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By Lexie
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Work lite I bring in my vehicle.
June 6, 2019
I received my Nitecore yesterday. I attached it to a lanyard as I hang around my neck for hands free operation. The single 18650 is compact and very lite as you would expect. I was able to take it with me last nite to work. I got the 18650 as my other flashites use same. In the future I may get a USB flashlite with one of the bigger batteries like the 26650? I need a lite for inside vehicle to quickly read labels in back seat and trunk of what I am delivering and outside as I walk to customers houses in the dark and the 1000 lumens to read signage past 50 meters. I like the tail for on/off and the mode is on the and worked fine. I find the spill is about 80% and the spot is 20%. which is fine for my type of work use. I use the 70 lumen while around vehicle, 240 lumen outside to see clearly at nite and walking thru some brush, Only a couple times I used the 1000 lumens for far off distance. If I need I do have flashlights with much more lumens and with long battery life but are much heavier.
By stjeepers
Long Beach
Only as good as your tools
December 17, 2018
I purchased my Nitecore MH12 in 2016 to use at my security job at a major Southern California amusement park. I did bag check at the entrance to the park which meant my light was on constantly for at least 7 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week. At that time, the rechargeable capabilities was not my aim, run time and durability were. I have a Fenix PD35 that is comparable to the MH12 that I purchased in 2014 so I had a charging unit at home I use to charge my 18650 batteries. The MH12 was definately stingy with the power so it would last the whole shift on one battery. The Fenix PD35 was a very capable light but needed a battery change about 2/3 of the way through a shift. The Fenix was relegated to my backup/loaner flashlight. Here I am 4 (Fenix) and 2 1/2 (nitecore) years later and both lights are working great with all their original parts. The nitecore has a better feel to my large hand and now that I'm retired, has become my household and travel light. I own a Travel Trailer and the MH12 goes everywhere with me. Now the USB charging option is handy as my trailer has several USB ports I can use to charge the battery. I also carry it in my suitcase for any trips where I might stay at a hotel. Most hotels have USB ports available for cell phones. I just purchased a new MH12 for my wife's Equinox and feel it's a great choice for someone who would probably never remember to change the battery when it got low or dead. It's easy to leave plugged in to the console and should always be available when needed. For any Fenix owners who might be concerned as to the fate of my PD35, it is working well and is my truck flashlight. I periodically check my batteries so it works well in that capacity for me. My nitecore is in my bed stand as my house flashlight when I'm not on the road.
By Jon
Pittsburgh, PA
One year (give or take) review
February 28, 2018
OK, I got this one from you guys around a year or so ago (maybe more maybe less, my mind is moosh lol). But it's been a while, and I'd like to offer my thoughts on it: The light itself has held up very well insofar as dings, scratches and the like. Clip is still intact. The buttons and the USB cover haven't been damaged or anything within my environment (I'll admit, I don't fight fires or do much construction stuff, but with 3 little kids around, it does see some rough stuff lol).....that all being said, nothing on it cosmetically has torn or busted. Insofar as performance goes, it's more than held up it's end of the bargain. Plenty bright, and no malfunctions so far as toggling between the various levels of light. As an aside, it's doubled as a nightstand light a couple of times when the power has gone out, and even with the 2nd level brightness, it's got enough spill on it to be an effective lamp. On the highest setting, it's got a boatload of throw to be effective in that capacity. The low battery indicator (the blinking blue mode toggle switch) works very well when the battery is starting to get low. Insofar as the battery life, for my own use, it lasts quite a while (one caveat is I rarely run it on the upper settings too much unless absolutely neccessary, so your millage may vary). I'd say in the time that I've owned the light, I've only had to charge the battery maybe 2 or 3 times. One thing I should note. I do not use the USB port to charge