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By Jason
Laveen, AZ
Cool concept, UI could be better
May 3, 2017
Great light. I love the full power momentary option. The quiet switch was a good idea. I wish it took a longer press or a tailcap turn for constant on. Press and hold for three seconds is odd to turn it constant on. I found that I could press and hold for normal momentary use for more than 3 seconds and still want to turn it off quickly. Shouldn't have to press and hold for three seconds to turn it off.
By Robert
Mims, Florida
Klarus XTQ1
January 12, 2017
The quiet click does not seem like it has much utility. The recessed tail cap is more of a bother than what it is worth. I do not worry about accidental activation. The recess makes it difficult to activate.
Great light for every day carry
November 24, 2016
Great light for every day carry, functions are easy to use, good beam throw with broad illumination.
ProsGreat beam throw with broad illumination, easy to use, rechargeable
By Edward S.
Greenacres, FL
Great Light
August 11, 2016
Love this light if you have a quick thumb there is no issue.
By Steven
Millerstown, PA
Great Extra Light for the Sale Price of $25, but...
July 25, 2016
Other reviewers have pretty much already hit the nail on the head with observations regarding the nature of the tail switch and modes of operation. The light's 'menu' is awkward and different enough from most lights of this type that if you don't use it regularly, you may well forget how to work it. The having to hold the switch to activate/deactivate it makes it hard to really get short momentary use out of it. I can see why Klarus discontinued it. That being said, it is a well-built, quality light that also looks great and the output is very good, like other Klarus lights. Someone else said they wish Klarus made a replacement tail switch in a regular design. That would be great. I do not regret buying the light. I got two of them on the sale price and they will be kept as spares and/or for go-bags. Another issue that was raised was the fact that there is no memory, and the light comes on in highest output every time. This has been a 'feature' of many Klarus tactical lights from the get-go, and is ok if you are out on the street and will need it to come on in the high mode every time, like a policeman or power company worker might. It is awkward otherwise. It precludes using this light for your night stand - way too bright for in the house on the high setting (it will blind you if you wake up and turn this on in the dark). The others I own fit into the same category, but this one has the added detractor of the having to hold down the switch to activate/deactivate. I have a Terralux TT4 which also comes on in high mode every time and has virtually the same switch as the other Klarus lights like the XT11. Such lights are relegated to outdoor use only, or for very large indoor spaces like a warehouse, etc. Since this light is discontinued it's a moot point, but if you come across them for cheap price and you want it for your only light, do not buy it for keeping in your nightstand. Think of it as a high-powered outdoor light. I will find a use for it, as I said above, but it will not likely be a light I will regularly use unless something happens to all my other ones and this is all I have left. It's a keeper for the price, but there are many others I would rather recommend, including others by Klarus.
ProsQuality construction Good bright light Good beam shape Small and light Attractive finish and design Common size will fit some holsters head is a little large though which might make it difficult for others
ConsIrritating and time-consuming switch/mode operation Always comes on in high mode
By Jim
Worth the 25.00 sale price(barely)
July 20, 2016
After reading other reviews of this light, I have to say that " EXsailor from Salem" hit the nail on the head with his review. This is a fantastic light for the sale price of 25.00 however had I paid full price for it I would have returned it. The killer is the switch and the memory function. Needs to remember last mode used, not automatically go to brightest setting. Light output is good for this small a light. The switch may be the reason this light is discontinued. I wish the maker would offer a replacement tail cap switch for this light and address the clumsy operation of this switch.
ProsGood value and well made with great light output for the sale price.
ConsWhere do we start with the cons. I think, I would place all of the cons in the operation of the tail switch. Very clumsy in it's operation. I read about the operation of the switch in the description of the light and in the reviews of other buyers. However I thought it to be quite a novel and interesting idea, so I bought one. Well the reviews about the operation of the switch were spot on. The light seems to be well made and has very good output, but the switch is awful. Put another tail switch with more conventional operation programming and you have a winner. So far as recommending this to a friend, No at regular price, but at the 25.00 sale price Yes
By Camo D.
Harrah Oklahoma
Great value
July 15, 2016
The light seems to be everything they said. Awesome sale price. I ordered 2. One for me and another one for my partner. We are both LE officer's and were looking for a good deal on a quality led light for back up and off duty carry. So far we are both impressed.
ProsSilent switch is really great. Bright and lightweight.
ConsI would prefer dual switches, side and tailcap, but can't gripe for the price.
By Joe
Love it!
July 14, 2016
This is a super light for the price. When I saw the special on this light I had to order it. I really didn't need another light but for the price I was hooked. Quality construction. Super bright output. Really lights up the night. I showed it to a few guys at work and they all wanted one. The switch takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it's OK. You can never have too many lights and this is a great one to have at a super price.
