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By Jeremy
Chantilly, VA
Nitecore Silicone Grease
September 1, 2022
Nitecore Silicone Grease. Keeps o-rings good a pliable to maintain a good weatherproof seal.
By TS_45-auto
December 20, 2020
Just what my O-rings needed
By monaco m.
santa rosa,ca
nitecore SG 7
December 18, 2020
if you have many flashlights this is the silicon grease to have. this grease will stop the binding of threads and will keeps the o rings from drying out. get a few SG-7 to extend the life of your lights,mm.
By Dean
Long Island NY
Are You Kidding Me?
November 27, 2020
You people are criticizing a small tub of grease, What did you think you were buying for 1.50?? Bought it before and this stuff works great and the "small" tub lasts a Long time..... your only putting a small small amount on the threads you dont need much! Buy it you wont regret it.
By Doug S.
Gardnerville NV.
A small price to pay for an expensive hobby.
September 25, 2020
This is my first order here for this product but have been using SG7 for over a year now with great results. It keeps the O-rings lubricated and protected from snapping as well as protects the threads on the tail cap and cell tubes. It also adds a protective layer from water getting into the flashlight. Every time I do a cell/battery maintenance check I always make sure my torches are lubed. It's a small price to pay for great insurance because some torches cost hundreds of dollars. I recommend this product to any and all flashaholics and the occasional flashlight user.
By Newell
Hastings, MI
Must have
July 18, 2020
Best bang for your buck for a must have.
By Eric S.
Oakland, ME United States
Awesome stuff
January 27, 2020
I bought this to use on my flashlight rubber seals. This stuff is great. I use a toothpick and have applied it to the rubber seals on all my other flashlights, night vision devices, thermal monocular, and anything else around the house that has a rubber o-ring seal. It conditiond the rubber seal and makes it easier to screw on the cap as the cap doesn't stick on the rubber o-ring. Great stuff to have around and a little goes a long way.
By David
Alford, FL
It's Grease
December 7, 2019
I bought it just to go along with my nitecore flashlights. It's just a small dollop of Grease inside that little handy container. But a little grease goes a long way.
By Frederick F.
North Carolina
Nitecore Silicone Grease
October 8, 2019
I have used Silicone grease for decades, it is wonderful stuff. For Reed, in Missouri, The general rule for threaded lids/fasteners is: Righty Tighty-Lefty Loosey. Best to all, Gerry Farrell, Greenville, North Carolina
By Chris
Denver, Colorado
Recommend to preserve your O-rings
May 12, 2019
Perfect to re- lubricate your O-rings devices, and keep out moisture and water. Just wipe off old silicone and lightly apply around the O-rings and threads. (Q tips works great)
By James
Jacksonville, FL
Good Price On A Hard-To-Find Item
January 5, 2019
All of our better torches advise cleaning and applying silicone lube occasionally, but it can be difficult to find the silicone lubricant needed. here it is, and at a reasonable price.
A must for all your high quality flashlites
December 26, 2018
A little goes a long way.
By Frobo
Smithfield, N.C.
Excellent product
December 25, 2018
It's a good clean grease for O -rings on all my flashlights.
By Joe B.
Buffalo, NY
fantastic flashlight tread lubricant
January 10, 2018
I am older and have a difficult time unscrewing the flashlight to change/recharge the batteries. After dipping a q-tip into this stuff and running it over the flashlight treads, I had no more problems screwing on and removing the cap!
By John
Orleans, MA
A must Have Item!
September 19, 2017
I use this for all my flashlights on the threads and o-rings. I also use it very sparingly and carefully on the o-rings of watches.
ProsPerfect size Jar seals nicely
By Steven O.
San Diego, California, USA
A must to keep water/moisture out and insure aluminum (or other metal) threads are kept clean and free of contaminants
January 17, 2017
My lengthy Headline says it all. A definite must for any flashlight or "Go-Bag".
ProsJust enough grease in a hard small case... goes a long way.
By Chuck
West Michigan
Time will tell
September 19, 2016
I have a mag light I can't get into. Got this for my new Fenix light . If I can get into it ten years from now, I will know it works great.
ProsMade for flashlights
ConsMight loose it before next application, happens when you are not organized.
By Reed
Does the job!
July 17, 2016
First I wasn't caught completely off guard by the size of the container however; it was still smaller than I thought it would be. Measured in grams not ounces or in this case fraction of an ounce. The container inside is only about .9 inch across at the mouth and just under .7 inch deep! Outside is right at 1 1/4 inch across and only .770 inch tall!! So now you know what to expect. That aside it appears to be a top notch lubricant for flashlight threads. I cleaned up every flashlight I own about 6 with metal threads and with a tooth pick scrapped the lid of the container to get some silicone on it and was able to sufficiently lubricate all 6 flashlights off of the tiny amount stuck inside of the lid. I have no idea what I am going to do with the jar of silicone now, maybe set up a business cleaning and lubricating flashlight threads! Ha! Seriously buy this when you are young and a "container" should last for the rest of your lifetime.
ProsI does the JOB and enough product to do thousands of flashlights in my book.
ConsThe lid does not have an arrow on it or in any other way indicate the lid screws on / off, (the packaging is silent on that too) It looked like a "snap on" to start with until I pried it off and saw threads. Well since there was plenty of lubricant on the threads they were not damaged and I ADDED an arrow and the word off to the top of the container since I will probably forget by the time it is needed again. Geees! Come on China, nice Nitecore, silicone grease, and SG7 imprinted on the lid how about a little arrow and the word "off" on the lid also for those of us who are container challenged?

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