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By Clarence
Wine Country, CA
Nightcore Thumb USB Rechargeable LED worklight w/Tilting Design
April 15, 2021
This light is an awesome keychaing light. Buttons are flat and are not easily activated accidently. The UV light is great for reading IDs and other items that react to UV light. I has a belt clip and keyring clip. Awesome light for the money.
By Scott G.
Pomona, CA
Good durable light
April 6, 2020
Have had this light on my work key chain for the past 5 years. Been used and abused and still works great and hasn't broken. Can put it on a ball cap. Be awesome if it was 200 lumens but the 85 has been sufficent. Great light and highly recommended.
By Mike A.
Pacific Northwest
Best Nitecore keychain light I've had so far
March 17, 2020
I've had several Nitecore keychain lights, some of them more expensive than this model. The least expensive of the bunch (the "Tube") has been good, though its activation button tends to wear out after about a year of constant use. This one, with its two-button enable/disable approach has been the best so far and IMO gives more quality for the money than the pricier models. I wish it would default to low intensity when it's first switched on, but that's a minor nit-pick.
By Robert
Victoria, BC
January 20, 2018
Got this for the jacket pocket. Thought it was going to be good the head joint is way to flimsy. Pocket clip only fits one way. Needs a shroud over the lights. Red lights are too weak to do anything serious with. AND here's why it is a Piece of literal junk.... Tried five(5) micro usb cords to recharge it and none of them fit the socket. So now I have an under sized dead paper weight. Piece of Junk!
Conssee above.
By Allan
Portland, ME
Great Every Day Carry
September 27, 2017
Very handy carry light, flat design works well in your pocket and rechargeable is wonderful.
ProsEasy carry flat style, rechargeable
ConsNone found
By Peter
Humboldt county, C.A.
not water resistant, will not stand to dissasembly
June 1, 2017
Makes a poor job lite if you cant rinse off filth. An attempt at water proofing proved detrimental as the connection to the led is fragile and cant really be put back right.
ProsAdequately bright for doing work. Good pocket clip. Decent run time on a 220mah battery. affordable enough to buy two so one is always charged. not that i used it in this manner but two would make a great set up for a bicycle at night.
Consfragile, not water resistant
By Yelena G.
Nitecore thumb flashlight
February 20, 2017
Working fine so far.
By Lucy
Must Have for Everday task
December 22, 2016
Nitecore Thumb USB Rechargeable LED Worklight with Tilting Design - 85 Lumens - I found this light to be so great my own mother wanted one, so I ordered one for her. This product is true to its advertising and features. I have found it to be useful while trimming my horses feet (being bent over and not having to worry about my light falling off my head as with most head lights with elastic bands) to carrying groceries in after dark. Who wants to slip on ice, trip on a pet, or struggle finding the key whole on your door nob because you forgot to turn on the porch light again. I could see this light as a great safety light while riding horse or bicycle... to reading by low 2 lumens when camping, just don't fall asleep and run that battery down during the night. I have found that the 85 lumens setting is true to a 4 hour run time. The clip is very secure on the bill of any hat I've tried and I don't see it accidentally falling off.
ProsGreat light that offered several setting for hands free tasks.
Consnit-picky: Would love to see this light improved to allow a slightly larger range of tilt. Currently only tilts one way (and doesn't like to "close" once used, angled about 5 degrees) having the option to wear this on your hat and have the tilt go both ways, even a 10 degree range would make this light perfect.
By JRCline
September 29, 2016
Great idea. The swivel head and the clip make this a very handy light. It's small and thin, so it easily fits in pocket. I would like to see the same head and brightness levels on this light as nitecore puts on the TIP. Also lose the red light and switch, it is totally useless.
ProsThin, rechargeable, clip, and swivel head
ConsNeeds to be brighter for my use and the red light is stupid.
So. Cal.
Versatile light, but could be better
September 25, 2016
I have several Tubes and had to get the regular Thumb (not LEO) and Tip (not CRI) to complete the set. The Thumb does seem almost twice as bright as the Tube with its 85 LU vs the 45 LU of the Tube. The beam is more cool white than neutral white. With no reflector, the beam is basically all flood, which is not a bad thing for a keychain light. The Thumb turns on in High and with each quick press of the button, it will ramp down to Med and then Low and then flash. Low is a little too low for me at 2 LU. I would like to see Low at 5 LU instead. The red LEDs on the side of the Thumb between the two switches operate the same way. First press will turn on the two red LEDs and a second quick press will make them flash. The red LEDs are not enough to read with and are more of a signaling mode instead. You can have the white LEDs and red LEDs on solid or flashing at the same time. Red charging light on the side means it is charging and it turns green when charging is complete. The listed runtimes appear accurate. The tilting head is useful but I found it to be on the loose side. I would have liked to have the head be a little more stiffer when it comes to adjusting the angle of it. It is not so loose where it flops over, but it is definitely more on the loose side as opposed to being a tighter fit. Speaking of tight fits, the clip is tighter than I would like. I had to use two hands to get it to slide onto the bill of a cap. The stiff clip is not a problem when sliding it onto a belt. The Thumb does not come with instructions. I had to download and print them from the Nitecore website.
By John A.
Kenton / Ohio / USA
Better than I expected!
September 24, 2016
Amazing little light, I have both the Red and the UV models and like both of them a lot, plenty of ight in a small package and no batteries to mess with, just charge them and go, lasts a long time between chanrges
ProsEasy to use Rechargeable Small but bright UV light very handy Adjustable head assembly Pocket / Hat / Shirt clip

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