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By Michael W
July 2, 2019
Exactly what I was looking for!
Easy to use. Comfortable and secure while wearing/using. UNCOMMONLY BRIGHT!!! Excellent battery life. You can't buy a headlamp like this at the hardware store or home improvement warehouse!
By Grant
Shawnee, OK
April 3, 2019
great light, hard to find power switch
The light is everything you expect from Nitecore. A perfect headlight with a broad light cast and no hot spot. However, that dang power switch is a pain in the butt to find and to use. I also don't understand why you have to remove the end cap to hook up a charge cord. I have no regrets buying this light, just gonna have to get used to the hard to find power switch.
By Calvin
July 20, 2018
Very Good Heavy-Duty Headlamp
I like this one for the times that you need a bright headlamp with long duration that is also USB rechargeable. It is similar to the Fenix HL60R (which I also have), but significantly lighter weight. The Fenix does have a slightly more uniform beam quality and red LEDs for low level lighting, but I still like this Nitecore better; the Fenix is just too clunky. I really like the way this HC60 has the USB charge socket behind a screw-on cap; much better than the usual rubber plugs that fall out or break off. Very well engineered headlamp.
By Lee
Pearland, TX
June 30, 2018
Best headlight ever but clumsy features
Pro: The light is lite. Very comfortable & easy to adjust straps to my head. Nice spread of light. Very effective. Cons: On/off button should be on the TOP, not front of the light. It's awkward to push the button back directly into your forehead. It would be far better to push down or in with your thumb on the other side tail cap. The rotation of the light up & down requires too much effort. Friction fit on rubber bracket requires two-handed adjustment. Recall should be automatic not always start on the lowest setting.
By Danny
Yermo, California
April 26, 2018
Another defective nitcore
I got 2 of the older models from ebay had to return defective switch I thought this new one and not on ebay would be different sadly it is not The unit worked first charge of battery now it will not work at all, just the flash of light after minuets of clicking and clicking can get it to bright and 1 sec after goes down to the lower beam, almost never works I have a paper weight a big let down seems nitcore has issues esp. with the button never cycles through when It worked I loved it oh well
By Leigh
April 16, 2018
This was a gift for a friend to replace an older unit and so far he's quite happy with the quality and functions of the headlight. Likes the fact that it is rechargeable.
ConsNone at this time.
By Eric
March 6, 2018
Amazing headlamp!
This headlamp is amazing! Best I have ever used by far.
ProsSuper bright with amazing throw! Easy to charge. Easy to cycle through settings. The lowest setting is perfect for reading in a tent without disturbing anyone else. The second lowest setting is great for everyday tasks. Did I mention it is SUPER BRIGHT!!!!
ConsNone so far.
By Bulletmaker
February 15, 2018
Best of the Best!
I have AMD and need a lot of light no matter what I'm doing. Over the last couple years I have purchased two HC50, one HC30, and an HC60. They are all great headlamps, but for reading I really like the HC60 because it seems to spread the light more. It may be just my eyes though. They are all great headlamps, but if I could only buy one, it would be the HC60!! I am going to purchase another HC60 for up stairs. I now have a Nitecore in the garage, and three in the basement. I Will then have one upstairs so I don't have to go down to get one! The switch is on the front and at first it seems odd, but after you use it a few times it becomes second nature. Don't let switch placement make you not want to buy an HC60 as you will be passing up the "Best of the Best" !!
ConsNone whatsoever!!
By Will
Deering, NH
January 16, 2018
Bright for your head.
I owned an older Nitecore headlamp, no complaint. I purchased the HC60 because of the quality of my old one, plus the HC60 offers 1000 lumens
By John
January 4, 2018
Best Headlamp for the Price!
This light is versatile and the settings are easy to figure out. 1000 lumens is plenty. Great that it's rechargeable via USB. I have a bunch of USB chargers. This thing is robust and has been working well in sub-zero temps. It's light-weight and comfortable to use. I use it every night for taking care of horses and chickens. Had a Streamlight non-rechargeable that weighed twice as much for the same price. The HC 60 is superior.
By Rob
Vancouver, WA
January 4, 2018
Great Headlamp
This is my first and only headlamp purchase, and to be honest I do not think I would need/want anything different. The strap is soft and adjusts easily. The brightness on the headlamp is excellent with the supplied rechargeable battery. They give you a rebuild kit with gaskets if it ever leaks. This is all I could ask for out of a headlamp and I am very impressed with Nitecore quality!
Pros* Soft strap and comfortable to wear * Many brightness settings * Rechargeable
Cons* A little difficult to find the on/off button but the more you use it the easier it is.
By Mark Lightner
morgantown wv
November 8, 2017
Best headlamp so far........
