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By Travis
Brush, CO
This light and all Nitecore lights are pure garbage.
July 20, 2018
Battery Junction is great, this light is not. Both of mine have failed as have all other Nitecore lights that I own other than 1. All of my higher end lights like S------E and such are still kicking. Many that are much much older and have been used way past what they are designed to handle. I too had a positive response when using these lights like many of the reviewers but trust me when I say they are way too fragile and prone to failure whether used light or used hard. My family uses flashlight like some people use their TV remote and in no way shape or form should you count on the EC20. Save up and get a real flashlight especially if you need to count on it.
By Gil
San Antonio, TX
Mighty White Light
November 28, 2017
This little gem gets a perfect ten! Size is just right for a guy's pocket, the switch is where it should be, and the light is a just-right white with great spread. i have a collection of LED flashlights, and this is one of my favorites. The only thing that would make it better is if it were $24 instead of $34.
ProsSide switch, color temperature, solid case
ConsYou can get larger, brighter flashlights for about the same price.
By Rod H.
Benton, Maine
size is important!
November 8, 2017
Great size for powerful but small light. Fits very comfortably in your hand. Tremendous lighting power.
ProsSize is perfect to hold. Switch is handy and works flawlessly.
By Thomas
reading, PA
Nice Flashlight
September 18, 2017
Bought for my daughter she loves it
By Joe
Oakville, CT
Decent light
September 3, 2017
Overall, a decent light at a decent price. Battery life could be longer, compared to many other lights in this category.
By Fast E.
Bad circuitry in my flashlight
June 20, 2017
Everytime I cycle through the varying levels of intensity, the light goes from brightest to off and then I have to unscrew the cap, retighten it to reset it. It makes this flashlight little if any use. Also, the lack of a tail cap makes it hard to use with gloves or when shooting a pistol.
ProsCompact and bright
ConsBad circuitry, lack of a tail cap. No matter how low the battery is, it flashes 4 then 2, indicating a full charge.
By Sharp
Great flashlight.
December 22, 2016
This is the second one I have purchased. My son liked mine so much he wanted to use it all the time. I had to hide it from him. So I purchased this for him for Christmas. Smaller flashlight but it puts out a lot of light. I can light up my back yard and use it as a spotlight out my back door.
ProsPuts out alot if light. Compact Even warms your hands when the weather is cooler. You can use rechargeable batteries
By Gerald Q.
Great lite
December 18, 2016
Best lite I've own it's small and bright. A little over rated on how long battery should last. GQ tn
By Craig
Paterson, NJ
Great Light
December 13, 2016
This light I keep in my pocket as a back up at work. This is awesome and its nice and bright for a small light
Great little light!
November 24, 2016
Great little every day use light, small but powerful with good brightness levels.
ProsSturdy, great light for the cost, bright and small for easy carrying
St.Louis, Missouri
Excellent Flashlight
October 17, 2016
Bought this flashlight for use with My Toyota FJ Cruiser. It has many useful features including, four brightness levels,strobe,S.O.S. and a Beacon Flash! Excellent flashlight with a five (5) year warranty ! All at the sale price of $44.95. I am very satisfied.
ProsWell worth the price, I played with this item until I ran thru a set of batteries using the strobe, S.O.S. and beacon modes. It took quite some time to use the charge from the two CR123A batteries, and I understand a 18650 battery would have lasted longer All modes worked as they should including the flashing L.E.D. in the ON/OFF switch.
ConsIt took Me a little while to figure out the access to the optional emergency modes, and Yes I read the instructions.
By Roman
, Cental, PA
Small & Powerful
September 19, 2016
Very handy flashlight, compact yet puts out 960 lumens! Has an inteli switch that turns the light on to the previous used light position, or you can press and hold the button for two seconds and go to dimmest nite light first.
ProsPowerful, compact, inteli switch
By Glen
Greenville, RI
Best flashlight for the money
September 17, 2016
Great feel, well made, works well through the different brightness levels.
