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By Mark
January 11, 2023
I bought two of these specific batteries for my flashlight and they are exactly what I wanted. Website was helpful. Price was great. Shipping was fast. (I also liked the free small key chain flashlight included with my order). Very happy.
By Tom55st
Long lasting
July 23, 2019
Love this battery, Fast charging, long lasting. Made my flashlight brighter then the old battery.
By BK B.
Great battery for a good price and they seem to last a long time between recharges!
December 20, 2018
I like the Nitecore brand and know they cost more but it is a higher quality and I expect it to last longer than the cheaper no name brands!
By Rick
Indian Trail NC
Strong battery
May 14, 2018
Ordered sever of these with the dual charger to always have charged batteries when needed. They seem to last as advertised.
By William P.
Marquette Michigan
Early Impressions
June 7, 2017
I have not had the product long enough to do a thorough review. The product came in a timely fashon. It was packaged well in a blister package single unit. The battery looks robust, and appears to be well made. There are allot of options out there, and lets face it, looks sell. I bought this battery based on performance and product history. It seemed to take a charge well without excessive heat generated, No noticeable change in product dimensions. Thats as far as I can go with my review. It looks like it will perform well, but time will tell.As a general rule of thumb, I buy name brand products when my safety depends on it. Kind of like buying ammo, Go with the best track record. I generally read reviews.
By Tom
Roselle, IL
Good Cell, Great Value on Sale
January 3, 2017
If you're like me, new to these new high tech power flashlights and cells, and remember the days of NiCad short shelf life, leakage, and poor cycle life, then you're skeptical about paying too much for cells you don't know will last. Fortunately there are enthusiasts who test and use these cells and lights extensively and share their results. Even then, even when we're convinced and more comfortable with the capability and endurance of ICR, IMR, and primary Lithium cells, we're still skeptical about brands. Certainly what it takes to design, and, more importantly to make these cells requires expertise, equipment, processes, and controls that few manufacturers have mastered around the world. That being the case, it is less likely that major name branded cells will suffer from poor lot to lot variance in capacity, current handling, shelf life, service life, and cycle life. We might tread cautiously with brands whose name we don't recognize, but we can depend that cells branded with the flashlight maker's name will both fit and function in their lights. So that's the first step, and that's what I did in buying a second Nitecore 18650 2600mAH cell to match that included in Nitecore's combo HC30 Kit. Fit and finish of the cell is fine. Charged with no issues in the Combo Kit's i2 charger. Works, delivering the power of the HC30 light. Amazing power potential for all manner of technology gear. I chose the 2600mAH again from the fear of the bleeding edge... I'd rather have two 2600mAH at a sale price than a 3600mAH at a higher price despite the potential of run time difference. Now if I used a light on high for hours a day, I'd likely have chosen differently. Still, in this point in time it is possible that even Nitecore's and more likely other branded cells of high capacity might actually not fit. Especially when starting out, buying the same one that was originally included is only being wise. And watching buyer feedback about what fit and what didn't in what, or what fit but didn't work in this or that is only wise. I intend to try an Xtar's cell next unless name branded cells go on sale for less.
ProsSame cell bundled with Nitecore Combo Deals - gives confidence in fit and function Light manufacturer's name branded cell - gives confidence in capacity, current carrying, shelf life, service life, and cycle life Charged up fine in combo i2 charger; works perfectly fine in HC30 Headlamp Adequate capacity for a reasonable run time at mid range brightness and infrequent use
ConsA premium price compared to cells not branded with light manufacturers' names
Roselle, IL
Adequate Capacity for Most Needs
December 7, 2016
Giving a review for this cell shortly after purchase doesn't give the whole picture. Nonetheless, this was bought for a Nitecore HC30 Headlamp. It is the same cell sold with their combo, so I was not concerned it wouldn't fit. My use for the HC30 ranges from that of weekend-outing headlamp, for which this capacity gives more than adequate runtime at the lower lumen levels of campsite and late night walks, to that of just-in-case outdoor use, where either the Turbo Mode or the Strobe would be used quite briefly. In these roles the 2600mAH capacity is just fine, and the cell fits perfectly into the HC30 without concerns that might be realized by a much higher capacity cell from Nitecore or another brand.
By Martin
spokane, WA
Greaat battery for my P12
November 6, 2016
works with all p series lights
Pros long life
Consnon found
By Ryan
Howell, Michigan
I love Nitecore batteries
September 14, 2016
Standing strong after 2 years of good use.
Prosthe case has not come apart
By Dale
June 5, 2016
I have 2 Lights that take #18650 batteries that are rechargable. I had been looking for less expensive alternatives than the ones that came with the lights. These seem to be the ticket in price and performance, time will tell if I made the right choise.
ProsWell packaged ( came with plastic cases ).
ConsTime will tell if they hold up to use
By Jim
Goldsboro, NC
Excellent Battery!
May 2, 2016
I ordered this as a spare battery for my Nitecore P16. It is a long lasting battery and works great!
ProsFast charging and long lasting.
Southern California
Works fine
March 29, 2016
I have six Nitecore 2300 mah 18650 batteries, but these 2600 mah 18650s came along with an i2 charger when I bought the EC4S. The 2600s obviously take a little longer to charge, but they also last a little longer as well. The length listed on the specs is 69.6mm for the 2600 and 68.8mm for the 2300. Without a caliper, they appear the same length when stood up side by side. I use the 2600s in the EC4S and they work fine. I'm happy with the batteries.
By craig
newmanstown, PA
Great battery
September 19, 2015
Nitecore does it again with a great, long-lasting battery.
By Laurence
New England
Great rechargeable battery
August 31, 2015
This is a great battery. It stays charged for a long time with my flashlight, which is on a lot when camping in the wilderness.
By Jeffrey
18650s rock!
August 9, 2015
Great batteries. Nuff Said.
By Chris
Denver, Colorado
Beside wear and tear, it gets the job done.
June 14, 2015
I usually would have gone with a bigger capacity (mAh) but I got it with a combo deal, but I don't mind it. I have currently charged this sucker so many time through out 2 plus years and there is no sign of rapid in discharged or delay charging. Everyday after a work I go home and I throw my battery (ies) onto the charger every night so my batteries are at 100% or so. So I can safely say my batteries has probably surpassed over 500 charges.
By Mike
Pineville, La.
Great 18650
December 26, 2014
Great! 18650 runs my Olight very well.
Albany, GA
Runs as expected! Awesomely!
December 12, 2014
Runs as expected! Awesomely!

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