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Super light!!
November 24, 2016
Excellent light for every day carry, easy to use with great functions
ProsLong throw for it's size, one of the longest I have in comparison to others that are comparable in size, great light for pocket carry
By Larry
Los Angeles, CA
Nitecore EC4 - just what I needed
September 9, 2016
The Nitecore EC4 is just what I've been looking for: a small, light weight, adjustable output flashlight capable of very high brightness when I need it and lower output for normal use. It feels great in the hand, the rechargeable batteries are very handy and overall it fits my needs exactly. Haven't had it long enough to judge how it holds up over time but it seems quite sturdy and well made. I have one for the house and have ordered another for my car, replacing an old Maglite there.
ProsGood size, excellent choice of brightness levels, feels good in the hand.
ConsNone so far.
By Darrell
Collinsville, MS
Great for wheelchair carry
August 15, 2016
The Nitecore EC4 flashlight although a bit more expensive than others that I own has really became a personal favorite for me to carry in my wheelchair side-saddle. I used to rely on the Streamlight with the tail end on/off switch. That was in the earlier days of the LED technology. It was not really bright (although bright enough) in comparison to today’s standards. My biggest issue was the tail switch getting pushed ON when I was going through a really narrow doorway. Then when I needed the light, the batteries were dead. Although a bit larger than the tube type 18650 EDC lights that are so very popular, the design of the EC4 makes it easier to hold in my hand. The extra battery gives me a bit more confidence in case I need that extra battery life. Another plus is the beam that spreads out a little wider, lighting my travel path better than a tight beam light. In most cases I really never need the brightest settings and mostly use the low, middle, and high settings. When the battery gets low, I can take the 18650 batteries out, recharge them and I am ready to go again. In case the batteries drain while I am not near a charger, I always carry 4 of the CR123 batteries just as a backup, although I have not had to use the backup batteries in over 6 months of ownership.
ProsReally bright Excellent mid-range brightness levels Longer run times than single 18650 lights
By Robert
Northridge, CA
Brighter than advertised, excellent reflector, simple operations
March 26, 2016
I've owned perhaps 20 LED flashlights starting with the Inova X5. My Nitecore EC4 is consistently brighter by about 50% at the same lumen rating than other single-18650-powered lights, even with expensive Panasonic batts. I've tried to figure this out... It's probably a true 1000 lumen light, while others are substantially less (i.e. Fenix PD35, Nitecore EC20, etc). Great ergonomics, modes, etc., takes odd batts like Panasonic 18650 that won't fit in other lights due to lack of tabs. I gave away 3 other lights, even a huge 3-emitter TrustFire at 1800 lumens, after buying this. This is my #1 all time favorite flashlight. Oh and it has a very far reaching beam, tightly focused.
ProsExtremely bright, maybe underrated by manufacturer? Far-reaching, tight focused beam Comfortable handgrip
ConsFinish easily scratches (who cares)
By Ben
State College, PA
Nice Quality Temp Compensated Light
March 23, 2016
I am pleased with the Nitecore EC4 for build quality and light output. Very bright and clear focused beam.
ProsGood ergonomics for holding. Bright focused beam and ATR temperature compensation.
ConsWould have liked a spare sealing ring for the screw attached base ... just in case. Tube flashlights come with a spare oring ...
By jason
Quarryville, PA
super bright light in a compact package
January 2, 2016
my step father was bragging about a "really bright" flashlight he got at the hardware store. after he tried out the nitecore ec4 i got him for christmas he threw his hardware store flashlight in the trash. this light has a simple 2 switch interface that anybody can use, a high mode that lights up the whole backyard when taking the dog out at night, and a compact side by side battery compartment that allows you to store it almost anywhere.
Prosflat base for standing the light up, easy 2 switch interface, memory function on startup, multiple light levels for any situation, easily accessible lockout feature
Consnone so far
Great flashlight
December 9, 2015
Lots of light and handles great in your hand. What else can you ask for.
By Andrew
Sandusky, Ohio
November 3, 2015
Nitecore's EC4 flashlight is not for the casual user; this is a powerful CREE LED housed inside a sturdy body. I bought mine a little over a month ago, and have been nothing but impressed. I don't always like Nitecore products, but I liked the shape of the EC4, and figured I would give it a shot. The body grips easily, and comfortably. The body has a heat-dispersion vents that keep it from getting too hot on it's brighter settings. I love that. Not going to get deep into specs because they are listed in great detail at Amazon's page. I would rather discuss features and my own experience with the product which, by the way, was provided by vendor as a 'for review' unit. The dual buttons make it easier to do my job, i'm a cop. I can cycle modes and control brightness when I need to. The one-page user manual helped me get down the different combinations quickly. I also really like the lock/unlock mode to keep me from draining the battery. Good warranty. I use this everyday at my job. I'm a cop.
By Gumshoe009
Washington State
Fast becoming favorite
October 11, 2015
I have more than my share of flashlights, and since receiving the EC4, I have been impressed with its performance and finish. It has the right combination of long throw and spread and the side positioned buttons are the best designed for various functions that I have seen to date. This light and the MH20 have become my two favorite lights. My only concern is the durability of the finish of the EC4. There is nothing discussed about the finish of the EC4 and I have doubts that this cast aluminum light has the same durable exterior finish of lights that are not cast aluminum.
By Greg
Chester, VA
Well built, heavy duty light.
August 2, 2015
Very easy to operate with the 2 control switiches located next to one another and in a place that is easy to use/access when carrying/using the light.
ProsFive levels of brightness with strobe, beacon, and SOS options. The 5 levels of brightess give a wide variety of uses. The lowest level is perfect fo use when others are sleeping and bright enough to read by.
ConsNo 'memory' function when light is turned off while in strobe, beacon, or SOS mode. Light does comes back on in last brightness level used.
By Bob P.
Perfect flashlight
July 24, 2015
The EC4 flashlight is perfect for me, the output modes are what attracted me to this light. The 5 levels of illumination are 1, 80, 240, 520 up to 1000. Perfect lumen levels. It's simple to turn on and off, simple to cycle thru the different output levels. Nitecore is the way to go. I have the P16 from Nitecore as well, these are my 2 favorite flashlights. I have a dozen different lights so that says a lot. Great price, perfect flashlight.
Prosoutput levels and simple interface

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