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So. Cal.
Very good 1AAA clickie, ALMOST a 5-Star rating
April 18, 2020
I have the 1AA Olight i5t and like it a lot so I decided to get the smaller 1AAA version in the i3t as well. Both have a clickie tail-cap that possesses a very nice feel to it. Both, in the amount of pressure it takes to activate it as well as the rubbery feel of the button itself. The tail-cap takes about 2.5 turns before it is screwed tightly onto the body. The light will function even if the tail-cap is unscrewed almost all the way. The beam has a defined center hotspot that blends very smoothly into a useful spill-light. The tint is on the Neutral White side, but not overly yellow. The threads are very smooth and came well lubed. As usual with Olight products, the fit and finish are top-notch and my i3t in tan was no exception. The double helix grooves help a lot in providing a good grip. The removable pocket clip helps give the i3t a better grip to the small light too. The two-way metal clip allows you to attach it to the bill of a cap or carry tip-up or down in a pocket. It provides a deep pocket carry when tip-down. The clip could be tighter in my opinion. It can come off much easier than I would like. There is a hole in the clip for a lanyard, however, the i3t does not come with one. It does come with a generic alkaline AAA battery. The UI is easy. Pressing the clickie halfway will give you a Low mode of 5 LU and from there, a quick second click will give you the High mode of 180 LU. Pressing the clickie all the way will maintain whatever mode you choose. There is no memory. The runtimes are rated at 21 minutes on High and 16 hours on Low. My runtime tests with fully charged Eneloop batteries yielded 24 minutes on High with a slight decrease in brightness to about 100 LU after approx 15 minutes. After 24 minutes total, the light started flashing quickly. I tried turning the light off and waiting a couple minutes before continuing on High and the light went back to flashing on High again. It did maintain a Low output of 5 LU for approx 2 more minutes before dimming to about 1 LU. I ended my High test after 30 minutes while the light was still putting out about 1 LU. During my test on High, the i3t became warm, but not hot. With another fresh Eneloop, I got about 10 hours on Low and the brightness slowly lowered from 5 LU to about 1 LU. I finally ended my Low mode test after 16 hours while there was still a faint output of about .5 LU. I was satisfied with my test results. I would expect even better results with a quality Alkaline battery. Overall, I am happy with the purchase.
By Randy
Falmouth , Maine
Handy EDC
December 11, 2019
This is an excellent light and I use it every day. It is very rugged with good illumination and uses economical batteries also at a very good price.I’m in construction and I’ve dropped it many times and it functions perfectly. I would definitely recommend this light I have given it as a gift.
By Scott
New Jersey
Great light.
October 22, 2019
The body of the light has good grip, light dose all I ask of it.
Great for 1AAA EDC
August 28, 2019
Fantastic performance for the price. This is the tiny tail clicky 1xAAA EDC that you've been looking for. This small light has been solid for several months now, so I feel very comfortable giving 5 stars. Simple UI with 2 useful modes and no silly strobe. Only minor nitpick -- a deep carry pocket clip would be nice.
By David
, Hudson Valley
Bright Small Light
October 10, 2018
Very good EDC light. 5 lumens on low and a very bright 180 lumens on high which fits in the watch pocket of a pair of jeans.
By Christopher H.
Great E.D.C.!
October 8, 2018
Love this light! One of my favorites but its only pumping out about 120 lumens. Have been told other people have had the same outcome and others saying there's are getting up to 230 lumens so its just the luck of the draw i guess. Had to clean metel shaving out of the treads as well but regardless its still one the best AAA Lights i have owned. Smallest light i own as well, highly recommend this one!
By Craig M.
El Paso, Texas
must have
September 11, 2018
This two power every day carry is a fantastic buy. I’d recommend it highly.
By at25526
OlightI3T...great AAA light
July 28, 2018
Great AAA battery powered light. 2 modes - low and high. No memory (always starts with low, click again for high). No unnecessary modes like strobe or sos. Plenty of light to work with (about the same as using the light on your phone). This is a perfect EDC light...it isn’t a searchlight. This is the light you need when the power goes out so you can find your other lights or to find something you dropped in the movies or to see your way to the car at night. Small enough to carry with you all the time

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