenix.
ProsJust about everything. The biggest plus about this light is that it performs to the numbers Fenix says it does which is something I cannot say for a lot of the current brands. Comes with decent belt holster.
ConsI personally do not consider the following a con but I know many might. It is not micro USB rechargeable. I don't care built in micro USB lights take forever to charge and I have the latest chargers that do the job pretty quickly and very accurately.
By George
Sturbridge, MA
Keep it with me everyday
January 11, 2017
I have always EDC'd Fenix single cr123 flashlights starting with the PD20. Incredibly bright for its size. I have always preferred this style, head down deep pocket clip. The interface works great but side button can be hard top find. It seems like these lights just keep getting longer, still not too big for pocket but not as small as the older styles.
ProsCan use 16340 batteries, good pocket clip
ConsHard to find side mode button. Getting a little big for a single cell light. Bright silver pocket clip.
By Rich
S.W., PA
December 21, 2016
To make is simple, this light has just about everything that I was looking for and like. I will not go through each thing as you can read the description on the product page. It is smaller than I thought it would be which I like. If you use it in the holster worn on the belt, you can't tell that it is even there or clipped in the pocket doesn't bother me. I haven't had it too long which is the true test but I don't see any reason to think that I will love it even more with time. I wish that I could update reviews after having the lights a while.
ProsSmall and has all the features that I like.
ConsNone yet.
By Sok
Great flashlight
April 10, 2016
Fits in your hand and pocket. Great for EDC. Remembers the last setting you had it at. Four different settings.
Sttrongsville, Ohio
Excellent EDC
January 30, 2016
The Fenix PD 25 is the best EDC flashlight that I have found. The single cell AAA flashlight that it replaces is only 1/5 as bright, and with the pocket clip removed, the bulk of the PD25 is hardly noticeable; yet it provides greater utility should I need a powerful flashlight at night.
ProsMajor increase in both power and quick use due to the rear power switch that allows both intermittent or continuous lighting, with a handy side switch for changing brightness levels.
ConsSize increase from AAA to CR123a battery is minor, only slightly larger than the AA single cell lights.
By Brad
Good EDC Light
December 26, 2015
I had the PD20 for about 8 years and was a great light but recently turbo/strobe went out so out for warranty it'll go. Just got the PD25 and it is a bit longer but not to bad for now. The range of settings is nice and side button is nice. We'll see how it holds up but nice so far.
By Paul
Frederick, Md
Good, Solid Light
August 12, 2015
No complaints; It works as-advertised and I like almost everything about it, especially a separate switch dedicated to brightness levels. Just wish it came in a AAA format for pocket carry.
ProsBright, with multiple levels and strobe. Small, but easy to manipulate.
ConsThe strobe feature takes a 2-second hold-down of the power-level switch to activate. When you need this feature, 2 seconds may be way too long. It would also be nice if the light remembered its last brightness setting and came on at that level. It would be very nice if I could get this light in a AAA format for pocket carry.

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