ProsWell made, great value
By Robert
Denver, CO
My !st EDC/Tactical
May 6, 2016
I have had a chance to "play" with the EC20 and have come to really enjoy this little light. One of the reasons I bought the EC20 is because it takes the 18650 batteries that I use with the Fenix TK75 I purchased a few months ago. After reading the directions and using all the different settings and found it pretty intuitive to operate. Just takes a little practice to get used to scrolling through the output levels and switching modes. It has nice throw and some usable flood. The Lumens are rated at 960 and it seems correct if not a little low ( I don't have a light meter). Feels very durable, and I have already dropped it several times onto hard surfaces and it took it with no problems, not even a scratch. No problems with the shipping time. All around a good experience with this light. I am actually thinking of getting another one, but I want something that will also run on AA batteries as a backup.
ProsBuild feels very solid, decent weight for a small light, but not heavy by any means. Feels built to last a long time. Dropped several times already and no scratches or failure of light!! Good Throw, Useable flood, decent hot spot. Light is the cooler blue color which I think makes things stand out more making it easier to see at distance. Run time seems great as I have been playing with it for 3 days using all levels and modes and I am still putting out 4.1vlts(full charge) according to the built in battery meter. Oh yeah, it has a built in power meter. I just unscrew the cap a turn or two to disconnect the power and then tighten it back up and the light switch will blink giving you the remaining voltage by, quickly flashing blue 4 times and aprox 1 sec later it will flash again 1 time showing a voltage of 4.1 ! If it does 3 quick flashes followed aprox 1 sec later by 7 blinks = 3.7vlts, etc.. Pretty cool. Uses the 186500 batteries for a longer run time and more available power to produce so many lumens from a light that fits in the palm of my hand!!!
ConsI wish it also had a tail switch, the button is tough to feel if you have gloves on. My solution : I just lined up the provided lanyard in line with the switch to help me find the switch without looking at the flashlight. It works, but a tail switch would solve this even better!! For me this is a very minor thing. Thinking of buying an additional one for a friend.
By Robert
Northridge, CA
Just about my best EDC, for 18650
March 26, 2016
A little heavy for EDC but in most respects the EC20 just beats all other designs from all manufacturers, costing up to $100. I now own two of these wonderful lights. At first I hated the accidental activation but quickly found that either the head or tail can be rotated almost effortlessly to lock out the power button. Tail standing ability and moon mode (or low mode) is perfect for bedroom night light. Bright, focused beam and nice purplish-white color, I hate yellow beams. For the price, this is also the best 18650 light out there. All flashlights have flaws, power button issues or whatever, and none can do everything well. I believe this one is the best compromise.
Prosreasonably nice beam color & reflector pattern hand held ergonomics = excellent flashing power button tells voltage / battery charge left tail standing ability is superior low or "moon" mode perfect for night vision
Conseasily damaged black finish (who cares)
By Ben
State College, PA
Very good lighting and quality flashlight for the price
March 21, 2016
I have 3 of the EC20s. I am very impressed with the operation of the light, very intuitive and the beam cleanliness is very good. I do have a little trouble getting into the special modes (strobe, SOS and beacon) but overall very pleased with the Nitecore EC20~
ProsVery good quality 960 lumen flashlight, nice spacing on light output changes/brightness.
By shane
Johnston, RI
Nice Light
February 21, 2016
Bright, good price, well built, nice light
Prosprice and brightness
Conshaving only a side control button can result in a hot pocket on occasion
By Nicholas
Kapolei , Hawaii
Best light I own
February 20, 2016
I owned an EC20 before and lost it. I liked it so much I ordered a second one. For the price and the lumens you can't beat it. I also bought one for my coworker since he liked mines so much!
By Gmoney
Bright Light
January 26, 2016
So far, so good. This thing is very bright. So far no issues. Only time will tell. It feels good in your hand, and is about 5 inches long. I have not had to test its waterproof ability yet.
ProsBright, and price is good. The construction seems solid
By James
Ashley, IL
great flashlight
January 8, 2016
Bought this to use as a search light to find cattle at night, but it is a great all around light. The 4 brightness settings make it very versatile. The low 1 lumen setting is perfect for looking at a book or map at night. Memory is also a great feature. I'm not a big fan of the side switch though, as the light is more likely to accidentally switch on.
