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By Derek
Arcadia, OH
A faithful tool
March 5, 2021
This is with me wherever I go and has been very useful.
By Joe
Bonney Lake, Wa.
Great Light
December 18, 2020
Super bright , simple easy to use . Just simply toggle the switch to the desired brightness level. Holds a charge for a long time . Nice build quality . Completely satisfied !
By James
Atlanta, GA
Excellent Light
November 4, 2020
I'm so glad that I caved in and bought this light! Love using it for walks with my dog (we go into the woods and he's off-leash, so a flashlight is super handy). Easy to recharge, just use the included charging cable and I'm good to go for the next day! Definitely worth the cash and comes in handy when I have to do odd jobs around the house too.
By Gill
Olympia, WA
I struck out twice.
September 17, 2020
I wanted to try a light that took a 21700 battery. I was going to go with a Fenix but the Jetbeam was available at a reduced price, so I decided to try a Jetbeam for the first time. First strike out. When it arrived I fully charged the Jetbeam battery that came with it, turned it on, and it lasted less than a second. I wasn't able to get it to turn on again so I contacted Battery Junction support. They were very helpful and even offered to give me credit on a Fenix. Or I could get a Jetbeam replacement and they offered to take it out of the box and test it before shipping it. I decided to stick with the lower priced light. Second strike out. When the replacemnt arrived I made sure the 4000 mAh Jetbeam battery was fully charged. It's supposed to deliver 5 levels of intensity. I get 4, and the first level is for one second. The charger shows the battery is fully charged and the LED on the light shows it's fully charged, but that's all I get. I even tried a fully charged 5000 mAh Fenix 21700 battery and got the same result. So I'm 0 for 2 on this Jetbeam model and blew 2 chances to get the Fenix. Get the Fenix, or maybe a Nitecore, or anything but this garbage.
By Bob
Great EDC
June 9, 2020
Well made light that I was able to get for $50 on sale. It's very well made and works as expected.
By Randy
June 8, 2020
I gave four out of five for a couple of reasons. Small things, but issues nonetheless. First, the o-ring needs to be adjusted. If not, it won't make a good connection and won't work, so play with it until it's set (could have been just mine). Second, the throw isn't very far. Now the positives. It's super bright, doesn't roll, a great size for your hand, charges easily and the clip is sturdy. Overall I'd recommend it.
By Franz
Beyond Epectation
June 5, 2020
This device is far from mediocre.
By Stan
Deptford, NJ
Excellent Light
March 2, 2020
Works very well and is bright!
By Dazzleaj
Richmond, VA
Don't got no change-ability!!
December 27, 2019
If you don't mind not being able to change the user modes or the fact that it comes on in the "ludicrous mode" (re: Spaceballs) or that there is no "moon light" mode, or that you can't get but one tint, this is a dam fine light! For most people this is going to be an amazing light! It has a good range of brightness modes that will fit almost all situations that "normal" people use a light for. The low is about what an old carbon battery flashlight was 50 years ago but with the 21700 battery it will run for days!! This makes it a fantastic emergency light. Just stand it on end and point it at the ceiling and the room is lit like it was with my Granny's old kerosene lantern on low flame!! Can't read a book but you won't be running into furniture either! On Turbo you light up the world!! The pictures are representative of what I experienced. I have many lights, some with a great deal more output than this one. Most of those are much larger than this one requiring two or more batteries. I have paid more for batteries for those monster lights than I paid for this light with its battery included. They also don't fit in my pocket. For the pocket size lights that have a similar output, this KO-02 can stay brighter longer than my other lights until it gets too hot. Good heat dissipation. I have been looking for a light with a 21700 cell. The fact that this one had USB C charging, great for the car, and was a BlackFriday special sold me. I already have some JetBeam lights so I knew that it would be a quality piece. What I didn't know was that none of my chargers would fit the longer 21700!! It never crossed my mind! I really prefer a charger that tells me what the voltage of my cell is so I can get a rough idea of how my usage affects the battery. I don't like running them too low. The built in LED battery level indicator helps with this concern. If you want to try out the 21700 cell, in my opinion, this is a good light to start with. You get a usable range of brightness's with a monster turbo and USB C charging. A bit larger than an 18650 light but not much. A good light I think!
By Ron
Oxnard Ca
Not what I expected
December 26, 2019
Spending $50 on a flashlight is not what I normally do. I've had impressive lights for under $20 so figured at $50 it would 'blow the cheap ones away'. Was almost ready to get my money back because it really did not have that great an improvement for the higher cost. Sure it does throw out a lot of light but the lack of sharp focus was disappointing for me. There is no focus feature so is really only useful for filling a room with light but not for long range illumination. I will keep it and find a limited use for it since the rechargeable feature keeps the battery expense low.
St. Moritz CH
Mighty bright light
December 20, 2019
Outstanding flashlight, rugged and bright, but easily controllable. Runs great.
By Steve
Montvale, VA
Great Light for the price! Very Bright!
December 11, 2019
This light is VERY Bright! Easy to use too! It DOES remember the last setting as well. The battery included is 4000Mah. Take a long time to initially charge. Expected. Not a negative at all. Battery Junction got it to me pretty fast too! Great People!
By Philip
Columbus, Ohio
Great Light
October 14, 2019
Bright light and small size make this a good light. Takes a bit long to recharge battery. So well liked I may purchase a second one. Great product at a fair price.
By Andy T.
Macon, Ga.
K0-02 Jetbeam
August 29, 2019
ONE of the finest flashlights that you have come out with lately. I just regret not buying more. I hope that you will have more soon.
By Brian
San Francisco, California
Great multi use light
August 17, 2019
Nice range of light output. Would prefer a memory feature of last light setting.
By Eric S.
Not a great experience
August 16, 2019
They were kind give me the sale price a day late. Off-center button and worked intermittently, it happens. Didn't choose to pay to send it back for techs to look at. I'll just keep it. If it winds up working I'll be happy. Nice people.
By marshall
August 14, 2019
Awesome light for size,tail switch would have been nice
By Mac
Florida Panhandle.
Brightest flashlight ever.
August 14, 2019
So bright it's almost painful. Solid feel, solid switch, overall very, very impressive.
By corey
longview, WA
Quality at a great price
August 14, 2019
Great flashlight very bright. I wish it would start up on low lumen setting instead of high. But that's really about the only thing about this light, everything else is good.
By Frankie
As Advertised
August 13, 2019
Powerful throw over 200 yds.

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