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Worthington, OH
compact, powerful, rechargeable
April 10, 2019
This little keychain light is the ultimate in a light you can always have with you. It fits nicely on a keychain, so it's always with you. It produces a turbo light of 380 lumens--something you don't get with many full-size flashlights. Add to this that it's rechargeable--just plug it into a USB port and it will be fully charged pronto. It has several light settings, but I keep mine on Turbo, so I can get maximum light instantly. I wouldn't be without this. I've bought several more for family and friends, and everyone is delighted.
By Mkt G.
Central Jersey
The Mighty Mouse of flashrlights
December 27, 2018
Extremely small, about the size of the top third of your thumb with a light output that will simply amaze you! Intelligent battery indicator, demo mode / flashlight mode, 4 light intensity settings and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery... what's not to like?
By Tom R.
Powerful Little Monster
December 26, 2018
I purchased (8) of these for Christmas gifts for my staff at work (mostly ladies). I charged them all up and provided a live demonstration for everyone since I was worried they might not realize what a powerful, serious flashlight they are, particularly in Turbo mode. The ladies, including their husbands were amazed. If you need a super portable tiny flashlight these are well worth considering. Be sure to separately order the charger that goes with them. Inexpensive but isn't included.
By jay
Weatherby Lake, MO
great little light, but startingly bright
December 18, 2018
I gave this light to my kids and their spouses last year....and I snagged one for myself. it is a great light. I rests nicely in my pocket on my keychain. the controls are easy to use and recharging is simple. the only downside is that it will occasionally be turned on inadvertently when in my pocket. but that is rare. toggling between the intensity and blinking mode is simple and predictable. I have given the kids and my spousal unit lights in the past, but these are on their keychains and they are using them. that's really the best endorsement you can offer. thanks for the great light and continuing to carry great, quality merchandise at great prices.
By Joe
Oakville, CT
A Great Little Light...but
July 18, 2018
This is a great and handy little light, with a very decent amount of power. Very handy to hang from a keychain, but not to be placed in a pocket or other areas where it comes into constant contact with other items. Although it requires a steady press to activate the light, it is far too easy for this to inadvertently occur in a pocket or other enclosed area.
By William
Rochester, NY
The Best Pocket Light
April 3, 2018
By far this is the best Light I have ever owned, If people are having a problem with pocket activation just leave in Demo mode after 20 seconds it turns off, When i turn mine on I Press the Power button and i have 20 seconds and if I want to turn it on for a while i press the power button within 3 sec of it turning off,what I think is most people don't read the instructions, Turbo mode is great too.
ProsA very helpful and useful light to have in your pocket or person. Read all of the Instructions
By Shawn
Yuba City, CA
Very nice keychain light
January 24, 2018
I've had none of the problems mentioned here. USB charging port is tight, and the rubber plug fits perfectly. Buttons are not loose and require you to actually push the buttons to activate. You can feel when you pass the detente, then have to hold 1/2 a second to activate. No issues with turning on in pocket at all. I did not realize there were different brightness modes, guess I should read the instructions. Solid construction, I hope it lasts.
ProsSolid construction, good buttons, ease of use.
By Carl
Austin TX
I wish I had my $30 back!
January 22, 2018
Controls are poorly designed and poorly engineered. They rattle around inside the case, and are so sensitive they activate in my pocket. Micro USB plug won't stay in, falls out. Just an odd size to hold and operate. The nitecore tube is a much better design for a pocket flashlight. I wish I had my $30 back.
By Ed
nitecore Tini
January 17, 2018
ok key chain light. Bought a few for xmas presents and a few for myself.
Prossmall size, bright light, lot of power for a small light
Consnot every one i gave to as a present could easily figure out how to operate. Does have an issue with turning on by itself in your pocket or purse and the demo mode is not a fool proof method to prevent the light from staying off after 30 seconds. since i just recently got my lights it will be interesting to see how long the internal battery lasts (how many charges it can take) before it is no longer able to charge and render the light useless.
By Isaac
Savage, MD
Great Light In a Small Package
January 17, 2018
This little light does a great job for such a small size. Perfect for keeping on the keychain and fits just fine in those small pockets on womens pants. Adds almost no weight and minimal bulk. Due to the small size the run time on full bright is limited so this won't be a flashlight replacement but a perfect tool for those quick after dark or hard to see places.