it up. I had a gentleman at a vape shop tell me it's better for the battery life to use a portable battery charger (meaning taking the battery out of the light, and throwing it on one of those multislotted deals). I did purchase a Nitecore charger (can't remember the model number), but it's worked well, and charges within a reasonable amount of time. The same gent mentioned that using the charger provides a more "robust" charge to the battery (whatever that means lol) than using a micro USB cord with the port. However that all said, if I'm in a jam, it's reassuring to know I can bust out the cord, and make use of the port if need be. As an EDC light, it carries pretty well for it's size and weight. If I clip it to my front pocket near the rear, I barely know it's there (and that's standing, sitting, squating etc etc to boot, it's never gotten in the way once). From an empirical standpoint, I'm 6' 1", and weigh about 180 lbs, so again, ymmv. (meaning what works for me may not work for you) Overall, for the price, it's a pretty good bargain if you're looking for a simple, solid light to tote around or even keep in your backpack/car. I definitely give it 5 stars (for it's use and performance in my urban EDC environment -Jon Pittsburgh, PA
ProsSlim and easy to carry
ConsNone that I can think of
By Maurice
El Paso, Tx
Handy Rechargable Light
January 27, 2018
I use this as my vehicle emergency light since I can easily charge it anywhere. Perfect light for emergency situations. Zero complaints on form and function
By John
West Branch, IA
Can’t believe this pocket flashlight Is so powerful
January 22, 2018
This light does a great job for the farm. Leave it in your coat pocket are throw it in the pickup. Holds a charge great if you donâ‚"t use turbo setting. Itâ‚"s too bright for haying horses unless you want to chase them away. It functions well in cold weather. Feels good in the hand and fits in youy pocket. I could mount it on a gun if I needed as well. A bit spendy though.
By Joe
Solid 18650 Light
June 28, 2017
This is a very good choice for a light in the 18650 category. I will say this. If you need or want the USB recharge option this light is a great option. I have also had the MH20 and MH20GT, which I prefer for EDC since they are shorter. However, if you do not need the USB recharge option, the MH10 might be a better option (it is a little shorter and better waterproofing.) Overall, mode spacing is very good. Run time is excellent, and it is a well built light. You can not go wrong with this light or any I mentioned above.
ProsBright Multiple modes Nice low mode Battery indicator Built in Charger
ConsSlightly long for pocket carry
By Bob F.
Newport, KY
Bright Light not durable
April 20, 2017
Had the light for about six months. Loved the brightness of the light and design, but light was nocked of the first step of a 6' ladder and stopped working. Will not turn on. My first experience with nitecore is not a good one.
By Frank
Northport, Alabama
Nifty Little Light
January 23, 2017
I've owned a bunch of "flashlights" over my 68-plus years. This is by far the best one ever. Gobs of light when needed, not so much when you don't need it. Just the right size to slide in a pocket without being obtrusive, but large enough to get hold of quickly. Love it...
By Nancy
Princeton, NJ
Don't leave home without it
January 19, 2017
Super bright and well designed. Best feature is the ability to charge via USB. I keep it in the car and if the charge is starting to go down I can just plug it in right in the car and it will be usable again in no time.
ProsSmall size Bright light USB recharagable
By Agate H.
Northern California
Not as small or powerful as the Olight S30R
January 18, 2017
Own a number of Nitecore flashlights, and some time ago purchased the Olight S30R. I love the Olight, and it has become my primary flashlight. Small size, and very bright with an impressive throw. Decided I had to have the Nitecore MH12 since it appears to be comparable to the Olight. The Nitecore is slightly larger, and similar in performance. Much prefer the Olight's recharging design to the Nitecore's. Unlike the Olight, the Nitecore comes with a holster, and other extras (spare 0-rings, etc.). One can't go wrong with either flashlight, but I'd rate the Olight above the Nitecore given size, easy recharging, and overall performance.
By Ray
Hawkinsville, GA
November 11, 2016
Just as expected but one small problem, the charging port cover opens real easy and this makes it easy to tear off. An extra one is supplied w/ the light. Other than that so far I love it.
