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By Harry
Northville, NY
Good UV light source
August 26, 2020
This key chain light provides a good amount of UV light for viewing larger items up close. The only reason for 3 stars is that I purchased another similar light of a different brand which is 25% cheaper and more powerful and smaller yet.
By voltwiz
just what I wanted
July 9, 2020
A good value. Not the top of the line but priced accordingly.
By Marc
South Bend, IN
Great Small UV Light
January 27, 2020
I bought some invisible ink for my fountain pen and this light is fantastic for viewing!
By Rod L.
JETBeam JET-UV Ultraviolet Flashlight
November 29, 2019
I use a UV light to diagnose issues with printing. Some of the inks are UV active and this light works great!
By at25526
JETBeam JET-UV Ultraviolet Flashlight
August 30, 2019
small but POWERFUL UV light. Brighter than UV lights a lot bigger than this one. Barely bigger than the AAA battery that powers it. This light actually has some "throw" due to its reflector. (most UV lights don't have reflector). Definitely worth a look.. You won't be disappointed.
By AirThunder
Brandywine, MD
This is a great little source of ultra-violet light
January 9, 2019
Top quality and the UV LED is bright. Don't waste your time with another UV LED flashlight - this is the real deal.
Simply amazing
December 17, 2017
This light really surprised me. I have several other UV lights, some much more powerful. Yet this one makes things fluoresce brighter than any of the others, and puts out less visible light than most. It's amazing.
April 21, 2017
A++++ product!
By ddrJsm
Salinas, CA
Amazing lite.
March 22, 2017
It's amazing the things you can see on the carpet with this light.
ProsSmall size.
ConsDon't know how long the battery will last, it's one AAA.
By Tom
Roselle, IL
Well Built, Strong, Long-lasting UV Light
December 31, 2016
The Jetbeam Jet UV is built on their Jet Mu singe AAA cell light design. This is a solidly built light with Twist-On/Off operation, so there is no inadvertent actuation or standby battery drain. The threads are well cut and lubed; twist is smooth. When twisted perhaps 10 degrees to off, the light can be easily actuated momentarily by simply pressing with the thumb against the head of the light, pushing it toward the supporting forefinger. With output at 365nm it provides an effective UV spectral output for the various UV light tasks... since that's so, beware of where you shine or reflect the beam (pro UV lights often ship with UV protective "sunglasses"). Fortunately, the LED used gives output spilling into the visible range (400nm and up) so there is visible bright purple-white output, unlike infrared lights, or other UV lights whose LED's output is completely or almost completely invisible. I tested this light using currency from the US, Hong Kong, Thailand, Siri Lanka, and India with very good results compared to Inova's UV microlight and Coast UV pocket light, whose output appears both weaker and more to the 385nm wavelength, which means fluorescing colors are not as accurate or bright as with the Jetbeam Jet UV. The Battery Junction Jetbeam Jet UV description covers the various uses of a UV light. What you need to know is that this is far better in build and function than most UV microlights, so it's just the ticket for those who need a durable, reliable, every-day-in-use UV light for checking currency, security markings, and other fluorescence as part of their job. It's one of a very few UV lights that even specify output in terms of wavelength, output power, and run time. Comes with a split ring, pocket clip, quality wrist lanyard, and extra O-ring. Regular users likely best served with an NiMH rechargeable AAA cell; for in-the-drawer-if-I-need-it use, choose a Lithium Iron primary AAA cell for leakproof, long term shelf and standby operation.
ProsVery well designed and very well built on Jetbeam's high quality Jet Mu single AAA platform with IPX-8 immersion and 1m drop durability Specified for 365nm output wavelength, 40 minute run time on a single AAA with what some report as a 200 Lumen output (For many users/uses needing only a few or a handful of seconds of output, this means perhaps 500 uses or more on a single battery) Useful accessories for daily use (split ring, good pocket clip, good lanyard)
Roselle, IL
Solid Build, Good Output 365nm UV Light
December 22, 2016
The Jetbeam JET UV Light is built on the JET Mu body with a different pill and driver, and offered in Red and Blue Anodizing. Looks good, works good. Small yet solid build by Jetbeam, making a durable, dependable light with dependable Twist On/Off operation using a single AAA cell. UV "color" is in a good range for the tasks one uses this for. Here is a durable, reliable, drop-in-pocket or clipped-to-shirt-pocket solution for such needs. For frequent use during the day, use an NiMH rechargeable cell; for stashing in your desk drawer for some rare future use, better to use a Lithium Iron primary cell so there's no damaging cell leakage as you'd experience with an Alkaline over time.
ProsDurable, solidly built by Jetbeam matching the successful Jetbeam Mu design. Good strong output at 365nm for detection by UV illumination tasks Twisty On/Off assures zero drain, long shelf and service life when a Lithium Iron AAA is used Good pocket clip and lanyard included
By Joe
Oakville, CT
A Handy Little Blacklight
November 15, 2016
A very handy little blacklight to have available for detecting stains, alterations, particles, etc.
ProsWell built and handy
By Robert
Victoria, BC
Nice uv checker.
November 5, 2016
I use it to check spills. Nice blue color, really light good beam strength, good pocket clip, get it while it's on sale.

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