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By Kevo
Ontario, Canada
Great little flashlight
May 26, 2023
Love the compactness and the high output. Pros: Bright little light even on 1.2v NiMH battery. Cons*: Two button press to turn off, Can turn on in your bag or pocket * I avoid these cons by simply unscrewing the head a bit, a 5 degree turn is enough to disconnect the circuit. I store it like this and i turn it off like this.
By Enoch
Blountville, TN
I love it but I hate it!
August 2, 2020
I love the light output of the Mi7 especially with 14500 battery, but the reason I hate it is this light keeps turning itself on in my pants' pocket. I was going to replace my Streamlight MicroStream flashlight (uses a AAA battery) with Mi7 but it's not gonna happen now. I am very disappointed.
By Art
New York Capital District
Very handy
July 30, 2020
Nice, bright general service flashlight in a really small package.
By Nazzenpoppel
Boiling Springs, PA.
Its Adorable!
June 20, 2020
That's right, it's adorable, or so my wife concluded at first sight so now it's name is adorable. We amuse easily. So from using it I can say that 700 lumens is impressive and I probably won't be using that too often. 90 is plenty and 5 is good for up close and personal work. This flashlight will fit in you shorts pocket, shirt pocket, pants pocket (especially that little front right pocket in a pair of Levis), jacket pocket, coat pocket, the corner pocket and with some imagination, a hot pocket. Make sure to microwave it first.
By Andrew
Needs new power switch!
May 5, 2020
Great light nice and bright however every time I carry it the power button activates in my pocket and kills the battery. I can't even carry it anymore because I can't trust it.
By Herm
Upstate NY
March 19, 2020
I am very pleased with the light, but the lock/unlock procedure interrupts the flow of the "produce and utilize" aspect of an EDC tool.
By Brian
San Francisco
Well made and compact
January 30, 2020
Once you figured out the mode selections, such as going directly to moon mode, it's a great EDC. Gave it to my girlfriend for her purse. She liked the red one. Now I have to order one for myself !
By Rich
Exton, PA
December 20, 2019
I got some of these for Christmas gifts. Every day cary flashlight for everyone..Very bright easy to carry.
By Jerry
Schenectady, NY
Nice bright compact light, but...
September 21, 2019
I purchased two of these lights in July of 2017 - one for my wife and one for her friend. Solid construction, aesthetically pleasing, bright for a compact light sporting a single AA alkaline. My wife complained it was dead every time she pulled it out of her purse. Naturally I found that hard to believe and wondered why. The side mounted power button is light to the touch - easy to turn on/off. We had a TEC clip mounted to the attachment ring so it could be clipped to an inside pocket of her purse for easy access. Conclusion - purse placement caused depression of the power button which subsequently drained the battery. The light has since been removed from her purse and now serves as a go to light when we are looking for something in our house. The light functions as it should in its new role. Pleased overall. Looking for a compact tail switch light to carry in her purse.
Mostly good
August 30, 2019
Very bright with 3.7 volt battery easy to carry in pocket seems durable so far im pretty ruff on stuff only downside is it turns on when i don't want it to if it's in your pocket button is easy to hit good thing for rechargeable battery lol you usually know if it's on starts getting hot
By mark
Small & very easy to carry EDC light.
July 18, 2019
I like the size & lumen power of this small light I carry it every day. the only exception is that it will run a (AA) down fairly quickly, so I always carry a spare set.
By SId
New York
Great flashlight
June 19, 2019
Picked up couple of these to see whether it was a dependable flashlight, and have had no problems thus far. Wanted something small and really bright that I could provide to family members that often travel at night which would help light their way and provide blinding protection if needed, it does do both very well :) Compact, bright and easy to use.
By Dorittoen
easy to use
May 6, 2019
use all your batteries? just pick up AA batteries anywhere
By Enrique
Houston, TX
Great little flashlight with one minor flaw.
