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By Bob A.
Santa Ana, CA
Favorite light to date! Rotary dial is fantastic
February 19, 2017
So far I love this light! The rotary dial alone makes this so much better at the operator level. I am surprised more mfgs do not use this type of control. The clicking through levels get old real quick. The rotary allows so much more control of the light output, that battery life will be extended simply by using the "right" amount of light. ThruNite uses 2400 mAh as it duration rating basis, so I expect longer run times using Orbtronic 3400 mAh batteries. I have been using this for only a week, but the length of the light is too short and I have small-ish (but still manly) hands. The grip area of the light is designed (IMO) to be carries comfortably in one way only. I find myself fidgeting with the light for a comfortable grip. The 4-under, 1-on top seems to be the most comfortable way to carry this light, though I want to carry it flat sides facing up and down, not left and right. However, once you do the 4-under the light feels comfortable to carry. I was not going to leave a review, but as I read the reviews posted here, I felt my two cents MIGHT be helpful. I am not discounting the reviews stating issues with the light, they simply do not apply to my light or my opinion is simply different than theirs. I noticed remarks concerning the battery holder. I believe it is of good quality and is very sturdy. The springs are very strong and thick. The threads of the head are well cut and smooth. I ran my fingers across them and noticed no sharp edges to cut myself on. The o-ring is substantial and the lubing of the threaded area was about right. The lens has been strengthened (?) so hopefully that will aid in preventing damage when the light is dropped. I would recommend this light.
Pros- Ease of use - Throw and spill balance very good - Rotary dial makes this light much more efficient - Special/hidden light functions will be useful for emergency situations - Small size for such a strong light
Cons- Size: would like a bit ore length for holding in various manners - (nitpick alert): I would like to see the tail fins extended to better protect the rotary dial and push button -- this would also make standing the light on end easier.
By Glenn
Grovetown, GA
November 27, 2016
Very nice light but it would be nice to adjust from flood to spot.
ProsPowerful light great for search
Consneeds spot to flood adjustment
By Daniel C.
Puerto Rico
Great light
June 24, 2015
Had it shortly, but it has very good different intensity levels, dimming style level changing, plus variable strobes. Only con is its size.
By Chuck
East Coast, USA
A little bigger-A lot better
April 23, 2015
Really like the rotary switch for the ten (yes 10) different levels of brightness. Also a great price on sale and with a coupon code. Strobe is way too fast. Should be slower. SOS would also be nice. And finally the icing on the cake would be a tele zoom function just like the Ultra Fires have. Then you would have the perfect light. This is a very well built light. Would not fit in a ten year olds hands. Solid four stars. Don't care for the battery holder inside the light. Bats should just drop in. Should come with colored lens caps also. Am I asking for too much? Maybe should be made in America so I could like everything about it. Bye PS, Oh yea, Great seller. Keep buying from Battery Junction, you can't go wrong
By Mark
Perfect balance between size and power!!
February 24, 2015
As one who is always seeking the perfect flashlight, the Nitecore P36 comes pretty close. Unlike the "beer can flashlights, the P36 flat profile fits nicely in the back pocket of jeans or a winter jacket. The infinitely variable power rotary switch is so much nicer than having to switch through modes. It smoothly goes from VERY low to VERY bright, with instant strobe with a push of the switch. The beam pattern is a very practical balance between flood and throw, with no discernible transition. Not meant to be a super thrower, but I rarely need to see 300 yds in front of me. Best of all is the wonderful MT-G2 led. The neutral tint is just perfect. Not warm and not cool. Very accurate color rendition for an outdoor light.I hope to see more lights soon with the MT-G2 led. I have bigger brighter lights, but this one I actually use because of it's near perfect balance between a practical size and phenomenal output. Nice job Nitecore!
By Gary
Wichita, KS
January 29, 2015
Arrived as expected, like the light and it is very bright but battery holder is very cheap and hope it lasts, only to me will tell. When paying that much for a flashlight I would think the battery holder would be of better quality and not flimsy plastic. The light works good and with a higher quality battery would rate 5 stars.
ProsBright light and easy to use.
ConsBattery holder very cheaply made and may not last which would make the light useless.
By Dow B.
Hubert, NC
Great Light.
December 24, 2014
The P36 has Nitecores new operating system. With a thumbwheel and an on-off switch it is possible to run through all the functions with just one hand. Great for tactical situations. As usual, Nitecores reputation for quality shows through. An extra battery case would be handy to switch out quickly if needed.
ConsNo extra battery case.
By Tadashi
Aiea, Hawaii
Small package delivers: Nitecore P36
December 24, 2014
The P36 delivers a bright spotlight and multi-modes from dimmer to strobe effects. While the case is extremely durable and water resistant on the outside, the inner battery holder is a cheap vinyl plastic material. The battery holder electrodes/contacts to the lamp module are springs which lay into ringed plated tracks on the lamp module; this in turn screws into the battery outer case thus rotating the spring heads 4 revolutions as the outer battery cases seals closed. Don't know how long this design can be cycled. The machining on the threads are coarse and can cut your fingers if mishandled so be careful about touching the exposed threads when the case is open. The carrying case and included lanyard are handy accessories; have not dropped tested yet, but seems it could withstand falls on all but front lens as it seems there is not much recess for the lens to protect it nor is there any rubber protective ring. I give it 3 stars for concept but deduct for poor finishing on screw threads and lack of a rubber ring protector for the lens.
By Dave
Springfield, Missouri
Compact, lite and bright!
December 11, 2014
This light has a good wide beam, making it idea for walking, lighting up a room, emergency personnel, or a rescue situation. Simmer switch is quick to access, as it is a wheel that is turned left or right. Right next to that is the on/off switch. Using 3400 mAh Orbtronic batteries, the run times were close to what was stated. Unit left on higher settings can get very warm, hot in my opinion almost more than you can hold. If left on at the highest setting, light will start to step down in power to lower levels. I must admit I do not like lights equipped with turbo modes as they cannot stay in it more than a few minutes which makes them not the light they advertise at some high lumen level if the flashlight cannot maintain that level for any period of time. This light does not have the turbo mode but as earlier stated, it will step down in power as the battery weakens. I was getting 30-35 minutes at the higher settings before I noticed a dimming in brightness. The two 18650 batteries fit into a plastic holder that drops into the body of the light. I am not a big fan of that system but if that is how they select to design it, include a spare holder to have a second set of batteries ready to go as you need a minute or so to R & R a set of batteries. As it is plastic the cost is a second holder would be pennies to make. Two small red LED lights in the tail cap are designed to be a battery power remaining indicator, flashing more rapidly as the battery is reaching exhaustion. It blinked faster as I reduced the brightness and that made no sense to me as the power drain would be less at a lower brightness setting. Overall, a great little light but I would like to see a bit of a price drop for it.
ProsCompact, bright, wide beam, good features and included holster is nice.
ConsNo second battery holder.

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