This was my second "higher end" headlamp. Love the fact its a re charger model. Insanely bright, almost too bright on turbo unless out in a field or something. Very bright
By Don
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 16, 2017
Best headlamp so far
I am very pleased with this headlamp. Have several others from major manufacturers but this one is the best one and my go to headlamp now. Super bright, compact and easy to cycle through the different settings with the well placed button. The low setting is perfect for reading or just enough light to walk at night. Headband is super comfortable and easily adjusted. Getting a nitecore 18650 with it was a real bonus too.
ProsSmall,super bright,built in recharging,good variety of settings
ConsNone yet.
By darren
August 24, 2017
I had a headlight from this company before and it was excellent. Lost it. Got a great deal on this one. I dont believe you can find a better headlight for the money. Dependable. Super super bright for quite a distance. My last light had a red light as well. I miss that. A lot. I used it at night for less bugs in farm. Stobe on this is serious... but button a little too tricky for personal defense. However it would be unbeatable for rescue needs. SOS and beacon awesome. you could see this light for miles, for hundreds of hours.
Prosrechargeable /SUPER bright, able to conserve batt. totally sealed. lights up everything within 50yds and able to see farther than that
Consno red light.
By Micky
Nashville, TN
July 27, 2017
Best Headlight Available!
Quality, reliable, rechargeable via cord, extremely bright light. Everything that was expected and more!
By Jeremy
May 22, 2017
Excellent wide throw powerful headlamp
great power, wide throw and very robust. Easy to charge and very functional
By Dale
Bullard, TX
April 24, 2017
Great Headlamp
This headlamp is very light and does not have a battery pack on the back of it. It is bright and easy to adjust. The battery can be charged with a USB port. I would highly recommend this headlamp and I have had a lot of different ones.
ProsLightweight, battery is rechargeable and is bright
By Curt
April 21, 2017
Best head lamp i have owned.
I like all the settings for brightness. There is a different setting that seems to work just right. If you need to light up your surrondings big time. It will definately do that also!!
By John
March 28, 2017
The Best
I work on cars a lot and I've had about a dozen headlamps in my time. This is by far the best one. Being rechargeable makes it even more awesome. It's got the power when I need it and stays on my head when I'm under the car at all angles, unless my dog licks it off, but that's OK. The only problem is that my wife found it on my work bench and has been using it lately, so I'll probably have to get another one of these and hide it. Highly recommend this - from a headlight junkie.
ProsStays on my head Powerful Easy to turn on off and adjust Rechargable
ConsMy wife found it.
By Bill
Cumberland, RI
March 17, 2017
Very bright rechargeable light!
I use this as my daily early morning light when I walk my dog or go fishing and really like the rechargeable batteries and I rotate 6 of them so never buying new batteries and it very bright with a good spread of light!
Proswell made material very bright at night time
By Colonel D
North Carolina Mountains
March 17, 2017
I've used headlamps for almost every manner of use...from hunting and hiking out of deep fly fishing spots here in the NC mountains, to performing minor surgery in my Family Practice clinic. This one is already decidedly a winner. The various brightness levels, long battery life, and an included 3400 mAhr 18650 is amazing. I've used a Fenix HP-11 for the last several years, with a Sure Fire diffuser...still cannot complain...however, it does not have the build-strength, the submersible rating, not the brightness of this unit. I am totally impressed.
ProsBuild strength, long battery life, high output, comfort.
ConsNothing. OK...some can whine about the switch placement...get over it. Just like anything...after you've used it a few times, it becomes natural.
By David
Clinton Massachusetts
February 2, 2017
Mite ore HC 60 rechargeable headlamp
Very nice headlamp long battery life at med level head strap very large had to make as small as possible fit but could be a little tighter. Had to return the first one I ordered didn't work properly. Return was simple and fast sent me a replacement as soon as they received the defective headlamp in all took less than a week Great Service
ProsBright long battery life comfortable
ConsHead strap very large if you have small head like me
By Eric
Pasadena, TX
January 30, 2017
I bought one of these and was thoroughly, pleasantly, surprised. It is well made, comfortable to wear, and includes a great battery. Did I mention rechargeable! In fact, I had such a smile on my face that my spouse asked "where's hers". So I ordered two more. I never realized how handy this type of flashlight would be. Very long run times , I actually need a fourth one to leave in my vehicle . Two thumbs up!
ProsHigh cap battery included. usb recharge cable provided, uses same cable as smart phones too. Extra sealing (watertight) o rings well made and very bright.
ConsCan't think of one.
By David
Salem, NH
January 16, 2017
Great headlamp!
Very well designed, rugged, easy to use, good range of light levels, and the battery-check is a real plus.