Proswide range of settings memory
Consside switch
By MikeinPDX
Portland, OR
Update after 10 months
November 26, 2015
I bought two of these lights and love the output relative to the small size. Unfortunately, I hate the side switch. It is hard to find in the dark by feel as it is almost perfectly flush with the body. Even worse, the spring under the switch is very weak, so if you put it in your pocket or in the door pocket of your vehicle, or in a backpack, you will usually find it stone dead due to unintentional activation. Some of the newer products by Nitecore have fixed these issues.
ProsGood power to weight and size ratio.
ConsTerrible side switch, hard to find and prone to frequent unintentional activation.
By Greg
Bloomfield, NJ
Nitecore EC20 review
October 20, 2015
Only OK for the money. I would NOT buy this product again.
Pros--Throws a nice WIDE beam. Illuminates a broad area 50 feet wide very well, all the way to the back of my property to 115 ft away. Trees block the beam after that. --960 lumens is pretty bright
Cons--Does NOT throw a tight Spot beam --The On-Off / intensity control switch is quite small and VERY difficult to locate by feel in the dark. You really need a light to find the On-Off switch. In my opinion, the On-Off / intensity control switch issues are a major design flaw. Rear On-Off switches found on other Nitecore products are the ONLY way to go.
Rockport, TX
July 26, 2015
By Rodney
Pasco, Wa
A Good Flashlight, except for
June 30, 2015
I've owned the EC20 for almost a year now and have to say I like the flashlight except for the side switch. You can not carry it in your pocket or in a holster without hitting the switch at some point. I have run the battery down too many times trying to carry it, so I just keep in a handy place.
ProsVery Bright, illuminating Light
ConsSide Switch keeps you from being able to carry it
By David
Maynard, MA
Nitecore EC20 still a valuable part of my FL suite.
June 19, 2015
I am a confirmed flashaholic, so I was excited when the EC20 first came on the market. This was a slight departure from the standard tactical lights, but the high lumen rating and reasonable price kept it on my radar until recently when I took the plunge and bought one. I was skeptical of the side button because I am used to the endcap on/off buttons, but gave it a try. Locating the side button in the dark is still a bit of a problem and causes a valuable time delay. Because of that and the additional size, it won't replace my Maverick M10 as my EDC, but I will still favor the EC20 when I need decent light over a longer distance. (Like those What-the-heck-is-squealing-in-my-neighbors-back-yard evenings) I use my M10 when walking through a dark house and cup my hand over the end (M10 lowest setting is 5 lumens) so I was looking forward to the 1 lumen setting. Having settings of 1-960 lumens sounded great. The heatsink is not very bulky and I haven't used it for long enough to evaluate how hot it gets but based on another review it is substantial.
Prostail cap is flat which allows the light to stand on end unassisted. This is necessary in power outages to illuminate an entire room by projecting on the ceiling. brightness selection memory for on/off quick cycle through settings anti-roll feature built in in most instances, the 1 lumen setting works like a charm and at 520 hours would last for two weeks on constantly.
Consside switch is hard to find in total darkness sos and strobe features are not in the cycle using the button for battery indication is not obvious to use cannot be fitted with a remote on/off switch side button is not illuminated at all when light is on. even if it were opaque white, the contrast would make it easier to locate.
By Dwight
Newell Iowa
You Will Not Be Disappointed!
May 22, 2015
Great light! Very bright! I like it a lot!
By Julian M.
Pocket size spotlight
May 9, 2015
Extremely pleased with the function of the Nitecore EC20 LED Flashlight. Compact and light enough to have in your jacket pocket. I have used the Flashlight on several outdoor trips and at work.
ProsEasy functions from High to low settings. Long life with the 18650 batteries.
By Darrel D.
United States
Almost 1K lumens for under $40
April 21, 2015
Almost 1K lumens for under $40. This light is the best value available and the on/off/mode selection is easy to use and remember. Love it.
By Stephen
Great flashlight
April 4, 2015
This light has several settings including strobe. With 960 lumens it is one great flashlight and the price is really good. I would recommend it to anyone with a need for a small size light with lots of shine.
By Mathew
Small and lightweight
April 4, 2015
Bought this light for my girlfriend a few months ago. Small size and super bright on turbo mode is exactly what I wanted for her. Very easy to cycle through the different modes and at a very affordable price. Couldn't be happier with it.
