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By Eddie
Los Angeles
"Lives Up To All The Hype"
December 21, 2021
What a perfect flashlight. I had heard that this flashlight was great and it definitely lives up to the hype. The flashlight is light and compact for a light that uses an 18650. The beam pattern is perfect as well. It's not all flood as some people would imagine. This little guy in my opinion has a little throw to it. Of course it is floody but it shoots out really nicely out in front of you. The flashlight feels solid in the hand with a feel of quality as most Klarus flashlights do. I bought mine on sale here for $35 dollars and I regret not picking up a few more at that price. I own a new Olight Baton Pro and not once have I used it for EDC. It is a bit too large for my liking. The Klarus E1 has been with me since I bought it from Battery Junction. This comes with a proprietary battery that's exclusive to the E1 and the E2 as well. I highly recommend this flashlight to all flashlight collectors.
By Eugene
New Orleans
Excellent EDC & Defensive Light But 2 Flaws
November 10, 2020
Fabulous Light but 2 things keep it from being truly Great!!! It uses a special battery which only Klarus seems to make. I have to keep this special battery just for this light. All my other lights can use common 18650 batteries inter-changeably. The other thing is you must choose between two operational modes each of which limits functions such as strobe and firefly operation. Otherwise the low price, tiny size, and double tail cap switches make it one of the best pocket carry lights ever.
By richard e.
Florida (FL)
first klarus light is a winner
February 26, 2020
the double switch works great has memory mode which is mandatory for me.Left it in outdoor mode.The beam is flood. between this or the fenix ld30 i cant decide which one i like better buy both.
By Dave
Philadelphia, PA
Klarus E1 flashlight
February 24, 2020
Great edc and bedside flashlight. Already ordered the E2. Easy to use and learn the controls. Perfect lumen amount. Thank you battery junction!
By Mark
Fantastic light.
December 8, 2019
The light does well in all everyday aspects. I use it outdoors for work daily and the battery run time decent with the 2600. Someone mentioned on here to turn off moonbeam you have to go into turbo mode, false. Simply release the moonbeam flat switch and press it again light off. Overall a very good light, especially for the price.
By Maccdavin
So Cal
Small and powerful
December 5, 2019
Good buy! Don't hesitate and get this light.
Yonkers, NY
Just Okay
December 3, 2019
This is a good light if your not a flashaholic. We flashaholics like what we like, no matter how good or bad the product is. So, being a flashaholic I don't like this light. My reasons are different than others though and they are purely preferential. This light is what I call a winker, when you move the light the beam pattern winks (distorts) and it is very noticeable. All LED flashlights do this, but with this one the winking happens at the slightest of movement and is drastic compared to other brands. The other reason I don't like this light is the hot spot is square, yes you read that right, you can see the shape of the LED through the lens, it isn't nearly as bad as a ten dollar hardware store light, but it is noticeable. With that said, my dislikes are a non factor if you only use your lights outdoors and for distance, but up close in confined spaces it is terrible (This is where I use my lights the most). If beam distortion and a slightly square hot spot doesn't bother you and you can get past the fact that it comes with a weak specialized battery (it should come with the 3600mAh not the 2600mAh) then I recommend this light if you can get it on sale. It has an excellent white color and a nice even beam with great throw when used outside. Great for walking the dog and lighting up the backyard during the zombie apocalypse. One thing that needs to be corrected, it will run on other batteries, but only batteries that have the positive and negative polarity on one end, like the Olight 3500mAh that comes with the S30R Baton III and Baton Pro.
By Joe
Specialized 18650
November 26, 2019
This light only works with the klarus 18650. No other batteries will work. Terrible. User interface terrible. I can turn the light on in moonlight mode but need to have the light come up to memory mode level to shut off. I try to use mine in moonlight and turbo. Therefore to turn the light off from moonlight, it must go to turbo first. Terrible execution on the UI. Otherwise form factor and clip are nice. My switch rattles though. There are many way better 18650 options available. Avoid this one
By Marc
Sensational edc Torch!
October 20, 2019
Amazing torch, uses a special klarus battery that comes in two sizes. You can change the torch functions to tactical or outdoor mode and is simple to use. I've bought two one for the car and one for the house. Highly recommend.
By Viejo
Long Beach
Mixed Feelings
October 15, 2019
It 's functions are not intuitive. It only works with the battery that came with it. The ad states that the flashlight will work with a 18650 battery. I tried three other brands and none worked. And the obvious, i checked the polarity and if the batteries were charged. My other flashlights that use the 18650, all work when I switch the batteries around.

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