ProsLong battery life on a charge, USB rechargeable without "special" batteries, good light color to reduce glare when reading, and intuitive easily-accessed single button for all functions makes the light very practical.
By Brian
December 31, 2016
Very nice unit
Just purchased for work...very nice piece of equipment...bright and sturdy...should serve me well.
By Joe
Ray, MI
December 29, 2016
Best headlight ever
I bought the HC60 as a Christmas gift for my father based on my experience with the HC50 that I purchased for myself last year. The HC60 is fantastic. With a good range of brightness levels and several strobe options it is quite versatile. The bonus is the fact that it is rechargeable with a USB plug which allows it to be plugged into a 120v outlet with a typical usb-wall outlet adapter or plugged into a computer or car usb port! I love these nitecore headlights and they are the best I've ever owned.
ProsBrightness level selection, very bright on highest setting, good head mount, rechargeable with an included usb cable. It takes a typical rechargeable battery so you can purchase more as spares to ensure you have one or more charged in reserve or you can use the CR123's as an option.
ConsNone so far.
By Robert Wunder
Western New York
December 28, 2016
Great light.
This was a gift to my son-in-law. He is very pleased. Uses when he is out in the barn doing "chores".
ProsGreat brightness, control is very easy, fits great with a hat on.
By Joe Hawryluk
Buffalo , NY
December 22, 2016
Mow lawn at night!
I don't like to tie up one of my hands to have to hold a flashlight. So you strap it to your head and it lights in the direction you are looking at - working! I have a push mower and it's powerful enough to light where I'm mowing at night!
ProsEverything, and it doesn't look like a rhinoceros horn like other headlamps.
By Jonathan
Wolfeboro, NH
November 11, 2016
Comfortable, good light, clumsy features
Very effective.
Pros1.)The light is lite. Very comfortable & easy to adjust straps to my head. Nice spread of light. Very effective. 2.) Reasonable value for the price paid ($50)
Cons 1.) On/off button should be on the TOP, not front of the light. It's awkward to push the button back directly into your forehead. It would be far better to push down with your thumb on the other side. 2.) The rotation of the light up & down requires too much effort and is trial and error. Friction fit on rubber bracket requires two-handed adjustment. 3.) Very little power difference between two highest settings. 1000 lumens is questionable 4.) Memory of previously used power setting is accessed by holding the awkward on/off button in for one second. Recall should be automatic.
By Kevin Flory
November 9, 2016
Great Headlamp
I use this item for hunting, fishing and everyday tasks around the house
ProsBright! Even beam, comfortable to wear, long run time, priced to compete with anything else out there
Upstate NY
November 7, 2016
Light up the night
Nitecore products are top notch. This headlamp is no exception.
ProsExcellent brightness and easy operation. This headlamp delivers incredible light output.
ConsTilt is a little difficult to move. I on-off switch on the front ( rather than the top ) takes a little getting used to.
By Stephen
Palm Springs, California
November 3, 2016
The Best I've Found
I seem to have been through a lot of headlamps, starting with the cheap ones then rapidly amping up the quality and price thinking surely a $20 or $30 lamp would surely meet my needs. Each time after a month or two they would fail. To be fair, I use the lamp often and I am hard on equipment as I am sometimes doing heavy work at night. But now, finally, I have found the light for me! I purchased this lamp back in the summer when it was blazing hot outside. Amazingly, this extremely bright light that is very hot to the touch, it not at all hot on the forehead--excellent design! I've dropped it several times in shallow water or mud with no ill effects whatsoever. It is very lightweight, both on the head or in the pocket, but also very sturdy--it really feels like a good quality product when you use it. I highly recommend this headlamp to anyone willing to pay a bit more; it is very much worth the price and you will not be disappointed!
Pros-- the brightness of the light is amazing, along with a great quality of light color and tone. -- the swivel makes it easy to keep light out of the eyes of others but still have plenty of work light. -- it is very lightweight but very sturdy. -- does not get hot on the forehead, even in extremely hot weather. (I live in the desert region of the southwest) -- waterproof (I think) -- very easy control button, very intuitive to use, no strange patterns to remember -- it feels very comfortable to wear, at times I forget I have it on. -- long battery life, I use it nightly for extended periods of time and can still go for days without recharging. -- removing and replacing the battery shows exactly how much battery life is left in that charge.
Cons-- I've yet to find any
By Dave
Chicago, Illinois
September 16, 2016
Amazing headlamp
ProsComes with excellent battery. Three point harness. Good features
ConsStrobe is unnecessary.
By craig
newmanstown, PA
August 21, 2016
love this head lamp
I like that you have a lot of levels to choose from and that the run times are pretty long
Proslight weight very bright and gives a lot of levels of lightto choose

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