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worthington, ohio
bright, tiny, and rechargeable!
October 14, 2021
It's hard to believe but true that this tiny keychain-size light is so bright. For a keychain light to have 720 lumens, and be small enough to be with you whenever you have your keys along is a miracle of miniaturization.
By J R.
Mount Gilead NC
Blindingly Bright
February 24, 2021
This keychain rechargeable flashlight is small but packs a real punch. It fits easily into your pocket, almost unnoticed until you need it. It conveniently powers off after 50 seconds, both to save battery power when in use or if it accidentally is turned on while in your pocket. This flashlight could literally be a real lifesaver under certain circumstances.
By Brian
Phoenix, AZ
Great flashlight, very well made and finished.
February 19, 2021
Love this flashlight and the only con is the delay in pressing the on button and the light actually coming on, I don't like it.
By Lou K.
Key light
February 17, 2021
This key chain light is terrific. It has replaced an old Keychain light that I purchased from you. I works great. I highly recommend.
By E R.
Great little light and bright.
December 31, 2020
I'm always looking for a small but bright pocket light for daily use. This little light was great ! Good price too.
By David
, Hudson Valley
Excellent key Chain Light
July 15, 2020
i keep this on my vehicle's key ring. Light, not too bulky, has not turned on in my pocket, and very bright on turbo.
By Mark S.
North Georgia
Powerful, easy to carry light
July 15, 2020
I like the small size and the belt loop clip. Very handy to always have a pretty powerful light on my belt. the included pocket clip is also handy to attach the light to a cap bill. The magnets under the rear cap are very powerful and the light will grip any steel surface tightly. Battery life appears to be good. I have had the light for a couple of weeks and I am still on the initial charge. The auto shutoff it a handy feature if you inadvertently turn the light on in you pocket. Over-all, a very handy light at a good price.
By Chris
Eastern Shore, VA
Bought for a gift, now I'm coming back for mine!
April 29, 2020
These are great little keychain lights, my buddy raves about the one I bought for him, so I think my next purchase will be one for myself! It will replace my current Tip, which has been a faithful trooper all along! Nitecore makes a heck of a good, reliable light that really endures. My barely has any finish left on it, but waterproof and works!
By Alex
Las Vegas, NV
Great size. Incredible brightness.
April 1, 2020
I bought this along with a Nitecore TINI SS. The TINI SS goes on my car key-chain for EDC. The TIP 2 goes on my "utility" key-chain where I also have a small Leatherman. I carry this when I'm going to my store room or a client-site where it's handy to have basic tools.
By Don
Millersburg, Pennsylvania
Great upgrade!
April 1, 2020
I had two Nitecore TIPs already and the TIP 2 is a well-thought out upgrade. Power button improved, easy turbo access, classier exterior. Same good quality.
By Doug D.
Peoria, Az.
New tech. Is bright !
March 19, 2020
It's been some time since I bought a flashlight. It was a very nice Sure Fire. This little key light is just amazing! I'm so impressed with the new led's and the ability to put so much power in such a small package! This key light is built like a very fine piece of equipment! So much tech in a small item! The quality is first class and the design and feel are something else. It just feels like something special. A lot of thought was put into it's performance. I had never heard of Nitecore, but I think this product is first class! Very sharp looking and performs perfectly! Thanks for the smile!
By Alistair Y.
Cape Town
Love it - super light
February 27, 2020
Have only recently received it, so cannot comment on longevity. Still getting used to the side buttons. I liked the original Tip and think that it was a better fit in the hand with the buttons on the face side, but I'm sure there is a reason for the new design.. I am amazed at the amount of light coming from something so small. It gives me a kick and I love it. Battery Junction were wonderful with their patience and cooperation despite chaos at the point where I had it delivered.. Always friendly and efficient. All businesses should be run the same way. Thank you
By Aaron G.
Poor engineering. Attached Jan. 2020 to keychain, lost 2 weeks into Feb. 2020.
February 16, 2020
Received for X-Mas 2019. Used Jan. 2020 and attached to keychain. Very bright, nice. However, lost only 6 weeks later as it detached from my keychain. Engineering very, very inadequate to depend on battery. If you buy, do not use on keychain. Will be writing manufacturer to solicit assistance, replacement. Will update.
By Allan
great little light that you can always have with you
December 26, 2019
nice size and form factor for a keychain light. only drawback....this is a 2019 product. USB-C was finalized mid-2016. even if not implementing full spec, they could have at least made the interface -C
By Doofire
Grand Rapids, MI
Small and powerfull tip2
November 14, 2019
This light is very bright has three light level plus turbo, it has a unique tail cap you can separate the light from its base to use off its tether. Once done you can put it in close distance and it will quickly magnetically reconnect on the tether. I'am posting a couple of pictures to compare its size to the Nitecore tup. The only reason I'am only giving four stars is the leds could have a little warmer CRI for my liking other than that it's another not so ho-hum light from Nitecore.
By TheTechBuilder
Orlando Florida USA
Great Mini Light !
August 2, 2019
I Purchased this because I needed a mini light that I could clip either to my hat or also onto my belt loop and use it to do I T inspections network server room inspections and also general electrical inspections . The unit is compact enough and has all the accessories that I would need for my day-to-day operations my favorite part about this light is the magnetic base where I can attach it to something and keep my hands free. The run time on it is really good since I only use the medium setting not the really super bright setting this unit really does well and will have to see how its battery longevity lasts over a period of time I've never had any issues with nitecore flashlights
By at25526
July 9, 2019
Definite improvement over original TIP. Not even sure I would use the same name as original. These two lights are COMPLETELY different. The only commonalities are the overall size and name. There are 3 levels of light plus "turbo" boost. Even has usable "moonlight". micro-USB charging port is protected under magnetic tailcap. Magnets are STRONG. This light feels of quality (the original TIP was very light and felt cheap)
By Maizie
groton, CT
Powerful Magnet
June 28, 2019
I love the easy to use buttons - no fumbling or figuring out how to change the brightness levels. The magnet tail is extremely powerful and has no problem staying put on metal surfaces. I love it, take it everywhere with me.

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