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By Warrick P.
Henderson, NV
Alive again - 1 Battery = 1 working light meter
December 2, 2022
My old Photography lighting meter hadn't seen the light of day for almost 10 years... It hadn't worked because I couldn't find the replacement battery that it came with when I purchased it 12 years ago. One quick search on Battery Junction, one quick order, shipped and delivered and NOW, I have one working light meter... success! Thanks Battery Junction!
By Conor
Lubbock, TX
As good as any RCR123A, I guess
October 29, 2021
I have a LOT of flashlights. Most use 18650 batteries, but some have the option for CR123 or, in the case of some compact models, require them. I've tried both disposable and rechargeable batteries in these lights, and frankly, given how often I use these lights and the difference in capacity, I prefer the disposables. You can get 4 disposable Panasonic CR123s, each with over twice the capacity of these (1550mAh), for the price of just one of these. I suppose if you have a light that you use constantly it might be more economical to use these rechargeables than to keep buying the Panasonics, but I just think these burn out too fast. For example if you're a security guard on a night shift and you want to use rechargeables, I suggest you bring spares, while a disposable could last the whole night. That said, these particular batteries hold a charge as long as any other RCR123A I've tried, and have held up so far with at least 10 charges each.
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Great Battery
September 8, 2020
Comes in a nice plastic case. The battery itself is one of the top performers in this size. Real money saver. Buy several and keep charged for instant replacement on must have ready equipment.
By Pat
Stillwater, NJ
Working Great!
May 26, 2020
So glad I decided to purchase rechargeable batteries for my security system!
By David
Kalamazoo, MI
Great battery
April 2, 2020
Long lasting and a great price for a name brand
By Robert P.
New Bern NC
March 18, 2020
Good price for CR123
By Alex
Excellent Choice
March 4, 2020
I got these batteries for my Klarus lights the XT2CR and my XT11GT. Excellent power and durability. These batteries actually have great heat dissipation compared to other branded 16340's. Great buy, highly recommend.
Lakewood, CO
Superb rechargeable!
January 4, 2020
I bought 2 sets of these RC123 for testing out in my Arlo cameras. The standard Lithium batteries (Panasonic & Energizer) lasted about 2 weeks in heavy camera operation, with Klarus 16340, I'm getting just about the same usable life so these will pay off less than 3 charges, or about 1-1/2 month. One thing to remember is to have a second set charged ready to go or have to wait roughly an hour +/- to get a fully charged set of batteries.
By vk
Philadelphia, PA
Budget choice
November 17, 2019
Good capacity and cheap price.
By John A.
Kenton / Ohio / USA
Better than I expected!
July 29, 2019
These have great battery life, I was replacing my 123 batteries more often than I thought I would have to, now I charge these up and they are good to go in my security cameras for a week longer than my lithium's were and I charge them again, over time these will pay for themselves many times over!
By Eric
Rock Island, IL
Klarus 16340 700mah
June 25, 2019
Good price for a quality battery. Can't go wrong.
By Jimbycat
Rechargeable saves money
May 7, 2019
I purchased this as a rechargeable substitute for CR123a batteries. I am very happy with it.
By David
Tallahassee, Florida
Price is right, but I doubt the mAh rating is accurate...
April 26, 2019
I have numerous brands of rechargeable CR123s... A bit mystified that I have 550mAh units that outlast these 700s by almost twice the time. Something fishy about their rating... But since they are on sale for half the price of most others, perhaps just buy twice as many and you will get an equivalent amount of light time.... but buy a Pelican case with foam insert to store them all... Or just splurge and purchase OLight or Nitecore batteroes instead.
By Rodney
Lutz, FL
Reliable power
January 9, 2019
Great rechargeable battery that holds plenty of power. Can compete with any rechargeable regular 123 battery and will probably outperform it.
By John
High mAh battery
November 4, 2018
A good high 700 mAh rating 16340 battery. Klarus makes high quality flashlights, along with their batteries. The price (when on sale) is hard to beat for quality & higher then standard mAh. These work well & last longer, as they should. Mine came in a plastic case, which was a nice plus.
By Joe
Oakville, CT
A Great Battery
July 18, 2018
With the cost of CR123a batteries bering what they are, it doesn't take long for this battery to pay for itself. Well worth the money.
By V
South Bend IN
Love it
April 5, 2018
These batteries are very powerful and last a long time. I use them for my wireless security cameras and they are the best I have tried. Definitely would buy again.
By Mike A.
Good battery
February 2, 2017
These cells seem to hold up well. I will buy more as needed from Battery Junction. Thank You for a good product at a fair price. I also love your customer service as well as the fast, fast shipping.

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