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By at25526
Nitecore EC4S - One of the best (if not the best) all around lights to carry for almost any situation
March 17, 2020
Great all around light !! Not the brightest, Not the best projector but If I could only carry one light, this would definitely be on the very short list of lights to be considered. The light is more flood than projector. Easy access to different levels makes this one of the best all around.. With light off you can go directly to moonlight, directly to turbo, or you can go to last setting (memory) without having to cycle thru several unwanted levels. Having two batteries gives the light great runtimes. Has a lockout function and on top of that, It is very easy/comfortable to hold
By David
Alford, FL
My go-to
December 5, 2019
Probably not small enough for most of you to carry around everyday. But I have one on my dresser and one inside my truck. They are a great go to light. They throw a lot of light far and wide will help you find anything in the dark
By Gary
Wichita Kansas
Nice bright light
December 20, 2018
Very nice light and happy with it. Really bright. Easy to operate and carry.
By Patrick
Charlottesville, Va
My new go to light
March 23, 2018
I'm loving this light, and as a true flashlight lover that's saying something. For me to choose this light as my go to, primary, if I had to pick only one light, light it had better be great. For starters, it's relatively small for what it is, well shaped, easy to hold, and easy to use. It came with a holster which I use for travel, but it's small enough to fit in a pocket if needed. It's tough. It's cool looking. It's got great range of light (from low to high), is super bright for its size, and the beam pattern is great for an overall light. More on the floody side for sure, but a nice color of light and bright enough to still let you see far away. My old primary light, you know the one you take on a weekend car trip or camping or something similar and can only bring one main light, was the Nitecore EC20 generally or maybe my Olight S302, or maybe my Fenix PD35. But this EC4S light easily replaces all those. It's not much bigger, has more useful modes, twice the battery power, and outshines all those by 100% when I want it to. As for durability, I've had mine for over a year and used it often. I have no problems with the cap, in fact I like the way it screws on. Batteries don't seem to need a recharge when the light sits idle for a while, and the lens seems well protected by the body. Overall, great light. When friends ask which light is my favorite, this is the one I choose.
Pros- Really bright for size - relatively small and ergnomic - seems tough, has lasted so far with lots of use and no problems at all - super easy to use - good range of modes - great general purpose light - the one I choose when I can only have one light
Cons- Tendency to show off the brightness and drain batteries - slightly too big for EDC in a pocket - red anodized tailcap will turn pink if I leave it in the sun probably - would be cool if it had rubber grip marks
By BigGuy
San Antonio, TX
A lot to like about this light, but...
November 20, 2017
I really like this light. It has a very nice pattern and great output, but the metal tab on one side of the battery cover snapped off and I canâ‚"t keep the cover on. I wasnâ‚"t abusing it, just removing it to recharge batteries. Itâ‚"s not my first (or second) nitecore where Iâ‚"ve had mechanical/electrical trouble. Itâ‚"s disappointing as itâ‚"s a brilliant light in other respects.
ProsGreat flood, even light, nice interface
ConsMechanically weak design on the battery cover, in my opinion.
Nitecore EC4S
November 28, 2016
The best flashlight i I own, You won't believe how bright and the width of light this puts out, it's like daylight, feels great in you'r hand doesn't heat up like some lights do and the double switches are the best yet, with it's flat sides it fits into a pant pocket very well, I can't say enough about this light, If you don't have one get it, It's the perfect light.
ProsDouble button switches one for on and one for brightnes
Does it!
November 8, 2016
I bought this to use on our rural property. It beats the other "duty lights" I have tried in output and battery durability. Really well put together and incredibly useful in the range of output. A bit larger than I have been used to, but still is an EDC light for me.
ProsBrilliance, durability, quality. has a tripod mount.
By Charles
Sewell, NJ
Great, slim, bright, tough
August 23, 2016
Like many others here I have a lot of flashlights. This light is a good combination of flood and throw. It has a little more flood than throw and that makes it better for my use. I like the switch design and it becomes a real bad ass when you add the tactical bezel and window breaker on the rear. Of all my lights this gets a lot of attention from friends. Just don't try to put it in your pocket if you upgrade the bezel and add the spike
ProsBright with plenty of flood and enough throw when needed on high Love the tactical bezel and window breaker upgrade
ConsHad a hard time getting the original bezel off. would be nice if it had USB or a base to recharge it.
Southern California
Very bright, but......