March 15, 2019
I purchased this flashlight recently and it is great at what it's for, lighting up the area, but it has one minor flaw in my opinion. If this is corrected, it would make this flashlight one of the absolute best on the market. The minor flaw that I'm talking about is the power button on the side of the flashlight, it sticks out ever so slightly that it can, and in my pocket did, turn on accidentally and in the process burn you or at the very least drain your battery. This flashlight has a lockout mode that works great but it isn't practical to have to lock and unlock the flashlight every time you pull it out of your pocket to use it and in my case it can be quite a few times per day. If the power button was recessed just a bit, it would solve this minor flaw. I gave this flashlight 4 stars because it does work great and it is very bright for its size but for me, the power button issue was a deal breaker. If you don't mind having to lock and unlock the flashlight every time you need it, then by all means buy it, it is still a great little flashlight.
By Rodney H.
Dark basements in Maine
Mi7! Alot for the money!
January 30, 2019
Klarus knows how to pack good things in small packages. Lots of lumens, Plug in to charge, stores almost anywhere. Hard to beat this package.
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Becoming one of my favorites
January 13, 2019
Got this light and like it alot to the point that I have a titanium one being shipped by battery junction. The more I use this light, the more I like it. I like the fact that it can use the ubiquitous and easy to find AA in a pinch, but of course use the 14500 with micro-usb charger built in as its primary power source. The user interface is actually one of the best I've seen for this light, but make sure you know how to use the lock-out feature on this light, as it will turn on in your pocket otherwise. I like the fact that it turns on to its highest setting first unlike most other lights which do the opposite. Will replace this light with the titanium for my own personal use, but will order several more of the Mi7's in various colors for others since this is the identical specs on the light except for the titanium. Between the OlightS1 Mini Baton and this light, its a toss up for me as to which light I like better, but you can do much worse than this light and not much better.
By duke
grand Rapids
great light poor DHL shipping
December 21, 2018
Light is well made and has easy to set lockout feature. I love ability to instantly access lowest setting. Only negative is dhl temporarily lost it and only after contacting batteryjunction did we finally located it. Will not use dhl again
By Keith
Great Little Light
September 5, 2018
Needed a pocket light that is bright. This fit the bill perfectly. Bought the USB battery as it is easier and more convenient to charge as opposed to finding or carrying an extra battery. Two thumbs up.
By Rockin R.
Lota Bang for your Buck $$$
July 4, 2018
Was looking for a EDC flashlight that was not only bright but was dual fuel so if SHTF you would be able to use everyday AA batteries as a fuel source. I was not disappointed. Light uses AA & 14500 rechargeables, and it is plenty bright with a good throw. You will not be disappointed with this flashlight !!!
By Raymond
Palm Coast, FL
Small and Powerful
December 23, 2017
Great EDC light. Easy to use with good mode spacing. Lightweight. Powerful when needed.
By Russ
Sterling, il
Bright light
December 13, 2017
Great little light when using a 14500 battery...pretty dim and disapointing with an AA... luckily i bought recharheable 14500s to use with it. I ordered another light after using
ProsGreat with 14500 battery Does not get very hot on turbo Small size. But not keychain tiny
By Pam R.
Do not waste your money
December 6, 2017
Have had this flashlight less than a month and it will automatically switch to the dim setting within 10 seconds. I use a flashlight every morning for my job and the dim setting is not enough light. I would pick another brand.
By Len
Boston Area
Well Built for Pocket Light
December 2, 2017
Very nice for a pocket light. I bought two previously and just bought another two to stash in the car glove boxes. Work well and high quality. Only issue I have is with the lock-out switch, a bit complex to unlock when you need it now.
ProsHigh quality. Good price. Nice to be able to lock-out for pocket carry.
ConsUnlocking it could be made simpler.
By KeithS
Great little light.
November 29, 2017
Tiny, and very bright. Mostly easy to control. It takes me a second or two to feel for the switch in the dark. Warning to be aware of. This morning, I put on my heavy robe and put the light in a front pocket. At some point the switch was bumped (easy to do), turning it on maximum. I didn't know it until I felt the heat. I could barely handle it to turn it off. That thing was hot. I don't know how hot it will get in a pocket-be aware.
By Nicolas
Fresno, CA
Klarus Mi7 - Great EDC
June 22, 2017
The Klarus Mi7 is small and compact but very powerful. You can hold down the button to get the lowest (hidden) setting or just turn it on for the highest to lowest. It is has the option of using the 14500 battery for maximum output or an easy to find AA (the output is less but still very impressive). This is a great EDC. I have three of them to keep in different places. It is very bright for this size and the beam is pretty focused. I recommend it.