ProsSmall Rechargeable Light weight Bright
By Joe
Sideways improvements
January 11, 2018
This light is small than the tip. However, some changes are not for the better. The TIP 2017 used a clip to cover the USB port and the switches to prevent accidental activation. I own that light and the clip works well to prevent the light from turning on, but does add additional time in order to access the light. There is now a dedicated usb cover which is a plus. However, the switch configuration now requires a press and hold to turn the light on. This seems to be a good idea to help accidental activation. However, the light still turns on in your pocket or on your keys. There is the daily mode that turns the light off after 30 seconds, to prevent a complete battery drain. However, i do not use that mode. I do wish there was a better switch lockout function for this light. It is disappointing that this issue has not been solved by Nitecore. I really do like Nitecore lights. I EDC an MH20GT. I do think I will be staying away from their keychain lights from now on ,though. They just can not be reliably locked out and there when I need it.
ProsSmaller than TIP Charging port cover
ConsSwitch still needs work
By N
Good Keychain Light
January 8, 2018
So far so good. The Light is very bright for its size and with the different modes its very helpful. I'm waiting to see over time how long the durability lasts as key chain lights tend to break since it gets thrown everywhere in bags, pockets, etc. The solid one piece housing and rechargeable battery should help as there is no battery compartment to open.
By John
Lancaster, CA
Turns on in pocket and drains battery
January 6, 2018
I really wanted to like this light. So much so that I bought 6 of them for me and my family. The lights are unbelievably bright for their size and are rechargeable. They are made of Aircraft grade Aluminium and are hard anodized. However, all that's good about them doesn't matter when you take it out of your pocket or purse and the battery is dead. The last three generations of this light turned on in your pocket too. Unfortunately, I bought 6 each of the last 2 generations also. Each time they did something to fix the problem they also did something too make the problem even worse. On this version they require a 2 second press of the power button to turn the light on. Then in daily mode it will stay on until you turn it off. However, in the Demo mode it will turn off in 30 seconds. One would think that Demo mode would make it unlikely to turn the light on, or stay on accidentally. The are two problems though. First, the power button turns on with about an ounce of pressure. I sit down and my key fob or even my slacks press the button and in two seconds the light turns on and stays on until I move again. As long as you have pressure on the power button the 30 second " turn off" doesn't work. Worse yet, if you accidentally press the mode button the light turns on immediately (no 2 second delay) and in Turbo mode no less. It's like the engineers who designed this light did so sitting at a desk and never actually used one. I find it inexcusable that after 4 redesigns in less that 3 years this problem still exists.
ProsExtremely bright for it's size Durable materials and finish Rechargeable Excellent feature set
ConsWill be DEAD when you need it.
By Guillaume
Laval, QC
Powerful tiny light, but still needs improvement.
January 5, 2018
Nice little ligth, but it gets activated in the pocket too easily.
Pros-Light output -Rechargeable battery -Standard micro usb -Charging indicator -Nice aluminium build
Cons-Buttons are easily activated in the pocket. Makes the light almost useless -Tint is a bit too cool to my taste, but doesn't feel cheap at all -Usb plug is a bit
By Gary
Vero Beach, Fl
Key Light Review
January 4, 2018
Best keychain light for the size, lumen production and cost.
ProsCompact flat size is excellent and usable as designed. Light lumen output is impressive for its compact tiny size. Rechargeable feature is a big plus.
ConsThe charging port can be difficult to access by opening the tiny rubber seal. The instructions are also tiny to read, but once done it is simple to operate.
By Kevin
Great little light
January 4, 2018
Weight to power ratio is amazing. I got one for everyone in the family as a Christmas stocking stuffer, big hit.
Proscompact, bright, rechargeable
Consnone so far
By Dale H.
Outstanding! Just Outstanding!
December 26, 2017
An amazing and tiny (or is that TINI) light that will travel with you. Some folks don't like the 3 second delay to turn it on. Me, I've had too many lights come on in my pocket and then be dead when I really needed them so I'm fine with the delay. To protect mine even more, I decided to leather wrap it because the keys and stuff I keep in my pocket are death on flashlights.
