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By Marantz7
Love this little guy, punches way above it's weight
December 26, 2022
Great buy at the holiday sale price,wish we had purchased 3 more. Best keychain light to-date
By Bruce
Aiken, SC
Complicated to use
December 24, 2022
For the TNI2: It has a nice range of brilliance. You are warned in the instructions that staying in the turbo mode will cause it to get very hot. My main concern is with the 12 commands you have to learn using the 2 buttons. Press together, press long, press and hold, press short, short press and then long press, different if the light is on or off, and some of those in serial and some together. I thought it would be a nice, small light for my wife's keychain. It is useless for her because of its complexity. I have yet to use it myself; so I cannot address battery life. I'm still learning. I bought three, and would return 2 if it weren't for shipping and 15% restocking charges that I would incur.
By Newt
Longview, Texas
December 1, 2022
Excellent keychain flashlight for every day carry. Very well made with many features. I carry my keychain in a pocket with a couple of knives and some change so I have to put it in lock out mode to keep the battery from draining. Great price, quality and fast shipping.
By Bobo
Los Angeles
I don't own this item - I'd love to, but one thing keeps me from buying.
November 9, 2022
Even at it's low cost, I can not buy a light where it's battery can not be replaced.
By Sam
Athens, TN
Phantom Battery Drain
October 31, 2022
This is a good light and I like its features...as long as the battery lasts. I would give this light five stars except for the phantom battery drain. Some flashlights, if not all of them, have some slight battery drain when the light is turned off. However, this light is the worst I have ever seen. When the light is turned off, and double locked, the battery will completely drain dead within 48 hours. This renders the light totally useless in my opinion. I am truly disappointed. Nitecore is one of my favorite vendors. I have bought many flashlights from Nitecore and have been very satisfied with all of them except this one. Maybe this one is a lemon, I don't know.
New London, NC
Great keychain light.
September 12, 2022
This very bright long lasting charge light is a great addition to your keychain to have a quick light that is slim and very rugged. It ia a very hi-tech design. I have one on all of my cars and my wife's car. Quality piece.
By Kimberley
Blinded By The Light
August 13, 2022
Wow, I am so impressed with this itty-bitty light has so much “BRIGHTNESS” that it's almost too good to be true. When you hold it, you think no way will this shine that bright, but you'd be wrong to doubt it. It shines so brightly that I just love it.
Bloomington, IN
Itty Bitty Flashlight Committee
July 30, 2022
It's a great light, I keep it in my car plugged in, and it's always ready to go. I never let the temptation to put it in my pocket kick in, because it's such a great emergency light for the car. I'm also in love with anything with a tiny screen. The grey is swanky and matches my dash.
By Dlt
Plano, TX
Nice light
July 26, 2022
Nice size to carry on my keychain. Different brightness levels are great. Highest level is very bright. It’s nice to be able to lock it so it is not accidentally turned on. Even if not locked, it will turn off after 30 seconds.
By Scott
Comstock Park, Michigan
Battery lasts when not in use.
June 5, 2022
I bought this for a few reasons. One is that I liked the screen telling you the amount of time left for each output and how much charge was on the battery. As well as the USB C charging. This sets on my table next to my bed, so it is not used every day for long periods. But having said that, I have only charged it initially when I bought it and not since, and that was over a year ago. I don't have any rechargeable lights like this that can be left sitting around with little use that won't lose their charge and not work. This one has and I am very please with it.
By Andrew
San Diego
Holding up Really Well
May 20, 2022
I have the Titanium version and its holing up really well for the past 5 months.
By Andy
Pretty cool
December 15, 2021
Great gift! Nice to have a small unit with such high output. Easy USB-C charging and feedback on actual remaining runtime at the current power setting makes it really useful.
By Syd
Neat but complicated
November 30, 2021
A really convenient tool for those of us getting older and can't see well in the dark. But for those of us getting older and have issues with technology anyway, these neat techno-toys can be problematic. Great Gift anyway! get several for friends and family!
By Charlie A.
Nitecore TINI-2 Dual-Core USB-C Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight
November 29, 2021
I ordered these for Christmas gifts. They appear to be excellent quality and I'm sure they will be appreciated by the people I gift them to.
By Alex
Great keychain light
July 19, 2021
I have one had of these on my keys for months and love it. Plenty bright when i need it and most of all i know how much runtime is left thanks to the screen. Ill admit the coating is wearing away but not surprising since my keys are scratching it.
By Wild B.
Washington State
April 12, 2021
This little Tini 2 is fantastic, it’s hard to imagine how bright it is and that it fits in little change/watch pocket, it’s so small that I don’t even feel it, I use it every day for a week and have only had to charge 1 time plus a near feature is the ability to check the charge. I highly recommend this for anyone.
By Richard
April 12, 2021
This is a Keychain light and about all it is. I had expected a more versatile light for the cost. The finish is wearing off already. Would not recommend at the current price.
By Scott
Great little light
December 19, 2020
This light feels nicely built. Buttons feel good. Oled display looks nice and offers plenty of info. 4 brightness modes plus the 500 lumen turbo mode. It does not come with a charging cable but I appreciate the fact that Nitecore is using a USB C charging port. I simply use my Samsung phone charger. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this light for edc use. It's so small you can toss it in your pocket and not even know it. I'm hoping someone makes a silicone sleeve or cover for it to protect the oled display and led cover.

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