ProsSize: small and compact. Tailstand: Yes Strobe: Yes (double tap when the light is on) Voltage indicator: Yes (Hold down the button when locking) Very bright with pretty focused beam: Yes
ConsIt easily turns on in my pocket. You can lock out by holding the button down. The voltage is then indicated with flashes when you turn it on again. This is good but not good when you just want light. When you do this it seems to only turn on in the brightest setting. You can also unscrew it so that the battery connection doesn't work. This is what I usually do. Simply twist and push the button. The other thing that I don't really like about this light is that it doesn't have a rear tailcap switch.
By Anthony L.
Knoxville TN
March 8, 2017
This is a lot of flashlight for the price. Bright, easy to change settings, and the lockout works great so you don't get hot pockets or drained battery.
ProsBright Easy controls Lots of color options 14500
ConsNon so far
By Trevor
Sunset, SC
Not a Fan
February 10, 2017
Battery life isn't great. Not as bright as I expected it to be. Different settings are hard to use. Button is easily pressed while in your pocket running the battery down even faster
ProsRuns on a single AA battery
ConsSee comments*
By Leo F.
Jamestown, RI
Little Powerhouse!
January 3, 2017
This is a great light for so many things. VERY powerful with the lithium battery, which came with the bundle, along with a charger for the battery. It's a great deal, and I highly recommend the bundle.
ProsPowerful light beam, small size for easy carry, strong construction.
By Kevin
Sunnyvale, California
Holy cow!
December 25, 2016
With a lithium ion, this little light is bright. Much brighter than some of my older 18650 lights. It may not last long on turbo but I just use it to blow the minds of my friends.
ProsBrightness on turbo Size Easy U/I
By Joe
Oakville, CT
Truly Pocketable Powerhouse
November 15, 2016
This light is a truly pocketable powerhouse, whose output defies it's size! One drawback is the activation switch, which is small and takes some time to locate in the dark, but the light's size and power make up for this inconvenience.
ProsSmall and powerful
ConsSmall activation switch which should have a better design
By Robert
Victoria, BC
Nice light
October 25, 2016
Interesting, lite, switch easy to get use to but odd way it goes through the levels. High-medium off, long hold low, 2 rapids flash.
Prosbright, lite, colors to choose from, standard battery.
Consswitch easily triggered on, not very well protected. feels cheap.
By Bill
Morganton nc
Great EDC
October 1, 2016
I bought this light for my wife to carry in her purse. Perfect size. With the 14500 battery it really performs well.she loves the color and actually caries this light which has been a problem in the past.
ConsSwith can be a little hard to locate when you get in a hurry.
By jason
September 30, 2016
Probably the best single AA in the market right now, all specs are correct. Very bright!
Prossuper bright, battery run time is good for the output, like the UI and lock feature
ConsUI takes some learning curve
By Ed
September 7, 2016
Awesome light. Has all the features you want. Have had mine for 3 months and keep it in the car (but it's also a great size to carry in your pocket) so its always available when I go out. Have a 2nd 14500 so I don't have to wait for a charge. Also bought a Fenix RC09 Holster which fits perfect. Brightness is as good or better than bigger lights.
ProsSIZE, value, color options
Consnone so far
By Joleolsen
Des Moines, IA
Great little flashlight
August 23, 2016
Outstanding flashlight. Good levels. Amazing price.
ProsCommon battery, small size, bright for size.
ConsTurns on in the pocket.
By Gumshoe
Western Washington
Nice Light w/ One Reservation
July 22, 2016
As designed, this is a terrific light. It is very bright - a legitimate 700 Lumens and I much appreciate the lock-out capability. The size is also perfect. Unfortunately, there is one issue I am not pleased with. This light gets very hot, almost immediately when on high power with rechargeable 14500 batteries. I haven't had it long enough to evaluate if this excessive heat translates to low battery life, but I would be surprised if the battery is not adversely affected. I own many high quality, high powered lights and this light gets hotter than any other light I own. What is even more surprising is how fast it gets hot...5-10 seconds. I have been using a Fenix 800 mAh battery.
By Kevin
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Great little flashlight
July 22, 2016
The Klarus Mi7 is a doll of a flashlight. I am more than satisfied with the quality and performance. Always use a good quality rechargeable 14500 battery instead of a AA alkaline. The difference in performance between the two different battery options is huge. 700 lumens compared to 330 lumens.