Pros- Bright - Light weight - Affordable
By Robert
A really nice torch. I love it.
April 3, 2015
Best torch I have ever owned.
Southern California
Nice EDC, but side-switch can be easily activated in your pocket or holster accidentally
March 31, 2015
This is a nice torch and is similar to the P12 (which I also have. See P12 reviews). I found the side-mounted switch to be a negative though. It can be turned on inadvertently too easily and if you don't notice it, it will drain your batteries down to nothing. The EC20 does not include a holster, clip or grip ring either. Items the P12 comes with. The beam pattern is good, but not as bright as my P16 at 960 lumens as well. (Keep in mind, the P16 has a wider head.) Overall build is very good. As a night-stand torch, this is a good light.
By David C.
Cypress, TX
Great buy!
March 31, 2015
Great light with adjustable luminance! I love it.
ProsMulti settings lets you choose your brightness while thinking about your battery reserve.
ConsNone as if yet. I love this light.
By Craig
Awesome Flashlight
March 26, 2015
Great shopping experience with Battery Junction. Flashlight is very bright and has variable levels of brightness. The top clickable button makes it very easy to cycle through the different modes. The thing I like most is, it starts off with the lowest level first, then increases intensity as you need it. You will not be disappointed in this flashlight. It is a bit bulky, but it's really not a problem.
ProsVery Bright, User friendly
By David
, Wallingford, CT
Illuminates the room
March 21, 2015
I need a very bright for entering homes after they have had fires, or when they have experienced a severe water loss and there is no power. Heading into dark basements or boarded up homes this light is perfect. At 900 lumens it will completely light up any room and allow for ease of movement and inspections of items within the home. The adjustable brightness is great as well, as often, if looking up close at something, a light that is TOO bright detracts from what you're trying to see. The size is great, fits easily into a pocket and the lanyard keeps it at hand even if it should fall from my grip. The warmth is both a pro and a con... On cold days and in frozen homes, it actually acts as a nice hand warmer, however, if used for a long time, can melt the inner lining of a pocket. Perfectly fits my bill
By Ed
Covington, GA
Everything I Expected in an EDC Light
March 19, 2015
I've had Fenix lights for a while and wanted to try something different. I'm very please that I chose the Nitecore EC20. Nice wide range of lumens from candlelight to mini-sun! I would and do recommend this flashlight to anyone needing a tough little light. Plus, you could never go wrong with Nitecore AND Battery Junction.
By J
Very good, and cost effective with some caveats
March 3, 2015
I was looking for a 800-1000 lumen light that I could use for work ( I spend a lot of time in basements and attics, and typically use a 200 lumen or so light) and also EDC. This works great for work. I love the quality of the light, the switch is OK for this, though I wish there were less delay between switching modes. The problem is that it can not be pocket carried. I have gone through many CR123 batteries trying to carry it in different pockets (Pants front and cargo, vest, jacket) and every time it ends up being unintentionally turned on discharging the batteries, and leaving me without a usable flashlight. I now know that I need to get a holster to use this for work, and can't use it for EDC. If Nightcore packaged it with a belt pouch, it would easily be a 4 star flashlight. As is, I would not buy it again, and would buy a slightly more expensive flashlight with tail switch or twist on.
ProsHigh quality, intense light for the price.
ConsUnintentional discharge if pocket carried.
By Jeff
Ottawa, OH
As advertised, but beware...
February 12, 2015
Good light but I have had trouble with accidentally turning on. The side switch is convenient, but needs a tail switch. If you plan on pocket carry---- get the Nitecore P12. Same light but tail cap switch.
By Tony
Central Pennsylvania
Single-button economy version of the P12? Well, sort of...
