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By Alistair Y.
March 19, 2020
My previous review did the light a disservice so I want to put things right. I reported that the TIP had died on me and after opening it up and putting it back together it remained dead and I put it in my desk draw. A month or two later I took it out and tried it again. It still did not work so I banged it on my leg in frustration. It suddenly lit but would not change modes. It worked intermittently for a week or two and then after repeated bashings, started working correctly. This was over two years ago and it has not failed me since. Brilliant little light. I have bought another.
By Russell
Cowlesville, NY
Bought this for my wife.
January 18, 2019
The Missus is a PCA for a disabled man, and when she walks from the building to where she has to park, she uses this every time. The Resident's Lot is well lit, but the lot for Visitors and Aides, not so much. There are many lights of this type, but not the Lumens this little flashlight has, and she is very happy with it.
By Jim A.
South West PA
Flashlight is ok but the clip broke on first day.
December 20, 2018
Flashlight is ok but the cheap plastic clip broke on first day! Very disappointed.....
By Jason
Mechanicsville, Md
Great Light- But Cuts Off On Its Own
June 25, 2018
Super bright for a keychain light. Would like a tiny bit of hotspot or strength in the middle. I can live with the wall of light beam style, but the light keeps cutting itself off for no reason. It will run for 45 seconds, then cut off. It cant be a temperature cut off cause it will do it on medium mode. For this reason, it is less and less exciting, and i find myself about to take this off for a less bright, $10 keychain light that i know will do what it says it will do, if only a fifth as bright.
By Till
Fort Worth, TX
Great when it works
May 10, 2018
I bought one of these several months ago and was very impressed. It worked great an I kept it with me at all times. Too many opportunities to mention, but it was a real life saver. When keeping it in the pocket, I had to make sure it would not accidentally turn on and go empty. One day it wouldn't work anymore, so I plugged it in. It showed green, full charge. Nothing worked. Either the LED burnt out, or the electronics did. I was very disappointed, because on one hand I really liked it and on the other it is quite expensive for a keychain light. Not sure if I would recommend it now.
Merchant Response:Hello, We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your light. Please contact our customer service team at customerservice@batteryjunction.com and we can help you try to resolve your problem!
By Alistair
South Africa
Loved it. So disappointed. (Oct - Jan) R.I.P.
January 9, 2018
I wrote a review when I first received it in October 2017. Really liked everything about it. It has just stopped working for no reason. Hardly used and never on a key-chain (tubes for that), It is not just locked out so I suspect the LED has failed. Wish I lived in the States so that I could return it for another. Oh well, my luck!
ProsBright and good design. UI perfect
ConsDead Would still chance another, because I might get luckier!
By Jim
as the owner of 3 there is no better
December 13, 2017
I guess I bought 4, 1 as a gift for a christmas gift which is fully drained every day & it still is working! the other 2 are on key rings , one for each car. & the 2017 model which is tropical in color would be hard to misplace cause it is bright in color! . the clip on the newer models WILL clip to the bill of a ball cap with NO problems if you have to walk the dog at night or what ever. AND if you read the directions or call battery junction [ small print] they will tell you to hold both buttons down & it will blink twice & it's in a constant on mode and won't go out after 30 sec. The first one [over a year go was silver and i I carry a bunch of keys & it got pretty scratched up & I tried blue magic polish it cleaned right up.I am 70 and my night vision isn't what is was when I was younger.There is nothing on the market this small & this bright PERIOD!!!
By Clair
Very good light?
November 14, 2017
I bought two of these lights. One for my wife, one for me. We will use them mostly at night to find our way to the bathroom. I will probably use mine additionally as an EDC around the house. General quality seems to be very good, except for one of the multi-use clips that broke as I moved it to expose the charging clip. The clip appears to be an afterthought. Its main use is to cover the charging port. It would not work as a belt clip or hat clip. Using it as a cover for the buttons as suggested somewhere is a joke.
Pros-- Easy to use. -- Light levels are appropriate for my use.
Cons-- multi-purpose clip not really useful -- needs a real charging port cover
September 8, 2017
By Michael p.
Very bright
August 17, 2017
Works like it says.
ConsPay the $1.50 extra for shipping. (2 day). Took 9 days for super saver and it only had to travel 30 miles?
By Mike
Bright light
May 26, 2017
Bright light for such a little keychain flashlight. What I do not about this light is that there is no lock for when it is in the pant pocket. The light easily turns.on and if not noticed, could loose it's charge. Would not.buy again if I had to do it all over again.
ProsBright light
ConsNo on/off locking feature.
By Joe
A very capable keychain light
May 2, 2017
Light is very bright. It has multiple settings. Very easy to use. Like the addition of the pocket clip. I do not like that there is not electronic lock out, as the older model had. However, the "modes" where the light will only come on for 30 seconds seems to be working well. Light has been holding a charge very well. One thing I do not like is the casing scratches very easily. About a month on my keys and the case looks terrible. I would prefer Nitecore make the case the same as the tube's. Some type of poly case rather than an aluminum overcoat would probably last much longer and look nicer.
ProsBright Long battery light Pocket Clip
ConsCasing scratches easily

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