Prossuper bright light
Conscharging port cover opens to easy
By Wink
Northwest Illinois
Great Flashlight
March 22, 2016
This isn't my first Nitecore flashlight so I am very familiar with the Nitecore quality and functionality. The MH12 is another example of Nitecore outdoing themselves with quality and features.
ProsThe MH12 came with a high energy 18650 battery The USB charging ports is very convenient.
By Ike
Nitecore MH12
March 17, 2016
I've owned the P12 for quite some time and this MH12 is basically the same thing but it can recharge from a USB port. Very convenient for travel when my phone and flashlight use the same method to charge. Less batteries to pack, no need for a dedicated battery charger, and if I leave it plugged in (like in my car) I know it is always ready to go with maximum run-time when the need arises. The two button system is kind of annoying but once you get use to it works out pretty well. The pocket clip snaps on which means it can just snap off, I guess this is some what better than just breaking the clip off ripping my pants like on flashlights with a fixed clip but I'm always a little afraid that I might snag a branch or something and the clip will just let go and the flashlight will be lost. 1000 lumens are enough to cut through the dark and make it almost day again. The price with battery included can't beat.
ProsBright Compact Rechargeable Waterproof Well built
By Jeff
Oklahoma City
Nitecore MH12
March 13, 2016
Very good flashlight - small easy to handle and does it all. lo lite to bright lite. Plus it has the recharger built into the light. Perfect light for me
By Robert
yardley, PA
nice cool blue light
February 26, 2016
!000 lumins up to 1,25 Hours, bought two and carry one on me all the time.
By Craig
Scottsdale, AZ
My New Favorite Light
February 7, 2016
Very bright, perfect size, remembers last brightness setting, and I get a bonus charger with micro USB size. Most of my other gadgets like phone, headsets, tablet, blue tooth speakers all use micro USB. Great streamline size for small hands, belt holster keeps it handy. I would add a magnet somewhere, but haven't needed one yet. Just waiting for a great sale price to stock up on these. FYI it uses button top 18650's like most of my other lights. It would be nice if battery junction stated button top or flat top for each type of light. Sometimes a battery isn't included and it's not stated in the description or specifications.
By Eric
Los Altos Hills, California
Great Flashlight
January 25, 2016
Super bright, compact, and rechargeable via USB. Couldn't ask for more out of a flashlight of this size.
ProsUSB rechargeable 1000 Lumen CR123A or 18650 battery compatibility Detachable belt clip
By M
Clover, VA
Another great light from Nitecore!
October 30, 2015
I already love the P12 2015 edition, and now comes the MH12 with the same features plus USB charging! A great option for people who work with computers for a living! Excellent output and easy mode selection too.
By Beto
Nitecore MH12
October 12, 2015
A compact flashlight, which is durable, light and has an incredible output (lumens). Great idea to make it rechargeable!
By TDimages
Long Island, NY
Nitecore MH12
October 11, 2015
Excellent light and the ability to charge off USB makes it versatile.
ProsGreat choice of brightness and subsequent run times
ConsCharging port cover comes off when you don't want it to, and is hard to distinguish from the power level switch in the dark.
By D J.
September 5, 2015
Very good for EDC. Very bright and has variable light levels. I would recommend.
San Diego, CA
Great light
September 3, 2015
This is a great light that is packed full of features. Great for duty use, emergencies, or everyday carry. Great light at a great price!
ProsThe fact that this light uses a standard micro-USB charger is awesome. I keep this light in my car where I always have a phone charger that will work.
ConsNone that I have found yet
By Mike
Awesome flashlight
September 1, 2015
Super bright, easy charging, feels good in the hand; totally satisfied!
ProsTop-shelf quality
ConsLanyard too small
By Phillip
Oak Island, NC
Nice, powerful, compact, and USB chargeable too!
