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By James
Great Charger
August 6, 2019
fair price, top quality, and fast shipping intelligent charging electronics
By Cody
Dardanelle, AR
Don't be cheap - Get it.
July 10, 2019
I wanted a charger that would charge my newly acquire AAA's for battery remotes. I also have lights with 18650s and 16340s. Battery Junction recommended this charger as it's tried and true. I've charged everything I have with it. A solid investment.
By Chris M.
Zion, IL
Be careful when inserting and removing batteries.
January 3, 2019
Battery holder is spring loaded so if you're not careful when you insert and remove batteries the insulation on the tops and bottoms can tear and peel off which is not a good thing. I had one short out and do some serious arcing, smoke, and do all those bad things Li-ion batteries can do. Needless to say that battery went in the garbage can. If you're careful you won't have any problems and this is a first rate charger. I'm not sure what the more expensive units can do that this one can't, so If you charge 2 batteries at a time, I can't justify spending the extra money.
By DuWayne
K Town, MN
Have not used yet on dead batteries
March 17, 2017
Have not had a chance to use this charger. The charger will probably work OK.
ConsThe instructions for this charger is very confusing, used the trial method to find out how it would work. Needs to be rewritten for us dumb people.
By Terry R.
February 27, 2017
Good product .easy to use.
By Robert
New York
Nitecore good, BUT
December 13, 2016
Not as good as my Nitecore Digicharger D2. The 18650 batteries in i2 don't sit in the channels as good as in the D2. Other than that it is Nitecore good.
ProsCharges good.
Cons18650 batteries don't sit in the channels and the batteries don't line up to the contacts. The look like they are not making good contact but I think they are. Good charge but you have to mess with the batteries to have them line up.
By Bill
NW Arkansas
This Is It
August 30, 2016
Perfect to use with Nitecore rechargeables
By Paula L.
good product
August 30, 2016
good product, fast delivery
Prosgood product, fast delivery
Southern California
Newer is not always better
August 2, 2016
I have the older version of the i2 charger (500 mA) as well as the D4 charger (750 mA). The newer i2 (1000 mA) does not seem any faster than the D4. The unit can charge one or two batteries at a time. It makes sense for the batteries to charge at 500 mA each when two batteries are inserted and when one is complete, then the other will charge at 1000 mA. Same goes for when only a single battery is installed. It will charge at 1000 mA. I do not see the need to be able to set one battery to charge at 1000 mA and then have the other battery just sit in the other slot and not charge until the first one is completed. It makes more sense to just have both charge at 500 mA if you are going to insert two batteries in the first place. The charger gets warmer than my D4 and old i2 when charging 18650 batteries. Almost hot, but not to a point where you cannot touch it. Other sizes only get warm such as AAAs and RCRs. The new i2 does not seem as accurate as my D4 either. The new i2 will show all three green lights lit, meaning batteries are fully charged, but when I placed them (18650s) in my D4, they will show 4.18v and require more time before charging stops at 4.20v in the D4. The description in the manual of the Active Current Distribution (ACD) feature is confusing. This feature seems useless to me. I like the older i2 version over the newer one, but the D4 with its digital display is better than both of them.
By Tom
New Nitecore Intelicharger
June 27, 2016
The charger is great and works as stated. I read that it was suppose to include a car charging cord and AA to D battery adapter. I was disappointed.
ProsVery good charger for all types of batteries.
By Lawrence K.
NY - Hicksville
Versatile Charger
June 27, 2016
Here is a charger that is capable of charging many different types of batteries, and even two at a time. The display tells you what's going on,mostly automatic, but you can make some adjustments if needed. It's also very inexpensive.

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