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By John
Spring, TX
Great little light, but not a fan of the clip
September 1, 2022
I have the night vision red version and like it. However the otherwise well-made stainless clip is a bit more frustrating than it should be. Because of the way it’s designed, it can only attach to something that’s very thin, like the ring to a keychain. And because of the way that clip is connected to the light itself, it’s range of motion is restricted. That greatly limits the clip’s usefulness. Absolutely no complaints with the light itself.
By Carl
Incline Village, NV
Inova Microlight 2
October 12, 2015
A great little pocket light for us old folks. I carry mine all the time. I use it when I have to read black on black in small print; old eyes need this kind of help.
By Matt
New Hampshire
Bought two, one works fine, the other flickers occassionally
September 29, 2015
These are decent lights, fairly bright and nice color. One works great, the other doesn't really work correctly unless in momentary on mode. It's like there needs to be pressure on the case to keep the connection OK.
By Wildbunch
Richland, WA
Best keychain flashlight ever
September 29, 2015
This is a very bright light in a very compact form. I will be curious to see how well it holds up after a year, but after two weeks, it has held up well.
By Dennis
Boston, MA
Very nice but---
September 29, 2015
I bought two of these Inova Microlight 2 Micro LED Flashlights, read the instructions and found that the signal mode worked as it should, read more instructions and activated the high/low/strobe mode and everything worked as it should. At this point, I used the instructions to return to signal mode and it didn't return to signal mode. Reading the instructions and doing what they said several more times, it has not returned to signal mode. After this experiment, I left the second flashlight in signal mode and haven't told the person I gave it to that it might be something else besides being a squeeze light.
ProsLight is bright enough on high power, adequate on low. Strobe would attract attention.
ConsOne won't switch modes. The other? I don't know, I didn't advertise that it maybe was more than a squeeze light.
By John C.
Eastern, PA
Great light
September 28, 2015
Very nice light and easy to use. The different levels high, low, strobe came in handy tonight as I was setting up camera equipment to take pictures of the lunar eclipse. I used the low setting on my red lens flashlight and it helped maintain my night vision, being it wasn't bright, but with just a click I was able to increase the light level to find a lens cap I dropped in the dark. Excellent light for the money. Buy more than one; you'll be glad.
By Dennis
Mesquite, TX
Inova keychain light
April 7, 2015
These are great to keep in your vehicle both in your console and trunk in case of a emergency.
ProsReplaceable batteries. and easy to keep in out of the way places....I always make sure my family and friends have at least one of these.
By Dave
Great keychain light
January 24, 2013
Great keychain light. High level is 6 lumens, low level is 1 lumen. Unlike some of the cheaper lights, you don\'t have to cycle through the other levels before you turn it off. After a few seconds of selecting the level, it is only one click to turn the light off. The 6 lumen level is actually quite bright and puts out a decent amount of light. But the pulse frequency modulation of the 1 lumen level gives a slight strobing effect, which is annoying to some people. If it weren\'t for that, I would have given this light 5 stars. The beam pattern is nice center spot with a smooth transition to good wide, but less bright floody area. Rings, artifacts, and dark spots are almost entirely absent, although you can see some slight variation in brightness in the center of the beam. Overall, DEFINITELY a very well-designed and quality made keychain light.
By Jeff
great light
October 29, 2012
I kept this light with me in Afghanistan in 2004-2005 and used it every day. Here we are in 2012 and I\'m still carrying that same light. I accidentally washed it when doing laundry and it died. I took it a part and let it air dry for a few days, popped in some new batteries and it works good as new. This light holds alot of memories to me and is just outright reliable. I stocked up on batteries and will keep it on me for life.
By Jeff
A part of me
October 29, 2012
I purchased this light in 2004 and used it daily in Afghanistan in 2004-2005. Here we are in 2012 and I still carry and use it daily. I left it in my pocket and accidentally let it go through the washing machine. I took it apart and let it air dry for a few days, put in new batteries and it works as good as a new one. This light is awesome and I will keep this one for life.
By Chris
Inova is the best little light
April 12, 2011
I bought this and the Freedom Light from LRI....overall this light is more useful. The covered LED helps to avoid residual light coming off from the LRI type design with fully exposed LED bulb. The size is more user friendly for the Inova vs the Photon/ LRI Freedom light. Lastly, the functions are simple - High - Low - Strobe - Signal. The Freedom light has a dimming feature and more strobes...but it makes it awkward in some cases. The beam is cleaner and more full for flooding an area, the Freedom light has more of a spot with a messy flood beam. If you need a little light, truthfully, this is all you really need....get an Inova and a bunch of spare batteries....you really dont need anything else for 99% of lighting needs, backpacking, emergency, automobile...its 6 bucks and change well spent. Dont bother with penlights, they are just marginally more useful with much more bulk.
By Sanders
March 6, 2011
great light. small. super bright. won\'t add bulk to your key chain. i clipped mine to a hand cuff key, they mate perfectly. i can\'t stand bulky keys which is why i stopped carrying the micro maglite. no such problem with the microlight. well done.
By Kevin J.
Work & Play
September 1, 2010
I use this not only at work (checking pupil response and being able to see in a patient\'s room without waking them). I also us it when ultra-lite backpacking. Last but not least I keep one clipped on my \"bug out bag\". They are super durable. I have one from 2003 that works great. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

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