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By Philip
Works Great. new to using 18650 batteries
December 30, 2020
I would recommend getting this to charge your batteries
By Dan
Fishkill, NY
Let me gret rid of my other chargers
November 16, 2020
Provides a better charge than any other charger I've owned and now it's the only one I use. Also much better quality than my other chargers ...
By Craig
Mission Viejo, CA
Nitecore Digicharger
October 11, 2020
I really like this charger to charge two of the 18650 batteries. Took around 5 hours to charge both of them. Seems to be very high quality.
By Adam
Good Charger
June 29, 2020
This is my second one of these and the first one works well and has held good so far for over 2 years.
By William
torrington, CT
Great Charger
April 24, 2020
Awesome Charger. Set and Forget. Draws very little power can be run off solar charger. Will be purchasing a 4 bay unit soon.
By Dave
South Florida
Great little charger
April 14, 2020
Switching from disposable batteries to rechargeable, my applications call for AA AAA batteries. Bought this charger based on the reviews, very satisfied with the charger and very satisfied with the power output of my rechargeable batteries.
By Dan
Quick Charge of Lithium Ion Batteries
December 9, 2019
Four #18650 lithium ion batteries and a charger came with a flashlight. Charger lasted less than two years. Nitecore charger let me know that two of the batteries were no longer functional. Quickly recharged the remaining batteries. That Nitecore charger is capable of recharging batteries of several sizes as well as batteries made of different chemical compounds, has led me to consider additional tools and devices that utilize rechargeable batteries.
By Guy
Works great
October 11, 2019
I needed this to charge batteries for a head light Fast delivery
By john
Mesa, Arizona
Happy with this
September 19, 2019
Moving all the way into rechargeable batteries for all of my nitecore headlights. The info is great and charges fast enough for me. No problems ever and being able to charge 2 at a time makes things easier than my old single charger. This uses a standard plug, not a USB by the way.
By Brett
Good way to start
September 16, 2019
All I need to keep my 3 lights happy. Not a lot of bells and whistles, just a good, basic charger. I believe Nitecore is a quality brand and I only have a few batteries, so I went with this charger.
By Robert T.
One Year Old, Still A Fantastic Charger
July 6, 2019
Nothing bad to say about this charger. I do HVAC for a living and excellent lighting is a must! I use an Olight M23 as my EDC and go to light for Initial system diagnosis at night and in dark spaces. No light is good if your power is inadequate, so I use the best! My batteries are all from batteryjunction.com. Klarus, Olight, and Tenergy. The D2 and my I2 have charged them repeatedly every day, and never fail to perform. The D2 has very specific features that I love, like the ability to drop the charge rate to 300ma, which is really getting the mileage out of my Tenergy NiMh AA and AAA batteries which run my actual headlamps. The display is excellent. Constantly showing the charge rate, time in charge, and current voltage of the battery being charged. Controls on side allow you to toggle easily through selecting each battery and setting your charge rate, etc. Quickly identifies type and voltage of battery to be charged and bar graph on display shows current percentages of charging battery. The only thing it doesn't do that my I2 does, is allow you to charge at 1amp, not a big deal to me though, as I have many recharged extras waiting in the wings. Like the header Says, "One year, and still a fantastic charger!"
By Anthony
Good battery charger
May 24, 2019
Works great.
By Willard B.
Newport News, VA
The Nitecore Digicharger D2 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-ion, Ni-Cd, & NiMH Batteries
May 15, 2019
Thie charger did everything the manufacturer said it will. I have a half dozen or so batteries of mixed types (Li-ion, Ni-Cd and NiMH) at the product worked like a champ. It even indicated that one of my Li-ion batteries was defective. Battery Junction.Com is definitely the place I'll be purchasing all of my batteries, chargers and flashlights from. Fair prices and great service. Thank you Battery Junction!
By Silver G.
Not a good choice
May 4, 2019
I do like the form and weight of this charger but it's slow, really, really, really slow. A single new 18650 has been on charge for 3.5 hours now, two of them take eight. Right slot charges faster than the left. I will never buy another one of these, ever. Not worth the hassle of a return, sure it will be my fault some how. I'm over 50 and will not bother with crappy customer support on a cheap charger. Pick another option
By Tom
Good charger
March 15, 2019
Just put the batteries in and the charger does the rest
By Jack
Central Illinois
Great Charger
December 21, 2018
Great charger, I will be buying a larger one on my next order. Extreme list of batteries it can charge.
By Sydney B.
Completely satisfied!
September 25, 2018
My purchase was eceptional. Very good quality, and it works like a charm. Totally satified. Many thanks for everything! A happy customer!
By Rockin R.
Peace of Mind
July 16, 2018
This charger has s digital read out which is great to have when you want to know just how much power is still in your battery and if it is holding a significant charge. Could not be happier with this item !!!
By Jim
Winona, MN
Buy it, these rock!
