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By ronk1313
Great flashlight
July 29, 2017
I didn't really know exactly what I was getting but I was willing to order anyway for my collection. Boy, am I glad I got this. It was very well constructed with high lumen output. I ended up exchanging the flashlight on my AR for this one. It lights up my line of sight greatly. Looking forward to some night shooting now. I ordered two more cousins for my other firearms.
ProsPrice, size, light output, switch location, value
By Kerry
Tucson, AZ
Great flashlight
December 16, 2016
We always used a Surefire. My husband is a disabled veteran, and used it for many years through his career. We wanted to find a flashlight with a rechargeable battery--unfortunately our Surefire doesn't have enough room to fit the li ion cr123 rechargeable batteries and we tried a few brands. This Nitecore is terrific. The battery life is superb if you use it on the medium level. We primarily use the flashlight to walk our dogs. I highly recommend this flashlight. It is very rugged, easy to use, and I believe it is a very good value. Battery Junction is our go to for all of our supplies.
ProsRugged, Well designed, Easy to use, Multiple levels to suit your needs, Highly regarded company
ConsNone so far!
By john
Portland, Oregon
Not bad
November 9, 2016
Pretty good value
ProsGreat price, USB rechargeable, good range of lumens options, low power warning/charging indicator
ConsSide mounted power switch a little too easy to accidentally press which can unknowingly drain power
Bushnell, FL
Nice light, but not perfect
October 27, 2015
Have owned this lite for a month. Minor problem like other reviewer brightness switch is hard too find in the dark. What I did to make finding the switch faster is alien the pocket clip to the switch. The other thing not good, the USB cover comes off at times. Also at first I thought the tail cap switch was not necessary, Then I thought without the tail cap switch, every time you turned it on you would have to run through brightness levels too fond the level you want. Now I am thinking maybe the tail cap switch is not necessary.
ProsNice, well built light.
ConsUSB cover opens in pocket..
By Steve
Central PA, USA
Another Winning Light by Nitecore
June 26, 2015
My first Nitecore was the P12; I loved it and still do. I gave mine as a gift and got the new version, then I got an EC20 because it was on sale and I couldn't resist adding another Nitecore to my gear. To my surprise, the single button operation, which I thought would be a handicap, really impressed me at how well it was thought out and thus easy and intuitive to operate. Then I noticed the MH12, which is roughly the USB rechargeable version of the P12, and it jumped in my gear locker too because I'm building a small array of items (lights, fans, etc.) that can be recharged via a USB connection (which has several available sources: computer USB, 120VAC wall adapter, 12V car adapter, solar panel power kit, etc.). Well, now I have picked up the MH10, due to Battery Junction's great sale price, which is roughly the USB rechargeable version of the EC20 (lumens are a little higher - I'm not listing specs here -see the product pages and/or Nitecore's excellent site). Predictably, I love the MH10 too. It has all the ease of one button operation, a built-in battery voltage meter, and is rechargeable via USB. My kit included an excellent quality Nitecore 18650 battery too. I am impressed with today's LED lights in general as they are moving ahead by quantum jumps. When I was a kid, I always valued a good flashlight. Now the definition of what is a good flashlight has been raised, and I think that's just great. There are LED flashlights for low-level uses, like nightstand lights, and throwers that can reach out over a thousand yards or more. We are also seeing more and more use of LED's in home and infrastructure lighting. They are energy efficient, clean, and long lasting. It seems they are also getting a little more affordable as does most technology once the novelty phase is past. That's also great, as everyone should have at least one high quality LED light (preferably a lot more than one, for the house, car, bugout bag, etc.).
ProsAll the good features of the EC20 with more lumens and the ability to be recharged via USB More accessories than the EC20 (battery, lanyard, pocket clip, and a nice case, as well as the cord, and usual USB charge port cover spare) Very compact Simple and intuitive to operate Exceptional range of brightness In addition to the usual strobe settings, these lights have a 'beacon' setting which flashes about once per second - a terrific signal to help rescuers find you, or to mark a location for a LZ, or any number of other creative uses you might come up with; this is not a common feature on LED lights.
ConsThe USB port covers on these are easy to accidentally grab and tear off when unplugging the charge cord - be careful, replacements are hard to impossible to get;
By Steve
Massachusetts, United States
Super Bright with Minor Shortfalls
June 4, 2015
The light provides all the brightness levels I need, and the battery life has been excellent so far. The recharge feature is super handy. If not for the following short comings this light would get 5 stars no problem, that being said I use it everyday for work. 1) The brightness switch is difficult to find because of its low profile this needs to be fixed on future models. 2) The USB port cover is not secure and mine has already broken off, I am leaving the port uncovered and so far noting has wedged itself in there to give me any problems. A sliding door type of cover would work better. Maybe they will develop a higher profile switch cover that we can add to our current lights! Hint Hint!
ProsGreat brightness levels, easy EDC, recharging is a big plus.
ConsBrightness switch difficult to locate, USB port cover to easily dislodged
By Ron
Louisville, KY
Great, but often search for the ON-OFF button
May 12, 2015
There's a good deal that I like about this flashlight, like the amazing brightness and USB charging, reasonable battery life, ....... but there's a few things that bug me. The ON-OFF button is low profile and on the side, which makes it very difficult to "feel" and even worse when wearing gloves in the dark - very often you'll find yourself trying to switch it pressing on the USB charging port cover. To assist with this I have lined up the clip with the switch, that way I run my finger down the clip and onto the switch. The rubber USB charging port cover does not stay in place, and just the brush of a finger has it hanging open, and of course more likely to be inadvertently opened when wearing gloves.