ProsBRIGHT Easy to charge Tiny and light so you take it with you
Conssome light shines through the bezel some don't like the 3sec delay to turn on I wish there was also a delay to turn off, I hit the off button all the time when I mean to change modes.
By Shawn
University Park, MD
Great Neck Lamp
December 23, 2017
I wear this light on a lanyard. Very useful and very bright. You can turn the light on max output with the press of just one button. No complaints here.
ProsSmall and easy to carry. Seems durable. One button access to max output. Easy to recharge.
By Pagan
New Zealand
Bright !
December 21, 2017
Deserves to be part of the TM series. Easily meets expectations. Pushes out more light than a lot of torches 10 times the size.
ProsVery bright floody light, compact.
ConsWill turn on in your pocket, could do with some sort of lockout
By Mike A.
Seattle, WA
Nice light, but the USB port -- not so much
December 21, 2017
The light appears to work fine and the "demo" mode will be useful in case of accidental activation. It's nice and bright and the battery life sounds good (at least on paper). I'd like to give it higher marks, but the USB port on the unit I received is a problem. I've tried it with two different USB cables, and it is difficult to get a good connection with either. I'm sure the functionality of the light is fine, but the sub-optimal "fit" would have dissuaded me from buying the light if I'd known about this problem in advance. Neither of these cables gives me trouble with devices that charge via USB connection. I'm glad I was able to buy it on sale, at least.
By solomon
Much smaller than pics indicate...mini-powerhouse!
December 21, 2017
We've all seen the new breed of "mini" lights. My problem? I'm not a flashlight guy. I depend on looking at stats to see what I'm actually working with (assuming the info is correct). Having said all that I've been kinda disappointed by what I've been seeing. Small lights that put out incredible lumens but they drop off quickly and dramatically. So I did a self check. What did I want the light to do. I wanted a light that was always there....a keychain light. I wanted it to be bright. I didn't need it to last forever but I also didn't want to feed it batteries like a hungry hog at the slop trough. This little wonder covers all the bases. It's unbelievably bright and I don't have a lumen meter but I believe it delivers EVERY SINGLE LUMEN IT PROMISES! Super tiny. Fits on my keychain and I barely know it's there. Then the last but just as important point. It's USB rechargable. When I recharge my phone it's child's play to just recharge the light (not that I need to...I live in the woods and it gets dark so I use it to get to the truck before and after work...without tripping over things or critters!). My opinion? You can't go wrong. I'm a cheap son of a gun and the price is right, the build quality seems top notch, it does what it says on the tin and it won't drive you to the poor house buying batteries.
By Michael S.
Hazel Park, MI
December 19, 2017
These new Nitecore flashlights (TINI) are earmarked for Christmas presents so they have not been put into service as yet. If they are as good as the previous models (NITECORE TIP), I have every confidence everything will be fine, but if that is not the case, from my previous dealings with BATTERY JUNCTION, I know they will put things right!!! They want HAPPY customers . . . It's just the way they do business!
By John
Kenton, OH
Better than I expected!
December 18, 2017
This little light puts out a ton of light, it does get a little bit warm if you have it on high for a while.
ProsTons of light small light weight rechargeable
Consnot a one
By MikeinPDX
Portland, Oregon, USA
Amazingly bright!
December 8, 2017
Seems like a winner, although the button system is a bit hard to figure out. Once you get it into "daily mode" you activate the light by pressing the power button for one second to turn it on, then you can use the other button to switch between three brightness levels. Don't look into the lens while you are doing this, as your night vision will be spoiled for some time. It really is bright for a keychain light. I'd say the listed lumen rating is pretty accurate. The beam spread is moderate, not wide or narrow. Appears to be the best on the market right now in this category. I haven't had it turn on in my pocket yet, but it looks like that is possible. I also haven't carried it enough yet to know how badly scratched it will get living on my key ring, but the body appears to be plastic, so maybe it will do better than the anodized aluminum keychain light i used for the last several months.
ProsVery bright! Very bright!
ConsComplex button/mode system, no strobe function.
By Bob
December 5, 2017
Love the light but mine has been shutting off after 30 sec. on medium.Doesn't feel hot, only warm.Will see if it continues. Other than that, amazing size, power and battery life.

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