May 25, 2018
I use a ton of gizmos that need batteries from most common household to 18650 and rCR123s. So rechargeable makes sence and they work fairly well over time to keep waste down and save $$. I got this to use on the exotic batteries to be a little more gentle and protect their value. But running standard nicad AA, I right away noted additional testable voltage that boosted all my charges equivalent to fresh Doracell and such. These last considerably longer in the field and I’ve seen no life decrease at all on my sets. My only regret is I do enough of these that I likely should have got a D4! I gave the handful of other chargers I owned to Goodwill!
By Robin
Bladenboro, NC
Nice charger.
February 15, 2018
Well made and the wide variety of batteries it can charge is a nice feature.
ProsCompatibilty Well made Ease of use
By Brian
Kanata, ON
December 25, 2017
I recently bought the nitecore Digicharger D2 2 channel charger. My 3rd order from BATTERY JUNCTION. I have tried the 18650 batteries in it, Ive tried AAA batteries, Ive tried AAA. Every battery Ive tried in this charger works flawlessly. It shows you in a digital flashing graph where your batteries are in the charging cycle. It also shows you how much mah is being fed to them and the total charge. With the 18650's as most people know it doesn't charge them to 3.7 volts, it charges them to 4.2 volts, so no panic is needed when you see them continuing to charge above 3.7 volts. It seems to be a little slow at charging but then again that's what a trickle charger does. This charger also tells you when it finished charging and will stop charging when it reaches full capacity. It can also tell what KIND of batteries you pout in there. Don't know HOW it does it but it does. I bought the 12 volt DC adapter for it ( its like $ 6 ). I tried the charger in my truck, works great. I can now charge my batteries while on the road, on camping trip. I will also likely be able to charge them off my solar panel. You cant really go wrong, for $30, you'll have a charger that can charge batteries by AC or DC. Simple easy to use. It also will tell you when you have a bad cell, it wont charge it. With these batteries whatever they may be Id advise don't waste your time. If this thing cant charge it, it belongs in battery recycle bin. I had a AA battery wouldn't charge it and now it can go into the used battery box at work. Im in the " GREAT WHITE NORTH " ( Canada ) and from time of order till its in my hand is like 6 days. good day eh
By Ray
, Detroit, MI
Good unit
December 13, 2017
Does exactly what it was intended to do. No problems, no fuss, no bother! And if necessary, it can be used in a car!
ProsNo problems, does what it was intended to do.
By Mike
WELLFORD, South Carolina
Great Product
May 8, 2017
I use this all the time, Had no issues and works great.
By Larry
Western Washington
Nitecore D2 charger
December 13, 2016
It seems to work good so far.
ConsIt seems to take to long to charge my C cells.
By travis
fort worth, texas
why do you need anything more
December 8, 2016
had it for two years just researching aa charging cabailities mainly used for 3.7 but now twice as awsome.
By George
Vincennes, IN
Two channel smart charger
December 6, 2016
The smart charger is great it leeks the battery's from being over charged.
ProsGreat price
By GeneCHarris
D2 Charger
November 4, 2016
Great charger. Only problem is that I screwed up. I just bought the D2 charger and it only does 2 batteries at a time. I should have gotten the D4 charger that does 4 batteries at a time. Now all I have to do is sell this to someone so I can get the D4 instead. The charger has doone a great job of charging all of my AA/AAA batteries. And, with 12 vdc capability I can take it on the road. Good job Nitecore !!
ProsEasy to read and informative display.
By Thomas K.
Almost 2 years
February 18, 2016
Bought this charger almost 2 years ago. Have it in Subtopical conditions with salty, humid air. Still working. Very good charger.
By Alan
Traverse City, MI
Great charger
December 11, 2015
This is my first battery charger. Seems to work perfectly. Like the digital readouts. The different battery sizes (so far 18650, 16340, 14500) all fit well and charged great. Very happy with this purchase.
ProsDigital readout Battery fit
By Tracy
Northern Nevada
Nice but could be faster
September 1, 2015
Easy to use and the display is nice, so that you know how much charge the batteries have, but it is definitely a trickle charger.
ProsBattery recognition, charge display
By Danny
Good charger
August 31, 2015
Fine charger. I have the D4 also. Both are excellent chargers.
By Rich
The High Desert
Flexible and Convenient
August 23, 2015
I tried rechargeable batteries and their chargers early on. What a pain. The Nitecore D2 convinced me to try again. It's very convenient, and the display provides all the information one could want.
By V N.
Biloxi, MS
Very good charger
June 4, 2015
Charges way faster than those cheap tr-001 trustfire. Shuts off when battery is full so u don't have to worry about overcharging. Wish I had known about this charger sooner.
ProsEasy a monkey can operate.
ConsNon so far.
By Sampson L.