By John A.
Kenton, OH
Not as bright as expected
July 19, 2016
I was expecting a 700 Lumen powerhouse but I have a 500 lumen light that washes this beam out, it is a nice size and shape but even with full charged 14500 lithium batteries it was not as bright as advertised
ProsSize Shape AA battery can be used
ConsNot as bright as expected
By Canyon M.
Elizabethtown KY
Are you ****ing kidding me?
July 19, 2016
That was the reaction when people saw how bright my "little keychain" light was (700 lumens with the 14500 battery). This light is very small, weighs next to nothing, and fits anywhere. It has a strobe feature as well as an SOS mode and has as much power as you are ever likely to need. You will want the 14500 battery (not included but the Ultrafire battery on Battery Junction isn't that expensive and works well) as the AA battery (included) is fine but nowhere near as impressive in output. The only drawbacks are the side mounted button is tiny and can be hard to find and you have to hit it twice to turn the light off- a minor inconvenience. None of that though is enough for me to give it less than five stars. I am not qualified to offer a technical critique of the beam color, pattern, reflector distortion, etc.- I leave that for the more knowledgeable among you, but I know "dang!" when I see it and this light has it.
ProsPower- if you want more in a smaller package you're going to need permission from the NRC. Strobe mode could disorient a bat.
ConsTwo clicks to turn off is slightly annoying. Power button is generously sized only if you're an amoeba. Needs the 14500 battery to reach its full potential.
By Dave
Springfield, Missouri
David of David & Goliath!
July 19, 2016
Outstanding light! This beauty is as good as a regular full sized light. There is a Hugh difference between using a standard AA battery vs a 14500 battery. I tested both as I bought two lights. I use only high quality Orbtronic batteries (840 Mah lithium ion). Fully charged, it lasted 57 minutes on the brightest setting. Rated specs call for 55 minutes using standard AA, 53 minutes using 14500 batteries. 14500 batteries are physically slightly longer than a standard AA battery and are 3.7 volts, vs 1.5 volts of an AA battery. 14500 batteries work in this application but they cannot be indiscriminately used in place of standard AA batteries. If using 14500 lithium ion batteries, check application compatibility! Easy to carry all the time and has a one press switch to turn on vs twisting a head to go through various power settings of other small lights. Light comes on at the brightest power setting and the switch allows one handed operation. The switch also has a lock feature by holding the switch down for 5 seconds to prevent accidental activation as mine did get bumped and was on in my pocket. Holding down the switch for 3 seconds in the lock mode unlocks it and, flashes 1 to 3 times to indicate remaining battery life in percentage. 3 flashes = 70%, 2, 30-70%, 1, less that 30%. When testing run time using the 14500 battery, after 57 minutes on the brightest setting, it didn't go out but stepped down to the intermediate setting of 90 lumens. A great feature so you are not left in the dark, litterly and know you have to change out your battery or get to a safe place. Comes in three colors with a lanyard and a metal hook, has a flat bottom so it can stand on its end and had a strobe and SOS function. I will buy more! And they are a good price point.
ProsSee description.
By Francis
Leechburg, PA
Mini Light
July 19, 2016
Can they make smaller lights with all this power? Don't think so!!!
ProsSize and power
By Stumo
Awesome EDC light!
July 19, 2016
This light is the best of all the EDC type lights I've tried from all of the high-end manufacturers. Really like the simple interface and lock out function. And I use it a lot so being compatible with a rechargeable 14500 battery makes it perfect for my use.
Prossimple interface lock out function 14500 battery compatibility very well made lightweight
Consnone to mention
By Bruce
Concord, CA
Pretty good
July 18, 2016
I bought this flashlight just to see how good it is. I've had some luck with Klarus, but it was not my favorite brand due to quality issues. This flashlight, however, is pretty good. It does everything as advertised. I use a 14500 battery with it, but I was surprised to see that with a normal AA cell, it was pretty bright too. If it had a clip, it would be perfect to replace my Preon P1 w/10440 LiOn battery.
ProsVery nice output for such a small size. Bright even with a plain jane AA battery.
ConsDoesn't come with a pocket clip.

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