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So. Cal.
Lightweight headlamp. Runtimes could be better.
November 18, 2019
I have the NU17 headlamp and wanted something with a little more brightness. The NU20 provides that while maintaining a small size. It is lightweight and has decent spreads between modes. Low at 1 LU, Med at 40 LU, High at 220 LU and Turbo 360 LU. I’m not a big fan of 1 LU though. I prefer 2 to 5 LU for a low setting instead. 220 LU and 360 LU are pretty close together as well. The strap does not have the over-the-head strap, but there is about 10” of a silicon type bead on the inside of the headband that helps in keeping the headband from sliding down your head. It would have been nice if that grippy material ran the entire length on the inside of the headband. The headband is adjustable in length and can easily fit around a cap or helmet. The included USB cable is long at about 38”. The headlamp has five secure tilt adjustments. I was confused by the specs that claim 30 MINUTES on Turbo, but further in the description, it states Turbo will step down to High after 30 SECONDS. That is a far cry from 30 mins. It did step down after 30 seconds from Turbo to High in my testing. I tried going from Turbo several more times and every time, Turbo lasted a few seconds shorter and shorter than the time prior before it would step back down to High. I ran a runtime test on High to test the listed 6 hrs on the specs with the light fully charged. I got about 1.5 hrs, before it obviously began to step down to Med. I turned it off and found I could still obtain Turbo for about 5 seconds before it stepped down to High. After about 3 hrs on a diminishing High mode, it stepped down to Med and I could only reach the lower two modes now. The battery indicator blinked twice at this point. The light did not get hot during my testing. I found the runtimes far lower than the advertised specs, but that is often the case in the flashlight world. The battery indicator did not appear very accurate either. Two blinks gave the false impression of 50 percent battery life remaining. It was more like 25 percent. This headlamp is still a very useful tool. The headlamp being rechargeable helps. Charging an almost completely dead battery took about 2.5 hrs. Just keep in mind the exaggerated runtimes.
By Bob
Melbourne Florida
Great product!
September 17, 2019
I recently needed to use the headlamp while working on plumbing in a dark area. The light was perfect for my needs. It was able to adjust in brightness and in the angle of throw no matter which position my head was in.. The charge lasted as long as was needed. The charging cord can be stored attached to the back of the head strap even while in use.
Edinboro PA
Highly recommend
March 8, 2019
I highly recommend this product for working with things at a close distance. It is very light and you don't notice it.
By Larry
Greenfield, WI
I absolutely Love this Rechargeable Headlamp
October 15, 2018
I needed a headlamp that was comfortable, light, and bright so I gave the Nitecore Nu20 a try. Oh boy am I pleased. My main use is for Estate sales for basements can be dim, plus I use for electronics repairs. Works well for both applications this headlamp is perfect. I run on high and it will last all day on a single charge plus it is so easy to charge USB. This headlamp is underpriced for what it does and really performs. Thank You Battery Junction for offering this winner.
By John
Brightens the Nite
June 4, 2018
Works as stated brightens the area in front of you to e able to see everything your eyes can pick up.
By RS O.
Orlando. Florida.
Perfect all around well priced headlight!
April 23, 2018
This is a perfectly sized, light weight excellent performer for small searching adventures around the house! Rugged, solid and rechargeable! Great for camping. Has enough light output for nighttime excursions. Its main attraction to me is it's small size and light weight. The small format limits battery time but it's intended use for me is short duration use. Great value for the price.
ProsSmall form, light weight, plenty of light output. Internally rechargeable battery, Great price!
ConsSmall size, reduced battery time.
By Felicia
Central Texas
First headlamp I've ever loved
November 29, 2017
I've been using headlamps every single night of my life for decades to work around my ranch at night. This is the first headlamp that I have found to be comfortable to wear, does not break when it falls, is very lightweight, and has good battery life whose light doesn't fade. I've been wearing this particular headlamp since it first came out and I am still using the first ones that I bought. Yes, it is more of a floodlight then a spotlight but it is still a strong light. I highly recommend it.
By Lake R.
Runners Dream
September 20, 2017
Finally, a rechargeable Runners Light that has excellent output and a Headband that is comfortable....and weighs 1.8oz ....NU20 set on the HIGH SETTING is perfect for my 1 hr night runs
By formerx69
Central Pennsylvania
Great little headlamp
March 24, 2017
Nice quality polymer body, very bright, lightweight.
By Navin
Newport Beach, CA
A small powerful headlight but run times are off.
February 6, 2017
I test the run times of every light I buy and the claimed run times for this headlight is way off. Tested the high 220 lumen setting twice. For both test I got 75 minutes and it switches to the 40 lumen low. During the first test, it was warm so I thought it was some kind of thermal protection, so I turned it off and put it under the fan for 30 minutes and used the built in battery life meter. It blinked twice which means 50% but after I turned it on high, it lasted only a few minutes on high and switched down to the low 40 lumens. Very disappointed, I was hoping that the claimed 6 hour runtime at 220 lumen was true, but looks like I will be stuck using the 40 lumen setting which ran for a tested 7 hours. Much Less power than my two year old black diamond!
ProsSuper light, small and bright, I hardly can tell I have a headlight on my head.
ConsRun times are not as advertised and the battery life indicator doesn't work. It gives me two red blinks when it's almost dead, two blinks is supposed to mean 50%!
By Bryan
Conifer, Coloraod
Not a Runner's or Serious OD Persons light!
January 13, 2017
I purchased this headlamp for trail running to replace a black diamond light, I had high hopes for this light because it was bright, light, and charges on the go (great for ultra running) The light has let me down so far, Compared to my older black diamond lights, this light does not have the throw or focused beam I need for running. That battery does not last as claimed, on a 1 hour run, at 220lm, it started to dim at 35-45 min, not the 6 hours it claimed! When I check the charge level using the power button, it claimed it had 50% or more left. For a general headlamp, something light and small, it would be nice for travel, walking/hiking or work around the house. For running, or someone serious about outdoor activities that relies on their light, I would look for something more proven!
Prossuper light, easy to use, charges on the go (you can use a usb battery pack to charge it)
Consdoes not have a good beam (more flood than spot), battery claims are not true (much shorter burn time),

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