Atlanta, GA
LOVE this Charger
April 2, 2015
I am now really in LOVE with this charger. When I saw it I liked the look of the NITECORE Digicharger D2 and now when I use it, I REALLY LOVE IT!!! It charges ALL my rechargeable batteries I use and I get to see and monitor what is happening. I will now stick to NITECORE products and BatteryJunction.Com always for my battery and flashlight needs.
ProsMonitors battery charging with detail Nice Display Charges ALL types of batteries and being able to charge different sizes at the SAME TIME
ConsDoes NOT fit D Size
By Joseph
Berkeley, California
Nitecore D2, great feature set
March 28, 2015
After topping off three 18650's just to see how it worked, I am quite pleased. This charger gives more info than any charger I've ever owned by a considerable margin and seems well-conceived in every way. I really like it. Flexible: handles many battery types. Informative: reads out charging current, elapsed charging time, and voltage, independently for each slot (user selected). Nice looking. Good price. It can reportedly be dimmed for night time use when indicator lights would be annoying. It can charge LiFePO4 batteries too, but requires that the user select that mode. Li-Ion, NiMH and NiCad (perish the thought) are automatically detected and adapted to. There is a slower-charging option for use with smaller batteries (AAA's), I gather. I've had chargers which were for AA NiMH which offered slow and fast charging, with slow being better for the batteries. This D2 seems different in that respect, with one recommended charging rate for non-AAA batteries. I'm not sure whether the slow charging mode might have any significant benefit for larger-than-AAA sizes, but I don't think so.
Southern California
Good charger
March 14, 2015
This charger appears well-made. The display gives good info. I like being able to charge a single battery and not have to charge in pairs. Unit does not get hot and barely gets warm. It's definitely not a quick-charger by any means. 18650 batteries are a bit tight-fitting. Pretty idiot-proof though.
By Jeff
Ottawa, OH
Nice charger
March 13, 2015
Not a quick charger, but slow does offer a very good charge. Some bells and whistles offered only on more expensive charger. Charges wide variety of battery sizes.
By James
Urbana, IL
Does what it is supposed to
February 18, 2015
Really liking this charger, nice for on the go and quick use; compact and multi-chemistry. I have charged LiON, NiMH, and LiFE, so far no problems.
By Mark
San Antonio
February 15, 2015
Very advanced charger for the money.
ProsTakes different sizes easily Reads size and charge Value
ConsNone yet
By Marco
Mexico City
Nice charger.
January 27, 2015
It works fine.
By Jason
Fall River, MA
Excellent charger for the money
January 12, 2015
This charger is working great. Real happy with purchase
By Nick
Perfect charger
January 7, 2015
Charges both my batteries with ease and with protection that I can trust.
By George
Norcross, Georgia
Excellent Charger with Great Display
January 6, 2015
This charger tells you everything you need to know while charging your batteries.
By Bob
Good Charger
January 4, 2015
So far so good. I loved my Nitecore MT26 flashlight (now discontinued) until it died after only two years. That experience has made me leery of the Nitecore brand. Regardless, the charger functions as advertised and otherwise works well. It displays battery voltage accurately as verified by a multi-meter; does not heat up when in use; shows the amount of charge current and elapsed charge time. It has a nocturnal mode that turns off the display panel illumination; charges each battery independently reducing the input current as the battery comes up to charge shutting down automatically. Tests cells prior to beginning the charge cycle and detects a faulty / damaged cell, reverse polarity etc.
ProsIntelligent charger
By Joseph
Slow lasting charge
January 3, 2015
Charges many different types of rechargeable batteries. Not a quick charger so you get a better charge.
ProsVersatile, many features.
By Jesse
Nice charger for the money!
January 2, 2015
Works great on the li-ion 18650 batteries. I really like the display because it shows all of the information you need and more. Truly a universal charger. I have tried NiMH AA and AAA batteries. As soon as you put a battery in, the display tells you what type of battery is installed and charges accordingly. I really like this charger and have bought three of them, two for me one for a friend.
ProsLike display all the information you need can't beat the price when on sale
ConsWish it came with the 12 volt cable
By christopher
Timonium, MD
Great charger!
December 29, 2014
Charger works great.
By Thomas
West Warwick, RI
Set it and forget it
December 23, 2014
Great charger. Chargers have come so far from back in the day, charge till warm, then it was full. Now there all digital, detects type, size, works by voltage, resistance of cells, you know your getting 100% charge each time you use them. Works great with the fenix battery I purchased.
ProsCost Ease of use Value
By flashlight w.
Good, reliable charger.
December 19, 2014
This product works as advertised. I've charged Li Ion batteries and NiMH batteries without any problems. The information from the display gives good feedback on the battery and charge status.
By John
Charleston, WV
Bang for my buck!
December 9, 2014
I needed something that was stupid proof, so I didnt screw up my batteries. This fit the bill. Another great purchase from Battery Junction!

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