ProsGreat price, great quality, great output
ConsSwitch is a little different that I am used to
By Rudy H.
clean bright light.......
July 14, 2016
Battery Junction had a sale on this light at a blow out price. Always a Fenix or O-light guy. This light expands my options to 3. This Klarus (XTQ1) might beat both.... .....! 18350 size
Prosbright clean beam
By ExSailor
Salem, NH
Meets all specs but not my favorite
July 13, 2016
I ordered this light to see how the "click-less" switch worked along with the remote option. Everything worked to spec but the light is not practical for my use. Holding the pressure-sensitive tail cap switch for 2 seconds to turn the light on or off seems "like a long and awkward time" when the light is wanted for a "quick grab." Also, with no memory of last use, the full 800 lumen level always comes on first then you can step-it-down to the two lower levels. The three light levels seem too few; many lights have five, and I miss the "moonlight" or ultra-low level. I have yet to figure out the purpose of the rotating ring above the tail cap where a lanyard could be attached, but NBD. The light seems rugged while a "bit clunky" to hold.
ProsRugged design, good battery life with 18650 battery, click-less switch novel.
ConsHolding the click-less switch for 2 seconds to turn the light on (or off) is awkward for daily use. If the light is only wanted for under 2 seconds a momentary depression works as designed. No memory of last use setting makes momentary use unacceptable to me at the full 800 lumen level when typically a low level of illumination is needed. Only three light levels seems meager on the current market.
By Frank
Boynton Beach Fl
Awesome Light
July 13, 2016
Very powerful and simple to use
ProsGreat tactical light, easy to use on and off switch
By Clay
Dallas, TX
Nice light!
July 13, 2016
Handles well, easy to use, very bright light
ProsWell made, easy to use
Simi Valley California, formerly the golden state.
July 12, 2016
Nice light with good features. The switch is neat as much as it is a pain. Yes it is silent and yes you have to press and hold for a sec for on and off. If you really need a silent switch than the delay of pressing the switch for a second may not matter to you. Likely that most will not find this delay desirable. However, for the sale price it was well worth the Klarus name. I just hope this trick switch lasts a long time and can take abuse.
ProsGood light and brand
Consthe silent switch takes getting use to.
By Mike G.
Apopka, Fl
Super Bright!
July 10, 2016
I just bought this flashlight a couple weeks ago and I pretty impressed with how bright and how quite it is.This is a yard lighting up beast! This is the first non Fenix flashlight I've owned,not to bad so far. I bought another one for my girlfriends bugoutbag.Dont forget to buy a box of the of the Titanium cr123 batteries to go with it.
ProsSUPER BRIGHT,easy to use,takes the same batteries I already have,quite,well made!
ConsNone so far
By Rick
Lees Summit, MO
Glad I bought it on sale.......
July 10, 2016
Klarus kinda' blew it on this one. The silent switch creates some weird compromises. The momentary-on function only lasts for 1.5 seconds, then it automatically turns on like a full-click on other lights. This alone sort of negates any "stealth" aspect of the light. Plus, to get the light off, it requires a release and another 1.5 second press on the switch. WTF? The tactical ring was also obviously an afterthought. It had some cheap felt material on the inside of the ring to make it fit the barrel more tightly, but this made it nearly impossible to get it over the o-ring without dislodging it from its groove. When I removed the felt, the ring rattled around on the barrel and became useless. Had I paid full price for this torch, I'd have been pissed. No wonder BJ sold it at fire sale price. Live and learn.
ProsSturdily built.
ConsUnbelievably dumb switch operation. Could actually be dangerous in some situations. Tactical ring is jerry-rigged.
By Rick
Glad I bought it on sale.......
July 6, 2016
Snatched this up when it popped up on BJ for $25 or so. After using it a bit, I would be returning it had I paid full price. The "quiet" switch is unique and useful for someone for whom even a small click sound could be an issue, but the tradeoffs I've observed make it harder than necessary to operate for the less sound-adverse user. First, the momentary-on function only lets you use it for a couple of seconds, then the light stays on like you've gone a full "click" on other lights. In other words, if your definition of "momentary" lasts more than 2 seconds, the light stays on and requires another separate 2 second push to go off. Really limits the stealth and effectiveness of a momentary-on feature. Second, the overall tactile feel of the switch is really muted, I suppose by the emphasis on silent operation. Cycling through the modes takes some concentration, and is not nearly as easy as my other tactical lights. On the positive side, the construction is robust and the beam is nicely dispersed. This one will end up as an extra utility light around the house, and not see rotation as a carry torch in my bags or vehicles. Kinda' disappointed in Klarus on this one. Looks like they went for product differentiation over real utility.
ProsWell-made. Decent beam. Bought on sale for $25.
ConsSwitch, while quiet, pretty much negates any real momentary-on use. Hard to feel switch to cycle between modes or turn on/off.

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