Pros- Bright - USB rechargeable - Small
Cons- Hard to find the switch - USB charge port cover not secure
By Gary
Wichita, KS
Nice light
April 21, 2015
This is a nice light only problem I ran into was I tried using the USB charging feature and it actually discharged the battery. Not sure what the problem was but hope to resolve that issue as that was one of the features that caused me to purchase it.
ProsNice features, bright and easy to use.
ConsUSB charging feature didn't work properly.
By Dwain
Trussville, AL
Powerful EDC
March 17, 2015
Very satisfied! Great price. Super bright for such a small light. Same day shipping.
ProsSuper bright for size.
By Thomas
Southern New Jersey
Even the reflected light is blinding...
March 14, 2015
I've been interested in flashlights for several years but until a few years ago have never purchased anything I would consider really nice. I now have 4 good lights from Battery Junction and I love each of them for different reasons. I like the MH10 because it can do it all. The lowest light setting is enough to see around in a dark room if your eyes have adjusted to the darkness for a bit. The low and medium settings are similar to "high" on 80 and 300-ish lumen flashlights, and the turbo 1000 lumen mode is just super-bright. Even looking at the reflection of the light on an object held a foot or less away is enough to cause eye pain and make you squint. Makes me chuckle at how bright this thing glows. Truthfully, the 'high' setting (second from highest) is bright enough for almost anything I will probably use it for, but it's nice to have the 'turbo' mode to super-see if you need it for some reason. It took a few days to get used to the switch but I prefer it now... ...Press once to turn it on. Press and hold to cycle through the brightness levels, Press it twice quickly to induce strobe... couldn't be easier, and beats twisting the head to cycle through settings like my other two lights. One small issue I had is finding the on/off button. It's not easy to find in the dark, and the charging port with it's rubber cover feels just like the on/off button, which is just on the other side... so what I did is attach the included clip and rotated it until the little "bend" rests under my middle finger as I hold it, which I can do in the dark... then the on/off switch is right under my thumb.... (SEE PICTURE) works perfect. I love the light this unit puts out. I can see my tree line in the back of my property 200 feet away like it's dusk when it's totally dark out. It's surprising to say the least that so much light can come from such a small flashlight; I'm a big guy but I can completely hide it in my hand it's so compact. Another nice thing to note is that they have included an extra couple of O-rings and charger port covers. That's thoughtful of them to do that. Overall, this flashlight has a real high quality feel to it, I enjoy using it and I feel that it's really a bargain given all that it can do.
ProsGood range of brightnesses. Turbo mode is BRIGHT! Compact and not too heavy. Feels good in hand. Intuitive switching of modes and on/off... one handed operation. Built in charging makes life easy. Looks really high quality.
ConsOn/off switch is not easy to locate without looking directly at it -- which may be difficult to do because, you know... it's dark.
By Gumshoe009
Washington State
Best Small Light Yet
March 6, 2015
This light is about a half inch shorter than the P12 and is actually brighter than the P12 when both are set to turbo level. From what I can determine, the MH10 does indeed put out a 1,000 lumen beam with just the right mix of spot and spill output. The charging circuit was able to charge the Nitecore battery that came with the MH10 to 4.17 volts on the first charge. The button sequence is a bit different from my other lights and will take some getting used to. I did like how you can either use the memory feature to return to the previous light setting or you can hold the button down and the light will go to its lowest setting. I also liked how when the light is on the lowest setting, you can hold the button down to scroll through the other three brightness settings. The only thing I did not like was the rubber cover over the USB plug. That rubber cover can dislodge easily. I prefer the on-off switch being on the side near the head for natural one hand operation as the MH10 has, but one must be careful that the light doesn't actuate in one's pocket. It has not happened with the MH10 as yet but I have had this problem with several other lights, especially the Fenix PD12. Overall, the MH10 is fast becoming one of my favorite lights.
By Brian
Avon, Ohio
Excellent flashlight
March 5, 2015
This is by far the brightest flashlight I have ever owned. It is well built and I love that you can recharge it with the USB cable. This is going to be my new every day carry light. Great price and fast shipping,too. Battery Junction exceeded my expectations again.
ProsVery bright, great price, recharge the battery while it is in the light
By David
New York
Love my new E.D.C
March 4, 2015
I bought this flashlight because I need something small, but powerful. I'm a roadside assistance tech, so there are times when I'm helping someone and there are no street lamps around. Being able to see in the dark and see clearly was crucial, so the MH10 does just that. I love this flashlight and as a bonus I could recharge the battery by simply plugging in the USB. The only draw back is that there's no tail switch other than that this flashlight is AWESOME!
By Donald
Germantown, MD
Nice Lite
February 17, 2015
Good light with many features, nice to be able to charge the battery while installed!!
By Ed
As Advertized
February 17, 2015
Received my MH10 last week and love it. Has a nice bright white light, and the turbo is really bright with a nice hot spot. I did a full charge in a reasonable amount of time. This may become my EDC.
Prosbright white light good charge time quality constrution
Consno so far

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