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By P
Washington State
Klarus UR70
December 29, 2019
Easy to use, easy to charge, gives the right power to operate the Klarus XT1C.
By Brett
No special equipment needed
September 16, 2019
All I need is a standard cable and I can use my battery pack to keep these charged on the trail, hours from my vehicle or any other power source. I purchased 2 to enable rotation. They run as they should.
By at25526
Klarus USB rechargeable CR123 battery
July 9, 2019
super convenient rechargeable CR123 for when you don't want to lug around a battery charger. Charges with a micro-USB cord directly to port on side of battery.
So. Cal.
Good battery, poor plastic case
July 6, 2019
I wanted to try this Klarus RCR and really like the USB charging feature. The battery measures 34.8 mm long. There is a small red LED at the positive end that shows when charging and it turns green when fully charged. The battery tops out at 4.20V via the USB. Of course, the battery could be charged with an external charger too. I have RCRs from Olight and Nitecore that are 650 mAh and the Klarus at 700 mAh does last a little bit longer than those. The battery comes in a hard plastic storage case with a flimsy snap on the lid. It has a fitted piece of foam in it for a single battery. It would have been nice if the case was slotted to hold four RCR batteries since it's big enough for it. I'm sure something can be Jerry-Rigged to hold four RCRs in place, but due to the poor closure, you would end up using a rubber band to hold it shut anyway. I am happy with the battery, but not the case.
By Eric
Rock Island, IL
Klarus UR70 16340 700mah w/port
June 25, 2019
Great battery good price. Good to have a 16340 with built in charging port for charging on the go.
By Angelo S.
Avondale pa
I'm impressed
March 1, 2019
I used to shy away from cr123 operated lights due to the fact of the cost of the batteries and availability but with this you can charge it with out a charging station thanks to the micro USB port. I'm going to order a few more
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Love these!
January 13, 2019
Great batteries for high demand lights. Love the fact that a micro usb cord can be in my wallet to recharge these. Replacing all lights with these batteries.
By Joe
Oakville, CT
A Great Battery
July 18, 2018
With the cost of CR123a batteries bering what they are, it doesn't take long for this battery to pay for itself. The built in charging port is a huge bonus, allowint this battery to be charged almost anywhere!
Roselle, IL
Great Idea! Easily chargeable 16340 Power!
December 13, 2017
Just new to the market are these microUSB port rechargeable cells. Klarus makes both a 16340 (RCR123A) and 14500 model. The 16340 holds special interest since not only does it provide the same capacity as any of the 16340's, but allows for recharging from a cell phone's wall charger or Lithium recharger pack via USB to microUSB cord. This means no worries about finding CR123A cells to buy or carrying an extra few 16340's or CR123A's or bringing a Lithium Ion Cell charger along on a trip somewhere to insure your favorite EDC torch will work. Just take a short USB to microUSB cord and plug into a computer or your cell phone's charger to keep the cell topped off. Great idea!
ProsRecharges via microUSB port, so easily recharged via any computer USB or cell phone's charger (microUSB) without need for Lithium Ion charger. Provides the standard ~700mAH capacity of 16340/RCR123A cells
By Chris
Denver, Colorado
Awesome and versatile lil battery.
October 16, 2017
Hands down best 16340 especially with the built in usb charger port. Turns solid red when charging and when fully charge stay solid green.

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