July 22, 2016
I had my eyes on the Nitecore EC4SW (neutral white) for a few months and read every review I could find on it as well as the older EC4 and the EC4S (cool white), so I was aware of the good and bad points for those models. When Battery Junction offered a package deal of the EC4S, the Nitecore i2 charger and two Nitecore 2600 mah batteries, I couldn’t resist. The deal made it $32.89 less than had I purchased each item separately. The EC4S is basically all flood. It is pretty much one big hot spot. There is hardly any less brightness on the outer edges of the beam. That also means there is no center hot spot, so if you’re looking for a lot of throw from this 2150 lumen torch, this is not the ticket for you. But if you’re happy lighting up a wide area with a lot of light, the EC4S does this very well. The beam is wide and very bright. My brightest flashlight is the Nitecore P16 at 960 lumens. The hot spot of the P-16 is brighter than the center of the beam of the EC4S, but the spill light of the EC4S makes the amount of overall bright light put out, significantly brighter than the spill light of the P-16. The UI is easy to use and the extra features of instant high and instant low modes come in handy. Two lumens on low is almost useless though. Five or ten lumens would have been better. The other levels are well spaced. Blue flashing switch light is nice, as is the battery power meter feature. It comes with a nice nylon holster and lanyard. Now for the bad—I read a review that mentioned the threads on the tail cap and the body could be finicky to close/tighten and to lube the threads to help prevent cross-threading. I found the threads dry upon arrival so I lubed them. Even without batteries, the tail cap (bolt) was difficult to line up with the body (nut). The body has about 5/8 inch of threads, but the tail cap only has about 1/16 inch of threads. It’s a little easier if you apply gentle pressure to the tail cap to compress the springs and wiggle it while tightening the tail cap. Like the other reviewer, I was only able to get 1 full turn (revolution) of positive grip to the red knurled knob. Perhaps over time, the gasket seal will become compressed and I can eeek out another quarter turn. I thought if I used shorter 18650s, that would make it easier, but was surprised to learn my shorter Xtars would not work in the EC4S. The Xtars are about 66.5mm vs the 69.6mm Nitecore 2600 mah. I would think battery compartments with spring contacts should be able to accommodate many popular battery brands. The threading is a bad design in my opinion. Aluminum is a very soft metal and I can see the threads wearing out over time as well. The body feels sturdy but can be slippery. The small/flat side mounted switches can be difficult to locate in a hurry. This is even harder to accomplish with gloves on. I would have liked to see larger switches. I also read where several reviewers stated the EC4S had a bad case of parasitic battery drain. I don’t have a fancy meter that can determine power drain while the torch is off, but I do have a multi-tester and the Nitecore D4 charger, both with digital displays. After 110 days, here are my results--Fully charged, new Nitecore 2600 mah batteries measured 4.20v on Day-1. 4.13v on Day-7. 4.12v on Day-10. 4.11v on Day-13. 4.10v on Day-14. 4.08v on Day-19. 4.07v on Day-22. 4.06v on Day-26. 4.05v on Day-30. 4.03v on Day-35. 4.03v on Day-45. 3.99v on Day-50. 3.95v on Day-55. 3.93v on Day-70. 3.92v on Day-75. 3.91v on Day-85. 3.89v on Day 95. 3.88v on Day 100. 3.87v on Day 105. The battery indicator continued to read 3 blinks (at least 50% remaining) to this point. It started reading only 2 blinks (less than 50% remaining) on Day 110 reading 3.86v on my multi-tester and D4 charger. That’s a period of about three and a half months to go down to less than 50%. I cycled the torch briefly after each test and the locator switch light was off the entire time. I found the parasitic battery drain to be real and very disappointing. For comparison, I’ve put in fully charged Nitecore 2300 mah batteries (4.20v) in my P-16 and after five months, the batteries still read 4.13v. I briefly cycled the P-16 once a month as well. The EC4S is not a torch for any type of long term storage. I would not purchase the EC4S again based on the noted negative aspects. Sure, it is extremely bright, but it has some major drawbacks in my opinion.
By Doctor B.
Portland, OR
Simply Excellent
July 8, 2016
Bought this baby after doing some online research. It's the first tactical flashlight I've owned, so I can't make any comparisons, but I can't think of anything I'd change. The flat cap lets you stand the thing upright and ensures that the batteries are snug, the switch is just where you want it and is easy to use, it fits perfectly in your hand or your pocket, and the beam has to be seen to be believed. It's a practical device but it's also one of the coolest toys I own.
ProsYou name it.
ConsNone so far.
By Bill
Really comfortable to hold and use!
June 12, 2016
This is the absolute winner for ease to hold and use. The two side by side 18650 battery configuration fits easily in your hand, keeps the side switches oriented correctly, stops rolling on a table, and even fits in the back pocket of your pants. This is my first flashlight in this configuration, but it is instantly a favorite. The range from moonlight level to over 2000 lumens is impressive. The beam is a very broad spotlight, a nice even wide beam. This flashlight is great for everything in between an EDC and a high powered search light for long distance. Get it, you'll love it.
ProsComfortable in hand, light intensity range, wide beam
March 9, 2016
By Marc
Excellent Form Factor
November 29, 2015
Although I was hesitant to buy a light that used 2 18650 batteries, this turns out to be a positive rather than a negative. The light fits nicely in the hand and slips into a back pocket much more comfortably than a 26650 light. The beam goes from exceedingly bright (2000 lumens) to a very, very low brightness that is quite useful in a dark house. The reflector gives a wide, smooth beam. All in all, it's a fantastic light.
ProsComfortable in the hand and very bright. Easy-to-learn interface.
ConsYou should have 2 extra 18650 batteries as spares and you must have a charger.

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