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By Stephen J.
Dead flashlight
September 14, 2022
This flashlight is not worth the money. Lucky if it is 2000 lumens. More than likely a defective unit. When I first turned it on, it was super bright. Went to use it the next morning dull. I charged it and still not bright.
By Herman
Upstate NY
The best high output light I own
September 30, 2021
Without a doubt, the G15 is the best high output light I own. Great delivery in a most favorable size. A very capable light in an EDC carry category. It makes me wish I still worke midnights. Its description was so good that I bought two, one for my son and we are both very satisfied.
By Spiller
Klarus G15
May 21, 2021
Awesome edc. Pocket Rocket. Lots of flood, with decent throw. For its size I am amazed at what you get. It will get hot, but thats high performace for you. Only gripe, and its a small one, is that I wish these high powered lights had a seperate "lock out" switch to prevent accidental turn ons. Really a powerful small light.
By David G.
The Perfect EDC!
February 16, 2021
This Klarus G15 is absolutely perfect to carry all the time. Perfect size with more than enough power for any task. 21700 battery last forever and a day on a full charge. I wear Dickey's 5 pocket jeans and that 5th pocket on the side if my leg is the perfect carrying spot! Like it was built for flashlights!!
By David
Bright as the sun!
October 11, 2020
I bought this light for its simplicity and big battery. I own several different edc lights and this one is perfect for any use. It’s brighter than you think it would be when you hit Turbo. Plus the 21700 battery last forever! The only gripe i have is that the battery that comes with this flashlight is much longer than your standard 21700 because it’s protected. Which means there's not but one ir two chargers on the market that will accommodate this long battery. I have 2 chargers both saying they charge 21700 battery's but like i said this battery will not fit any of my chargers! So you better buy another aftermarket cell.
By Shaun
Pineville, NC
Great Light
May 22, 2020
This light is very powerful for its size it seems like a much bigger light. The light has a wide throw pattern that is great for most people does not have a long throw pattern but long enough. I like it because it lights up a very wide area making you able to see everything in your immediate area with no dark spots. I don't like that it does not have a tail switch and the side switch is hard to find without looking which makes it not ideal for tactical use. If this light had a tail switch it would be the best light that I own due to its brightness level, run time wide throw pattern and size.
By Robert
If you want major brightness with out huge through.
February 22, 2020
I recently purchased this because I have the Klarus XT11GT and a Klarus XT12S Both of them are awesome lights and have great UI's. I purchased the G15 for the big 4000 lumens output. It arrived and I finally got to open it and check it out. I like that it fits in a pocket or can be clipped to a belt and the fit and finish is very good, what I expect from Klarus. I am a little uncomfortable with the UI, Probably because its so much different from the other Klarus lights I own. This light is very bright and has a ton of spill, so much so that you can catch yourself with the spill, kinda like welders flash. I think for the way I use my lights I should have purchased the XT21X as it has the 2 button on the end cap and kinda more focused beam, and I think the UI is closer to the other Klarus lights I own. That all being said, if you want a super bright light to work around the house or light up the yard or Yards around you this will do that. Inside the house low and med seem to be plenty and they don't suck the battery down, on High depending on what your are doing it is bright enough to cause some glare issues as well as on turbo mode. On high it gets a little warm but not as much or as fast as in turbo, that heats up pretty fast. But 4000 lumens you need to expect some heat. Overall it is a very nice light, and if it is the type of light you want I think you will not be disappointed in this flashlight. My only complaint would be that the rubber flap that covers the charge port seem to fit much looser than it does on any of my other lights and have accidentally popped it open a few times pushing it thinking it was the on off switch. I will probably try and exchange it or resell it and buy the XT21X to replace it.
By lawrence
Meridian, ID
Good light for a home.
February 19, 2020
This is a good light for around the house and yard. I have a big fenced yard so this is a good light for that purpose. When I need a broader beam light I use my XT11GT. Will probably upgrade to the XT21 soon. Can't beat the Klarus lights.

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