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Big light throw!
November 24, 2016
Great light throw, can use with various batteries or buy the relatively expensive large rechargeable battery
ProsGreat throw, use with a variety of batteries
ConsWish the rechargeable battery (optional purchase) was less expensive, bought one and enjoy using it but if using CR123 batteries it is a much smaller and lighter flashlight to carry
By URQ196
Beaverton OR
Have had it for over a year
November 28, 2015
I use it mostly when the best dawg in the whole wide world takes me for a walk so we can sniff and mark stuff and poop, yes I pick up his poop, he is a Pom, so I am picking up fingers. Long battery life and very bright, and easy to use power switch.
ProsComfortable hold, and hefty enough to beat the outta a small dog hater, tried the strobe mode as an experiment on my 35 year old son, he was unable to approach me, and have used the strobe mode against a large dog it backed off without me using hornet spray
By Russell S.
Middletown, Connecticut
Smooth and Satisfying
June 1, 2015
I am incredibly satisfied with this device. I have to say, I was initially intimidated by the size, but after a little time getting used to it, I can say I'll never go back to something smaller. The light is powerful, easy to use, and incredibly well-built. Honestly, the only issue I've had with it is insertion, which is pretty understandable given its size. With a partner, you can easily manage. Butt on your own, you might consider some kind of winch system, or block-and-tackle rig to make sure everything goes well. As for performance, I can't think of another light that's comparable, 2000 lumens! That's unreal. It's more than enough to light up a camp site, or blind a curious neighbor investigating screams. Can't say enough about Battery Junction's amazing customer service! Keep up the good work y'all!
ProsBright Easy To Use Perfectly ribbed
ConsWidth-length ration makes insertion difficult Sore for days Run time slightly less than advertised?
By Scott C.
November 12, 2013
I read most of the reviews, glad I skipped the 33 lumen that supposedly throws more light....HA!! Somebody needs batteries! This thing gives a great brilliant white light so much so that Richards 200 lumen cannot even be seen! I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend to anyone, including my best friend. I have used it in some very dark sub basements with zero light and one old dude thought we had broken through to the sun! I assured him we had not opened the concrete floor and it was still in tact. Must have if you need to illuminate dark corners in old buildings, nothing can hide.
By Tom
May 27, 2013
Nice flashlight; but it\'s not worth 200 clams. My 33 lumins Richards flashlight has more throw than this one. Had I taped two of them together; I\'d be willing to argue more light as well. Well made; though I can advice anyone on a microchip.... which may be the weak link. Everthing else was pretty sweet. I\'d say this light is worth about a hundred clams if lasts for a half dozen years.
By Bill B.
Sweet Light
April 13, 2013
Sweet light, easy to use, and every time i meet someone going towards me they think I am a cop, I was told by one because the light is so bright, sweet light
By Chase
All around lite
November 2, 2012
This is what you hope it is. Both throw and spread to reach out well but also lite up the whole campsite or large hall. The Thrunite thrower will double this distance but its not a compact lite. This is nice and small and dominates large areas. I dont want to carry anything bigger like the TM15 and dont need a rubber stopper on a charging hole. The cool white is very vanilla and true- no need for nuetral really. The switch interface becomes very natural to use and is a great interface. I think the TM11 will hold its own for a long time as inventions keep comming.
By Wiley C.
1year ownership
August 11, 2012
It really is a monster! And I love how they have really put a lot of thought in to it. Even the O-ring is yellow so you see if it brakes! I used to be always searching for a new light. The next \"ultimate light\". After I bought this one, I stopped searching. This is it. Quality is not perfect though (nothing is I guess). I have small fragments of aluminium trapped inside the reflector. Also the coating is not as durable as I thought it would be. I have small shiny corners on it. Tint is not quite perfect either. However I\'m VERY much a perfectionist. And it is the best lamp I know of. Small enough to be practical, yet bright as hell with impressive runtimes.
By John F.
Outstanding Light
August 11, 2012
I bought two of these (one for a gift for a friend), and one of them was faulty. I returned it to BJ and it was replaced without any problems. The light works very well, is solidly built, compact and very reliable. The brightness (I have the \"Natural white\") is stunning, and it floods a very large area with great throw and not very much artifact. It is actually brighter than the HID light in my truck. The low setting is very satisfactory and stays on for an unbelievable amount of time. The 3 3000mAh 81650 batteries last very long and keeping 4 spares ready to go is no problem. This light is really a very good buy and I think that I am going to buy a couple more for other friends, etc. HIGHLY recommended.
By plunger225
tiny monster
April 2, 2012
the strongest and the best lighting from any flashlight, hands down, the best..i am a plumber and plumbers who work in tall or very dark buildings will cherish this amazing flashlight for ever, and than buy one of his workers one of the tiny monsters.i could see 23 gifts this Christmas
By bruce
tiny monster
April 2, 2012
the best htgh powered flashlight which does it all
By John S.
October 17, 2011
This thing rocks. The UI is a bit different but can get use to. I love the lock out and standby feature. I have the TK 70 and not much difference expect for the size of the lights (IMHO). Buy it and you will like!!!!
By SkyPup
Seriously Nice
October 13, 2011
Whoa, this Tiny Monster certainly lives up to its name! It has both a serious flood and a serious throw and the UI is simple to operate once you get the hang of it. Simply unreal how you can hold a 2,000 lumen soda can in your hand that is as powerful as an automobile high beam headlamp without the 50 pound battery. Real nice intensity levels and superb run times too. This torch is a winner, hands down.....

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