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By Richard
Sounds good, and its bright, but bring your asbestos gloves.
April 2, 2021
On the high setting, the entire light was too hot to touch within a couple of minutes. SFloridao it really didn't matter that the battery would last longer...my hands wouldn't. I can't really recommend this light, unless you're able to live with only turning it on a minute at a time.
By David
Lakewood, OH
Very intuitive, extremely compact
April 2, 2021
This is definitely more of a flood light. I use it for job site visits. Great at the low setting for looking at plans, and more than adequate for inspections. Only warning, do not let this turn on while in your pocket. I have burn mark on the inside of my hoodie pocket when i tried to cycle through all the settings without blinding myself. It's a funny little "X" pattern, similar to the reflectors on the light.
By Julie
Easton, PA
Super bright!
April 2, 2021
This flashlight is definitely the brightest one that my husband has owned. Works great, and it definitely is even waterproof since it went through the wash and still works!
By Dale
Long Beach, Mississippi
Great Light
January 26, 2021
Good quality and not very heavy. I love all the various settings, which make this a very versatile light. It is great to use indoors and it really shines outdoors.
By Ajax
Ormond Beach fl
Awesome light!
December 31, 2020
I love this little compact light. It it so bright for such a little light.
By DrDon
Lexington KY
Hot And Bright
November 21, 2020
Lost after first use in dark cave! Torch runs wayy hot! Super bright - used as lead light ... a true life saver! Suggest purchasing in a bright orange or yellow, lost after first hour spelunking new cave!
By Rickyd
Boise, Id
A must have
November 18, 2020
This flashlight was much more than expected with the high lumens, perfect EDC size, and above all..price. At first the changing of lumens was different, then it became easy peezy. This should be in every collectors line of flashlights.
By Jake
Northern California
Interface is meh but modes + battery life are 100
October 28, 2020
So right off the bat I had a lot of complaints. 1) It came with a lanyard, there’s no place to attach it. 2) the tail cap is not magnetic 3) you have to hold the power button for 1 full second to turn it on and there is no lockout 4) you cannot change brightness levels without turning the flashlight off then on again. 5) you cannot access beacon or sos mode without first entering strobe mode 6) cannot be used as a power bank 7) no onboard charging After living with it for a few days I found moonlight mode is really great. Moonlight mode is the most useful mode when you’re checking the locks at night or getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. The flashlight will run for nearly 30 days straight (700 hours) on moonlight mode. Medium mode is plenty bright at 320 lumens and provides nearly 8 hours of runtime at this brightness level. In case you’re conducting a search and rescue mission the flashlight has 2 other modes. High which is 1050 lumens which the flashlight will output for 3h and 15 minutes. This mode is plenty bright for anything you can possibly conceive ever needing a flashlight for. Then for some reason, probably just because it’s awesome, this flashlight can output 4400 lumens for about 25 seconds straight but 30 min total before the temperature regulation pulls it back. This mode should be called insane mode. It’s more of a flooder than a thrower but I nearly crapped my pants. My backyard is small but not that small - and it’s like daylight out there. It’s the equivalent of possessing the ability to throw a cosmic flash from your palm. It’s like a police helicoptor’s spotlight in your pocket. And just in case you need to signal a rescue plane, permanently blind an attacker, or signal to someone on a hilltop 14 miles away, the light’s special modes all operate at 4400 lumens. Oh and the little devil burned a hole in my pocket. The memory mode just goes back into whatever mode you were in last - and if that mode was high or turbo that’s where it starts you. You have to remember to always turn the flashlight off and cycle back through the modes to get back to anything below high power or you’ll risk a sun burn turning this thing on unexpectedly in the dead of the night. I also adjusted the pocket clip so that the side switch rests against my leg rather than pointing out and so far this has prevented another incident of nearly lighting myself on fire.