February 8, 2015
First let me say, I love this light, AND I love the P12. The biggest difference between the two is that the EC20 has only a side switch, while the P12 has a momentary-on/clicky tail switch and a side switch. Because it doesn't have a tail switch, the EC20 will tail-stand very well as long as there is no lanyard or ring attached to the tailcap. Their modes are arranged in much the same way: HIGH/MID/LOW/LOWER STROBE/SOS/BEACON. How you get the light from one mode to another is a little different on the two lights. Read the description & specs, and/or download the user manual from nitecore to study the details. One VERY IMPORTANT aspect of both lights is that you do not have to cycle through brightness levels to get the one you want. You can set the light to come on in HIGH/MID/LOW/LOWER mode as soon as you turn it on. That is a very important function for me because I use my lights indoors sometimes where the brightest modes are just way too much. The side button on both lights also functions as a power indicator, but, like selecting the modes, the method of accessing this function is a little different for each of the two lights. The output levels between the EC20 and P12 2015 model are different: P12 (lumens): HIGH-1000; MID-240; LOW-70; LOWER-1; EC20 (lumens): HIGH-960; MID-210; LOW-50; LOWER-1; The P12 has a beam distance of 232 metres, and a peak beam intensity of 13,500 cd. The EC20 compares at 222 metres with a peak beam intensity of 12,450cd. There is no momentary on with the EC20, but the switch is a soft-touch switch, and while it emits a soft click, it is not the mechanical click type. The EC20 includes only a lanyard and a spare o-ring while the P12 includes a holster, pocket/belt clip, tactical ring, lanyard, spare rubber tail cap and spare o-ring. For tactical applications, I'd have to say the P12 is more suited with its tail switch. For walking at night, or checking areas in and around buildings, or just as a general EDC light, the EC20 is fine (so is the P12). The EC20 will get you on the playing field for about 15 dollars less than the P12, but you give up the frills. Both lights have the somewhat rare BEACON mode which sets the light to emit a bright strobe flash approximately once per second. I can't help but think that could come in handy in several emergency situations. Now we have the new MH10 light coming out from Nitecore which is rechargeable version with (simplified description) the appearance and single switch of the EC20 and level brightness specs of the P12 2015 model, for a few dollars more than the P12. Being able to recharge the light from a USB wire could be useful if you need an EDC light that functions like the EC20. The MH10, like the EC20 would not be my first choice for tactical work. That would still be the P12 (which can also work fine as EDC). So many choices..... So many great lights coming out from Nitecore. You really couldn't go wrong with any of the three I mentioned in this review. The EC20 is a fine general light and will save you a few dollars.
ProsLess expensive than P12; Not necessary to cycle through unwanted brightness levels to get the one you want; Unique beacon feature; Versatile with battery choices; Compact; Very ergonomic; Common size fits lots of aftermarket holsters; Nice lanyard holes that will accept a variety of lanyard clips or split rings; This can function as a gentle, low-power light or a night-ripping bright light for outdoor spaces or really large indoor spaces like barns, or meeting halls; Excellent quality and beautiful appearance; People WILL ask you about it.
ConsMinimal accessories; No apparent availability of pocket clip, etc., even if you would like to buy one (the one off your P12 might fit it, I haven't tried mine - yet); No momentary-on, which, if you're doing a lot of intermittent checking of areas where you have to turn it on and off a lot, will subject the only switch to a lot of wear (how long will it last under that kind of abuse? Who knows. I wore out the tail switch on a Coast light a few years ago with this kind of work); People will steal this light if you leave it lying around.
By Nate
Good light
February 8, 2015
I would like the activation button a bit bigger or more raised or something like that to make it quicker to find and click. I do really love the lock on selection feature the most. It is also great how it's designed to make selections between power level & modes. I like this light for bright clear all around use.
ConsPower switch not quick to find
By Jeff
Thought it would be brighter
February 6, 2015
This is a great looking flashlight, I expected it to be brighter
ProsWell built
By Greg
Franklin, GA
another great product from nitecore
January 30, 2015
Nitecore flashlights are by far the best. They're small and super bright.with a 1 inch tube, so its easy to mount to your favorite rifle or shot gun.seems to handle the recoil of a shot gun well.
Prossmall in size
By Mike B.
