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By Stan
Woodbury, CT
Very excellent flashlight.
September 26, 2019
Weight, size, ease of use and very bright lumen level(s) thrown at significant distances are as close to perfect as a flashlight gets. Nitecore got this one right. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
So. Cal.
Very long throw but could use some tweaks to be even better.
September 16, 2019
The throw from this light is very impressive. The hotspot is tightly focused. There is a good amount of spill light that helps make this light more useful than a regular spotlight. The intensity of the hotspot is so bright that when using the light for close-up work in any of the higher three modes, makes it very difficult because the center is so bright. The tint is on the Cool White side. The five modes are well spaced, but the top two modes are very close together in brightness. I found 1 LU is just too dim to be useful. The light is top-heavy. The head/bezel is 49mm wide, while the body is 26mm. The body is about 3” long and the head/bezel is about 2.5”. My hands are small and I found the body on the short side. Almost getting lost in my hand. There is knurling on the body, but there are also portions that are smooth. This makes the light a bit on the slippery side and difficult to hold. I understand the head/bezel needs to be long and deep to achieve the long throwing distance, but I wish there was something else to aid in gripping. The included tactical ring (plastic) helps. The included lanyard can only be attached to the tactical ring. There is no where on the body of the light that has the needed hole. The small hole is on the tactical ring. The head/bezel has some modest anti-roll machining, but the light will still roll. Once again, the tactical ring can help in keeping the light from rolling. The light also comes with a pocket clip, but with the light having such a large head/bezel, using the pocket clip might be cumbersome in the pocket head-up. At least the pocket clip can serve as an anti-roll device. The light cannot tail-stand. Runtime test on Turbo (using an Olight 18650 2600 mah battery at 4.20v) showed the blue LED battery indicator (in the mode switch) began flashing slowly to show less than 50% power (3.61v) remaining after 30 minutes. Stats for the P30 claim one hour on Turbo and sure enough, after one hour on Turbo, the P30 ramped down to High, which was still very bright. Although the flashlight got quite warm during my testing, it was not too hot to hold. The battery indicator began flashing quickly after 90 minutes, meaning there was less than 10% power left. At that point, the light only had Low and a slightly higher mode. The Strobe/SOS/Beacon still worked, but not as bright anymore. I measured the battery level and found it was only 3.19v. I ended my testing at that point. Overall, I found the runtimes sightly lower than advertised, but still very close. The battery level indicator was quite accurate as well. The included holster is model #522. It is nylon with Velcro closure flap. There are two belt loops. One is fixed to the holster and the belt is slid through it. The other is Velcro held for quicker attaching and removing from a belt. There is also a plastic D-ring on the holster. I had no problems with the holster. Other accessories included a spare rubber tailcap, CR123 battery tube and two spare o-rings.
By RonCo
A compact, bright, and affordable light especially when purchased on sale!!
June 2, 2018
I have several Nitecore flashlights (P12, P20UV, P16) and now the P30. I haven't had any problems with any of the flashlights since I owned them. I recently purchased filters (Grn,Blu,&Red) for the P12 and will get the green and red for the P30. Hopefully, Nitecore will make a blue filter for the P30. Then it will be a better hunting flashlight. The light is the perfect size for average to small hands but a little tiny for extra large hands. It puts out a long, strong beam which can easily see across several football fields. Now I'll be thinking about getting the MT42 since the P30 filters will fit it also plus it 1800 lumens (probably more like 1500). So if you get one, happy hunting, walking, hiking, or checking around.
By The B.
Orlando FLA USA
One of the best I have purchased
December 30, 2017
This little flashlight is so powerful. It works best if you use Nitecore rechargeable batteries. The reach of the light beam can light up the dark night quite easily. But remember it does use a lot of battery power. This unit works best with a 3000mAh batter or better. This flashlight is really well built there are no issues with it in terms of design. I'm extremely happy ! The tail button is also easy to use to turn on and off. overall a good buy
ProsUsers rechargeable batteries
ConsThe front part of this flash light is a little tool large
By Jason
Spring Hill, FL
What a great flashlight
November 30, 2017
The light that Nightcore produced is unbelievable. I have searched for a small hand held thrower for a while and decided on this light! I am so not disappointed the light has great throw and a good spill so it's the best of both worlds.
ProsPrice Throw Compact Battery Life
By Debra C.
August 23, 2017
Does not work. Returning
ConsLasted 30 minutes and stopped working
By David
Placerville, CA
Great value
July 7, 2017
Quality built as is all Nitecore lights. Put's out a lot of light compared to other tactical lights that cost significantly more. Does have a rather bright hot spot up close, but it enables it to throw a good distance. Would be a good search and rescue light.
ProsThe price. Quality case. Quality built.
By Guy
Daytona Beach , Fl
Nitecore P30
June 5, 2017
I have numerous Fenix flashlights but I started to have problems with them, some out of the box so I wanted to try a different brand. I decided to try the Nitecore NH60 and was impressed with the quality and it was my first light that had a USB port for recharging. I decided to buy the P30 since it was on sale and I like to use the 18650 batteries. This little light is very convenient is size and for me the forward switch is easier to find than other brands. It is the first for me that had a large head and short body which is very comfortable in my hand. I didn't notice that much difference in the light output in the two highest levels but I generally don't use this much light that often. The one lumen is perfect to use in the house at night (680 hrs). One upgrade on this light I would like to see is to have a USB for recharging.
By Gumshoe009
Top Notch Thrower
April 24, 2017
I have a large collection of flashlights from Fenix, Nitecore, Klarus & Jetbeam but until I purchased the P30, I did not own a true thrower beam light. I like everything about this flashlight though admittedly I do not like lights that you have to turn on using a tailcap button. I'd much prefer that all functions be controlled by a side button. The P30 truly has an incredibly strong central beam of light and to top it off, the price could not be beat when put on sale. It is also much smaller than I expected.
By Frank M.
Oceanside, Ca
Excellent compact thrower!
April 21, 2017
I am totally impressed with the throw of this compact thrower!! Get one. You'll be glad you did!
ProsCompact, great features & quality!
By Sean
Los Angeles, CA
Another Great Nitecore Product
December 4, 2016
I needed a replacement for my older Rigid Industries Halo 800 lumen thrower which I keep in the glovebox of my four wheeler. I mainly use this flashlight out my side windows to see parts of the trail ahead that my headlights/aux lights don't aim at. I am very pleased with the P30. The beam and output of this small handy flashlight is pretty smooth and wide with a brighter dot of light in the middle. The beam reaches out very far, a lot farther than the light I'm replacing. I like the idea of a separate switch on the head of the light, but in reality in the dark it's a little hard to find by feel. The switch itself has a nice feel to it and it positively engages when pressed. The P30's positives -brightness, beam width, throw, simplicity, far outweigh its negatives such as the hokey plastic tactical ring, the ill-fitting holster which seems like an afterthought, and the lack of a tail stand and hole to mount a lanyard. The P30 is a simple, high quality, long distance flashlight that sells for a decent price I got mine during one of Battery Junctions great sales) and does what its advertised to do.
ProsNitecore quality, bright wide beam, great for long distance use, price (on sale)
ConsCheap plastic tactical ring accessory, ill-fitting holster, no tail stand or lanyard attachment other than tac ring

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