August 31, 2015
I like it, it's small and easy to carry, nice clip and pouch, variable enough for most uses, I suppose. A very good price and free shipping to boot, can't be beat!
By michael
Berryville, Arkansas
August 17, 2015
Bad ass light
By Larry
June 22, 2015
I like the usb charging system. light has different brightness setting for different situations. very nice light.
ConsI haven't found any.
By Gary
West Palm Beach, FL
Buddy and Skippy Have a Light!
March 27, 2015
I bought the Nitecore MH12, 1000 lumen flashlight to provide an effective security light for my little Buddy (a Havanese) and Skippy (a PBGV) on our nightly poopy walks, so we can see what we're stepping in. It definitely works to that end, Ha Haaaaaaaa! Because it emits such a bright light at turbo, it also provides us with excellent recognition on dark streets and roadways at night; drivers and bike riders can definitely see our light, us, and everything else in the flood that it provides. I also use it as an effective throw signal to let them know we are around them; it definitely gets their attention. Now, not only do drivers, and bikers acknowledge us and slow down, other dog walkers who have their dogs off-leash know we are coming, and leash their dogs when we pass. (I guess it helps also that I walk around with a military pouch slung around my waist, and have a walking stick protruding from it as if it were a long Samurai sword!) And, now we're even dodging all the little poopy surprises other dog walkers so generously leave behind! So, we avert becoming 'road-kill', and avoid smelling like the neighborhood dump - all at the same time!
ProsThe MH12 is very well designed. With 1000 Lumens and a Cree bulb, it has great throw distance and flood area for such a compact and small flashlight. The 1" diameter and thin, cylindrical shape makes it easy to fit in a Maxpedition Janus Extension Pouch, or in a Mako Flashlight Wristband, making it conveniently portable. It is "green" in that it requires only the rechargeable battery with which it comes, and recharging is very easy and reliable since you can charge the battery in the flashlight. There's no need to buy extra batteries for a long while, which makes it cost effective, especially if you can get the MH12 at a discount from full retail (Thanks Battery Junction for that sale).
ConsOnly one: it doesn't come with a 2.4A wall adapter. Charging with a 1A wall charger or computer USB port will take practically all day. You will need at least a 2.4A wall adapter to cut the charging time down from around 12 hours to about 6-4 hours. The MH12 ought to be packaged with a 2.4A wall adapter, and DC adapter.
By Tony_Triton
Central PA
Nitecore P12 with a smart charger built-in
March 18, 2015
This light is basically a rechargeable version of the already great P12. With the battery included, this was a really good deal. For someone who wants the added convenience of being able to recharge their light from any available USB port or adapter without having to lug around a charger, this is a near perfect solution. The light has the same great performance and features as the P12, plus the micro USB port. For someone who is buying this as their first high quality flashlight, it's a one-stop deal that requires no additional purchases to be put into use. It has everything, case, clip, cord, so when you look at the slightly higher price compared to the P12, it really isn't higher because that's all you need to buy. If you already have 18650 charger(s) then this is still a good addition. Combine it with a good AC/USB adapter and a 12VDC car USB adapter and you have all you need to keep this light going.
ProsAll-in-one convenience High performance and lots of useful modes & brightness levels Mode memory so you can turn the light on in the brightness level you want without having to cycle through anything Beacon mode which emits a flash about every second is a feature you don't see on many lights and could be VERY useful in an emergency
ConsThe rubber micro-USB cover is awkward. I caught mine between my finger and the cord and ripped it off, so I'm on the backup one. Spares are not available.
By Jeff
Great, rechargeable flishlight!
March 6, 2015
This is a very versatile light. I love the USB charging capability as it allows me to recharge it in my vehicle or at home. At 1000 lumens, it is plenty bright and with the adjustable intensity, it can also last a long time when I need it to. I have others that turn on with both the rear switch and the side switch which causes them to get turned on while I carry them...not a good thing. This one turns on with the back awitch and then you cahnge intensities wiht the side switch which I like a lot better. Overall, good value for a very brigtht light you can stil fit in your pocket!
