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By Ed
face mask
February 26, 2022
feel better than the regular cloth mask, easier to breath, the fit could be a little more secure & comfortable.
KN95 Respirator Face Mask
January 7, 2022
I have been wearing KN95's for nearly two years and don't like any other mask on the market. They're comfortable and give you total blockage. You may at times forget that you have the mask on.
Worthington, Ohio
good fit
October 13, 2021
These masks seem to fit better than many others I've tried. And Battery Junction has them at a better price than most. I'd order them again.
By AuntNayNayNJ
NEW Jersey
Better mask
October 31, 2020
So far this mask is best by far from all the others I've worn. Fits snug, top nose crimp secures well and ear bands hold mask close to face. This mask is a lot denser which was a little harder to breathe at first, but I got used to it after wearing. I feel so much more confident when out in public places with this mask on. Still follow the other guidelines (hand washing, social distancing) doing all I can. I purchased in bulk to take advantage of the discount, am happy I did. These masks work best for me.
By Tom
Eagle River, Alaska
3 of 10 masks broke the first time they were put on from first batch
October 12, 2020
I order 10 masks the first time and 3 of the 10 straps broke the first time they were put on. I hope this group of masks is better. I prefer the KN95 masks due to perceived better protection and the price was good.
By Chuck
Best mask so far
October 7, 2020
Have tried many masks so far and this S Korean mask seals better and is more comfortable for extended wear than the Chinese KN95s I've bought. They are also rated higher in filtration tests. A good buy.
By Ann R.
Skokie, Il
Great Masks
August 14, 2020
Great masks at a very reasonable price. This was my second purchase of these masks - shipped very quickly.
By John
Fredericksburg, VA
Comfortable & easy to wear
June 29, 2020
I appreciate Battery Junction acquiring these affordable masks. There is a lot of junk & fraudsters out there that could care less about safety. I was using a N95S by 3M (Surgical Mask) which is very safe, but also overkill. I'm not in the high risk category & wanted something different. These are easy to put on & off, appear well made, MUCH cooler then the N95S, & can be worn easily for long periods of time. My other masks are really meant for serious bio hazards & blood spatter. I bought the N95S's 3-4 years ago, so they weren't anything like the prices companies are charging now.. Battery Junction has been around a while & has a very good reputation. I've also been a customer for 8-9 years with no issues! I don't think they would risk their successful business on junk safety masks. I have a good feeling they did their research on these masks, the supplier, & checked with the CDC/FDA/ICE, etc & learned that these were satisfactory to offer to 'us', their customers. I was wary about buying masks from some company I wasn't familiar with or a huge corp like AMZ. Not all their products are vetted. All in all I'm pleased with these masks. I don't know their 'actual' performance, otherwise I'd give 5 stars. Feel comfortable in using these masks. FYI: As a male of average height & weight they were a tiny bit big, but still fit well enough. Everyone has a different size face, but should fit 90%+ of users..
By Greg
Hanover Park,Ill
Good mask but....
June 25, 2020
This mask seems to filter out stuff very well but is extremely hard to breathe through. Inhaling is tough and when you breath out, pressure in the mask builds up to the point where it pushes the mask away from your face. Not recommended.
By Ken
franklinville, nj
Works well a little easier to breathe through
June 25, 2020
Works very well
By michael
Woodside, NY
June 10, 2020
Great for protecting you and your family at a great price!
By SusanL
Spanaway WA
Great Masks
May 28, 2020
My daughter and I just used these masks for the first time yesterday and they provide excellent protection because they fit snugly over your nose and mouth, nothing can penetrate. They are from China and the instructions are in Chinese which makes them impossible to follow, however it is very simple; just put the mask on and you are protected. If you wish to be completely protected these are the masks you want to use. I give them a 5 star recommendation.
By Mike
KN95 Masks
May 25, 2020
Order was received on schedule & the masks are the quality expected. Price per mask was a bit high. Quantity purchases should have been priced at a reduced per mask price.
By Bill
Face mask
May 22, 2020
Just received the kn95 masks. Very nice fit, has bendable nose bridge. I seem to be able to breath well through. About equal to n95 I've used. I would buy again
By antonio r.
good mask
May 22, 2020
as stated
By Michael H.
Los Angeles
Great masks
May 21, 2020
They fit great. Can be reused. I use it then put it in the oven at 175 degrees for 10 minutes. Ready to go!
By Jon
McKinney, TX
Mask fits well but is very warm while wearing
May 21, 2020
Mask fits well. Gets hot inside the mask when wearing which makes it more difficult to wear for very long. Unsure if it is a N95 mask since it is not certified by anyone but do think it is likely effective.
By Joice
stay safe
May 21, 2020
these are great mask but what is so great is they are delivered with in a week or so i have ordered mask from 3 differences places and 2 orders never came and the 3rd order still waiting for and it has been going on 2 months now have order other things from battery junction and they are great
By Paul
Allentown, PA
Very Good Quality Masks!
May 21, 2020
I purchased and am using these masks almost daily. They are of very good quality and I would purchase them again.
By Jon
Northeast USA
Great Masks!
May 20, 2020
Comfortable and fit well!
By John
New York
No as tight fitting as a 3M N95
May 19, 2020
Mostly OK, but I have an N95 with bands that go around the head instead of over the ears and it seals much better.
By Vikas W.
Wear this mask
May 19, 2020
These masks are great. Very breathable. Comfortable straps around the ears. My mother also finds it easy to breathe with compared to cloth masks. TheSe lead to less fogging of glasses. Love them.
By Stephen
Corona Mask
May 19, 2020
They seem to work well
Texas, USA
Great fit, passes candle test, way better than cloth
May 13, 2020
Great masks for mask-required shopping etc. Way better protection than cloth masks. Fit: The elastic is good enough to hold in place for repeated use. The fitment over the nose and chin actually stays in place (if fitted properly with nose clip). I could take the elastic off of one ear and the mask didn't fall off. Reusable : The construction is good enough to be re-used repeatedly. The elastic straps don't stretch out immediately like cheaper dust masks. Obviously sterilize it and toss when worn out, this probably isn't designed for that and your own safety is up to you. I was just glad to see it didn't fall apart after the first use. Candle test: Cannot blow out a candle when wearing the mask. Doesn't prove anything scientifically but it does keep your breath inside. Unlike any cloth mask/scarf/bandanna I've seen. Related: you probably don't want to exercise with this mask on.
By Steve
We were able to get facial seal with these masks.
May 3, 2020
My wife and I ordered a small number of these masks to try. She is a RN and has been fit tested for a medium size N95 at work. She was able to get an apparent facial seal with this mask. It fits here well and she said that she could wear the mask for a shift. I wear a large mask and I was able to get a facial seal as well. The quality appears to be good. The masks appear to have been manufactured in early April of this year. They came in a resealable plastic bag of 5 masks. We just placed a larger order for ourselves and our family. I wish that there was a translation of the Chinese labeling on the bag. That is the reason for 4 stars rather than 5. I have a much higher degree of confidence in these masks versus surgical masks or home made cloth masks. These do achieve a seal.

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