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By Greg
JETBeam RRT-M2S White Laser Tactical Flashlight
May 26, 2022
This is a great light to explore what a white laser flashlight can do. Fits in deeper pants pockets and can light up something 1/2 a mile away, without disturbing the surrounding area. Still running strong on original full charge I did 6 months ago!
By de K.
Jefferson County, Colorado
Amazing brightness with NO SPILL.
May 6, 2022
If what you want is a VERY NARROW WHITE BEAM of light with NO SPILL, this light will get the job done. I haven't had the opportunity to try it outdoors at night yet, but indoors found that the beam is VERY NARROW and BRIGHT. You'll see DUST MITES crossing the beam, but you won't see objects adjacent to the beam. My use for this is to see PRECIPITATION, and it will definitely do that. While I don't intend to use this for hunting criminals or animals, the strobe function would be stunningly disorienting.
By Shawn
University Park, MD
Excellent Laser Specialty Light
January 25, 2022
This is my second white laser light and it is as awesome as the Jetbeam RRX-M1X, just in a smaller form factor. The light does not get hot like most of my other LED lights and is a great thrower with even less spill than the M1X but not as much throw. It was worth the purchase if you are looking for a specialty light.
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Interesting Light
December 19, 2021
As everyone else has said, this is a very focused light. Well made, simple and straightforward controls with a big 21700 battery. Too big for every day carry, but very nice for nightstand use without any blinding backsplash. Does not flood out the whole area and the beam is very concentrated. Can't wait for this technology to develop even more. If you don't have one of these, you are missing out on a whole new way of using a flashlight.
By Jerry R.
Dahlgren, VA
December 13, 2021
Great flashlight with very useful USB charging capability.
By DLsMods
Simply AMAZING light and design...!
October 28, 2021
When it comes to throwing light at a far distance.. This by FAR takes the prize.. I have a HUGE collection of lights.. At first I thought this is probably the last thing I need another flashlight.. However, I have used this SO many times in situations where none of my lights could compare.. Almost ZERO heat after being on for nearly 30min straight. Hardly ever have to charge the battery.. Thin compact and lightweight. The operation couldn’t be better.. Momentary light press or full click ON tail switch, with mode change under light head.. I like everything about this design and wouldn’t change a thing. When working outside on top of a basin with sun was shining.. In the basin depth was 60ft below through 3 levels and 3 36" man-ways with almost zero light.. Rigging and pulling out a shaft through obstacles with men on each level and me signaling the crane operator.. Being able to see down that hole with my eye's adjusted to the sun would NOT have been possible without this light... I carry a minimum of 2 or more flash lights.. If you’re looking for an EDC (Every day carry) this is NOT it... This is NOT for searching the floor for something you dropped in the dark.. This is for seeing something very clear at least 20ft+ away.. In the picture below I used a 2ft wooden ruler and shot the light on it’s center.. As you can see it’s blinding and only covers around 3 inches at best.. It’s hard to see the measurements but my camera was confused at what I was trying to do.. Out of 10 pictures this one looked the best.. Another pic is where I carry it on my right hip. It has NEVER turned on accidentally which is a huge plus.. I honestly expected this to be another light for my collection but found it to be carried with me every day! I’ve been collecting flashlights for a long time and until you own an LEP and actually use it.. You’ll find yourself using it for a LOT more, of course this depends on your line of work. I use it as a pointer too which is awesome.. For years when I'm in the field I always said to myself I need to bring a laser pointer but then some couldn't see the darn dot! That being said, this LASER FLASHLIGHT has yet to fail me..!
By at25526
JETBeam RRT-M2S White Laser
July 21, 2021
GREAT light for VERY SPECIFIC purpose...a SEARCH LIGHT - to light up a target at a distance in a very small field of view. (Think of it like comparing a telescope to a pair of binoculars). You can spotlight a specific target at 400-500 meters with virtually no spill. Its amazing. It's ability to pinpoint a target is also it's achilles tendon...it is essentially useless as a general light. As stated earlier - it has no spill or flood. It won't light up your "workspace". Great for "show and tell". It is NOT an every day carry.
By Chris
Soiuth Africa
Search abd Rescue 10/10
January 22, 2021
For location and pin pointing target area's this beam is phenomenal ! It allows the operators to carry out their retrieval without being blinded by a "flood" light. The distance is unbelievable and makes for easier spotting of :targets". Great finishes and all round winner !

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