By Joe
User Interface not good
August 16, 2020
This is a very nice light. Incredibly bright and a good beam pattern. However, the switching is terrible. I have numerous Nitecore lights and mode switching is straight forward on all of them. The switch makes no sense on this light. You cannot switch modes when the light is on. You must turn the light off and start the mode selection from the off position. I don't know what Nitecore was thinking. I use this light only occasionally because of this. I do not recommend this light
By Gary
Wichita, Ks
Great product
July 16, 2020
Really like the light and another fine product from Nitecore. It's compact and easy to carry but not too heavy and makes for a perfect every day carry that produces plenty of light. Recommended.
By *Harvey R.
Thousand Oaks, CA
Extremely Powerful and Small
May 21, 2020
The is a very high powered light packed into a small body. On turbo you get 4400 lumens (in less than 5 inches length) with a decent run time of 30 mins and on high you get 1050 lumens for 3 hrs15 mins. The main problem with it (for which I took away a star) is the UI, as someone else mentioned. It is overly complicated and difficult to remember how to get to settings unless you use it frequently. However, it does have a last setting memory, which helps. The amount of light out front on turbo is in the neighborhood of that produced by the Tiny Monster series, but in a very compact form. If they would only streamline the UI, I would unhesitatingly recommends this light. As it is, it still is state-of-the-art.
By Joseph
Cincinnati, OH
Very brite
May 12, 2020
For a small light this thing is powerful. Very easy to use with one switch and it has all of the bells and whistles. The only thing I don't like is the batt that comes with it has USB charging but has to be removed to charge it.
By Julia T.
Awesome light seriously hampered by a horrible UI
April 17, 2020
To start, the good parts: the form factor of this light is great, and the output is astonishing, even if it can't keep up the blazing turbo mode for more than about 20 seconds. The USB-C port on the *battery* is a strange choice, but seems to do the trick. What kills this light for me is the UI. It's definitely different compared to other Nitecore lights, but that's not necessarily bad! Several individual "papercuts" make the UI downright *bad*: 1. Turning the light on is slow: it requires holding the power button down (pressing it briefly once just shows the battery level). I'm sure this was done to prevent accidentally powering the light on in a backpack, but it's irritating. 2. Changing modes is slow:: it requires holding the power button down past when the light turns on, then waiting about one second per mode as it cycles through ultralow/low/medium/high/turbo. 3. Changing modes is potentially physically painful: You can't start at ultralow; you're stuck at whatever mode you last used (and using the double-click-from-off shortcut to get to ultralow doesn't get around this). This means if you want to go from medium to low, you have to start with the light off, hold the button down, wait for it to turn on, wait for it to cycle to high, turbo, ultralow, and then low, then release the button. If you're in a dark environment, you've got two choices: point it somewhere and scorch your eyes, or cover the end of it and burn your hand (it gets that hot in the one second it's on turbo!). 4. If you start with the light on and try to turn the light off (one click from on) and turn it back on in ultralow (two clicks from off), you risk entering turbo (three clicks from on) accidentally. I've done this twice in the first hour of using it and it's annoying as heck. I'm probably not returning this because of the UI, but there are folks who are, and I entirely understand their decision.
By Greg
Fogelsville, PA
Super-nice light
March 25, 2020
Small size, but great features; especially the very low end and great coverage in turbo. It's blindingly bright!
By Steve
"Tiny" Tiny Monster
February 29, 2020
I believe this light would fit into the Tiny Monster category quite easily. It's smaller than some of the 18650 lights that I own, and way, way brighter. Output modes spaced perfectly in my opinion and when you call on that turbo mode, holy cow !!! When out with the dog on the night walk 50 lumens is the normal. Press and hold the switch and prepare to be amazed. What comes to mind is those construction lights you see crews using doing night work on the highway. Stupid bright really, but if you want to see all the trees around you light up, press and hold. Instant access to ultra low, memory, turbo gives operator multiple lighting options. Switch is large and easy to find even with gloves on. Will turn on in front pocket so I loosen the tail cap to prevent accidental activation. Battery capacity is excellent. Been using about a week and a half and still showing 4.1 volts. That's with numerous short bursts of that incredible turbo mode too. Great job designing and building this one Nitecore.

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