Pros-Rechargeable with handy USB cable -Very bright at 1000 lumens! -Still small enough to carry in your pocket -Ability to save power when using lower settings
By Dave
Merrimack, NH
The perfect EDC flashlight for today's smartphone world.
March 5, 2015
The Nitecore line of general purpose, multitasking, and tactical flashlights is extensive and impressive. I've got Nitecore torches in every vehicle and on every floor of our house. Up until the MH12, I'd been carrying a SureFire E2D Defender Ultra as my every-day carry (EDC) and it's been great. I had a minor issue with the clip, which SureFire fixed free of charge, but while I was torchless, Battery Junction announced the MH12. What sets the MH12 apart from the P12, on which it's based, is the fact that it's rechargeable via USB. This is an extremely handy feature for the smartphone/tablet/gadget warrior that has multiple high-current USB chargers in their home, office, and vehicle. Without the need of an external charger, simply plug the flashlight into a micro-USB port (common on all Android devices) and within a few hours, you can top off the included Nitecore NL188 3100mAh 18650. There's no fear of overcharging because the built-in charger shuts off when the battery is full. I got my SureFire back last week, but the MH12 hasn't left my pocket since it arrived. It's the perfect combination of prepping, convenient, and geek chic.
Pros* Great deal: Includes a $21 NL188 battery for less than the cost of a P12+battery * Super-convenient USB charging * Plenty bright with 1000 Lumens and emergency strobe, SOS, and locator beacon modes * Fairly slim for fitting in a pocket as an EDC
Cons* Not as slim as a SureFire E2D, but that's due to the 16550 vs. CR123A battery tube.
By Larry
NYC Area
Nitecore got this one right
March 5, 2015
I've liked Nitecore products for their dependability and durability, however, many that I have owned are just too hard to use. They require an instruction manual to understand all of the modes and options and how to switch between them. I cant just hand a light to a co-worker without instructions. The MH12 is an exception. It provides all of the features that I have come to expect in a quality light, but with greatly improved ease of use. The built in charger is a huge plus. I try to use rechargeable batteries, but the hassle of keeping track of the state of charge of each battery, and hauling out the charger periodically is not user-friendly. The fact that I can just plug in the MH12 to a USB power source when needed is a great advancement in flashlight technology.
ProsEasy to use, built in charger, included 3300 MAH battery
By George
Northridge, CA
Brightest light i've ever had
March 5, 2015
Many options that I can use on this flashlight like the different power modes,the strobe light which I have used many times already in my law enforcement job.
By Jeff
Ottawa, OH
What else do you want?
March 5, 2015
How do they improve my favorite edc, the nitecore P12..... make it rechargeable with the 18650 included! Excellent light, very bright with enough features to satisfy. Short learning curve. Nice output for size, not a quick recharge, but overnight is not inconvenient. Looks like I got a new every day carry.
By Redstick 7.
Baton Rouge, LA United States
Very Bright!!
March 5, 2015
Four settings allow you to choose the one that's right for your situation, dim to blinding. The brightest setting is "blindingly" bright. A little over 5-inches long with a nice carrying case. Charges through a USB cable (provided). Several extras and spare parts. Only down side is no USB to 110 volt outlet converter included, but should work with any USB port. The USB port cover on the flashlight is a little quirky and you need to make sure its seated properly to protect the micro USB port. I am pleasantly surprised.
ProsMultiple brightness settings. Spare parts and extras provided. Good looking and feels nice in the hand. Good grip texture.
ConsCover for microUSB port on flashlight could be better.
By Phil H.
Eastern Pennsylvania
Fantastic light - REAL bright
March 5, 2015
Great product. Have used Streamlight Ultrastingers for years and years in my home inspection business. This light is brighter, lightweight, less expensive, and easy to carry around. Will likely buy another for backup.

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