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By David L.
Reno, Nevada
No mistake made
January 6, 2022
Retailers are absolutely professional. I'll go out of my way for the purchase originally a day or two days later than store two blocks away.
By michael
December 10, 2021
Solid charger for li-ion and Nimh batteries. Charges my batteries with no fuss and 8 at a time.
By Peter
Old Saybrook, CT
works great
November 29, 2021
I use mine to charge mostly nimh AA and occasionally an 18650 - no issues. I don't need an expensive screen to tell me the exact voltage, when it stops blinking they are ready to go, nice and simple.
By Rudolph L.
Boise, Idaho 83709
Battery charger
December 31, 2020
Just what i was looking for. Works good.
By Vinnie
Houston, TX
Cheap & Big
November 22, 2020
Picked this up to charge 18650s and it does the job. Nice little display to show where they're at, holds a bunch of them and no problems so far.
By Steve
Lots of cells
November 18, 2020
I chose this over a different 4 bay because I wanted the 8 bays to charge 18650 and 16340 batteries for all my flashlights at the same time. Not sure what to say, it has recharged them many times now without any issues. Works as I'd expect and I never have to think about swapping cells in and out to get them all juiced up.
By Richard
Camarillo, CA
Batteries need adjustment to charge
July 31, 2019
This product is just ok. You have to adjust the C size batteries in the slot otherwise it don't work. I have not tried other size batteries yet because I have other chargers for AA and AAA batteries. I love the 8 slots for charging C Size but I don't know yet if adjusting the batteries is worth the trouble. The Plus terminal doesn't seem to be long enough (Not Likely) or the plastics get in the way (Probably). I do not intend to send it back but some modification may be necessary. I gave it 2 stars because I really bought it for C size only.
By Ellie
over heats batteries
July 11, 2019
Upon receiving this device, I placed in AAA batteries to charge. They rolled or did not fit securely in the slots/spring loaded areas very well. The lights are only red, start out in the 1 blinking position and move up until all are solid. Once this occurred on a battery, I reached to take it off. It was burning hot. It took about 3-4 hours to charge, and I kept a constant eye on them. I would not feel comfortable leaving this to charge unattended like I do my 8 slot Tenergy TN145 AA/AAA charger. This charger may do larger batteries, but the smaller ones don't fit securely & batteries are extremely hot.
By batteryguy
versatile charger but not functional
July 10, 2019
At first glance, this is a very versatile charger with nice capacity. The moment I started using this charger I noticed the batteries I was charging all started to overheat to the point they were hot to the touch. I would not recommend this charger because it will probably ruin your batteries.
By Glenn
Northern Virgina
Nice Charger, Great Price
January 23, 2018
I'm giving this review five stars, but be aware that I've only had the charger for one day. I like that each battery charges independently and have their own status LEDs. I also like the integrated USB charge port. There was mention in other reviews that suggest this charger should be able to work within a car and I believe those reviewers are mistaken. Klarus does not supply an automotive adaper cable, even as an optional accessory. It is true that the charging unit itself uses an input voltage of "12VDC at 3.5 amp". The unit's power supply provides that output from 120-240VAC 50/60Hz and has a removable US 120V plug cable. One could use a european AC cable (not provided). Note that autos do not actually provide "12vdc", they provide 13.8vdc when the alternator is running and 12v from the battery when the engine is off. 1.8 volts is a significant difference, almost 15%. A 12 volt-regulated at 3.5 amp from 15vdc, or 120v inverter would be needed to run this in a car or damage to the internal charging circuitry might result. In reality, a 2 cell or 4 cell charger would be more useful in a car... Other comments were made about some minor difficulty aligning the batteries to the charger electrical contacts. Now that I have the charger, I understand this issue. The cradles are sized (naturally) for large-diameter "C" cell batteries - the biggest (physically) battery that can be charged, so smaller diameter (18650 & 16340) batteries do not fit snugly. Also, positive contacts have a rather severely pointed contact shape that mates with the battery's small '+' contact. The pointed contact is designed to make an excellent electrical connection, even with batteries that might be a little bit corroded from use 'in the wild'. It's not a problem in the least and you have the status LEDs as another indicator of correct installation. I plan to get at least one more of these, and a 4 cell unit to use in the car.
ProsExcellent design - I'm very impressed with the thought, experience and engineering that obviously goes in to Klarus products.
ConsI want more... (Those of you who get adicted to cool kit will understand.)
By Jeff
Big Rapids, MI
Battery charger
October 31, 2017
Purchased for my scout troop. This charger works well and charges both 18650 and Ni-MH cells. It came with an AC adapter but literature indicated that it can be connected to a 12VDC source and it did not come with an adapter for that connection. I have not tried to charge Ni-Cd cells so I have no information on that type of battery. The Ni-MH AA cells that I charge took a little fiddling to get the positive post on the cells to make connection with the charger but they charged after that. The NI-MH cells were quite hot after charge was complete, (this may be normal), but the cells worked after charge.
ProsCharges most types of rechargeable batteries Monitors each battery under charge individually
ConsDoes not have a 12VDC adapter
By Ronald
Regina, SK
Have 3 works as expected
October 19, 2016
Almost all batteries charged are 18650 L-ions, Bought 3 because I have to charge at least 24 at a time. I rotate my batteries (over 60) in the 3 chargers and have experienced no problems, batteries do not get that hot so I know it is charging properly. I sample some of the batteries on another charger showing me charge info and batteries are within spec so charger must be doing its job.
ProsCharge 8 at a time, decent charge time, works well
ConsBatteries sometimes feel sloppy in the holder not centred, just be careful to centre them gently.
By William
Venice, FL
November 13, 2015
Works wonderfully. Charges at a decent speed. Easy to operate.
By A L.
SF Bay Area
8 bay cell charger & hot battery
September 20, 2015
I am concerned about how hot the batteries have become during charging; I have tested various AA , AAA, and C size nickel-metal-hydride and found each cell nearly too hot to hold after charging is complete (3 yellow leds are on, under 3 hours typically). I will not test 18650 batteries until I resolve the safety of this charging device. I suspect it is similar to 0deltaV charging, which does get the Ni-MH chemistry up to 130F when "fast" charging under 3 hours, but that is not stated on the Klarus C8 package or its instruction sheet. It also does not fit 8 C-cells very well; you have to move the batteries around to make contact as the placement of 8 C-cells seems to be too much for the charger's physical design as cells push against each other and force some out of contact with the charger's contacts. Overall, however, it is working.
ProsSeems to charge very thoroughly; each battery bay operates independently of the others. Fairly compact size; uses external 12V DC, 3.5A transformer (runs warm).
ConsBatteries become very hot; too hot to hold in bare hands. Don't know if the heat could be damaging the battery chemistry prematurely.

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