Glastonbury CT
Just OK - Mushy powr button
January 27, 2015
As you can see from the Cons below I have a beef with the power switch on this light. The slightly more expensive and higher end P12 with tail cap AND side button (for selecting modes while tail cap switch powers on/off) is a much better design and even its side button seems to be less mushy and higher quality so I would recommend that light over this one. Other lights have the single button more raised and a different color or even glow in the dark to contrasts against the black frame. These features that are not in this light all make it easier to feel for or otherwise locate the power switch in low light conditions. I found a couple of times reaching for this light and rotating it around in my hand searching for the mushy flat, low profile power button and decided that I like the rear cap button design that is more of the tactical nature much better for keeping near the bedside, since its easy to find the back of the light quickly in no light conditions. I think I will give this light to my mom with a few CR123 batteries to keep around for power outages. I own a few other lights with tail cap power switches that i just like a lot better and am less frustrated with.
Prosrelatively Inexpensive for what it is - especial when discounted with holiday coupons that Battery Junction was running.plus free shipping. Lots of light in higher output modes and 4 output modes to select from. I like the lowest moonlight mode for hunting around for things in the dark and not reducing my ability to see in the dark after my eyes have adjusted.to low light conditions. LED/lens/reflector seem to be high quality as they would be on higher end lights.
Cons'Mushy' power switch that is difficult to find in low light/no light conditions. Power button failed the first time I took it to walk outside at night in 20 degree weather, though Battery Junction promptly replaced it - Great customer service! The power button is 'mushy' as opposed to a more firm 'clicky' type which offers better user feedback and positive contact. After just a couple of days the button stuck down and seemed to make contact continuously cycling the brightness modes that the light can go through. The replacement still has a mushy feeling power switch though it works for now but I don't have a lot of confidence in the design of this power switch. Also, the button can self engage easily if carried in a tight pocket, sheath/holster, or if stored in a drawer or tool box full of stuff where the light can be jostled around, leaving the battery dead when you need it. Lastly, a I have learned that a light with a single side only low profile button that is black on a black on black is more difficult to operate in low light/no light conditions like camping or power outages. If Nitecore could make the button more clicky or use the one from the P12 I think the light would be a lot better.
By Mark
St Louis
Nitecore EC20
January 21, 2015
Like all Nitecore products, this is a quality, well made flashlight. I like the size of the light and the power. My MT26 is a good light, but I wanted more power and to be able to throw a beam further. I also wanted a light that uses rechargeable 18650 batteries. The EC20 does all of that at a great price. The downside is it has no tailcap switch. I wouldn't have bought it had I known that. I find myself fumbling around in the dark trying to find the switch. Not good if you need it in a hurry. I could also see this light turning on by accident in my pocket, range bag, or luggage due to the exposed switch. Nitecore should have put a tailcap switch on it and left the side switch there to control power levels and functions, Like the ITP SC2 Eluma. With a tailcap switch the EC20 would easily rate 5 stars in my opinion.
Pros Great size and lots of power.
ConsLack of a tailcap switch
By Frank
Great Light,
January 20, 2015
Excellent light for the price,perfect for AR15. Thanks
By Thomas
Memphis TN
Great little light
January 15, 2015
Light is very bright with plenty of output controls. Almost as bright as my Streamlight HL, a lot less money, smaller package. Only problem is with the side switch you can accidentally turn the light on, on high, in your pocket, and it will almost catch your pants on fire. That said I discovered that you can unscrew battery cover about half to full turn and disable the light.
ProsLight output controls, battery voltage indicator, very bright, compact (true pocket light, at least for me)
ConsSide switch can be accidentally activated in your pocket or holster.
By Lingga
, California
January 13, 2015
Nice and bright
By Grant S.
Shawnee Ok
A lot of light for just a little money
January 13, 2015
Its not the best light I have however, for the price of this candle it is the best value.
Pros I love the feature that tells you the battery voltage so there is no guess work involved.
Cons I'm so used to tail switch that it takes me a few seconds to remember how to turn my light on. Honestly, that is barely worth mentioning. Its worth the trade off for having a battery monitor.
By Dale
Eastern NC
January 10, 2015
I ordered two. Shipping was very quickly faster than I expected.. Flashlights were ok.. one worked great, but the second one had to work on it to get it to work. It still doesn't work all that well, but works. Also, there was suppose to have been a free mini light for key chain.. There was not one in package.. I give it a five star because the one that works does a great job.
By dale S.
Nice bright light!
January 7, 2015
Well built flashlight that produces very bright WHITE light. Switch is a little hard to find quickly in the dark, but it is not really much of a problem.

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