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By Ronald g.
Durham, ct.
Good price
December 31, 2020
My 2nd Valerie and 3rd O light.the quick release lever I'd Awwesome as well as the pulsing light. Switch is perfect and brightness is strong. Love this light!
By Darryl
Coral Springs, FL
Great Value
April 29, 2020
Great light for a great price! I have a sure fire and thought I would try this one for the price. I was very impressed. Great build quality. Great output. I like the activation interface better than the sure fire. I'll be buying another Olight and NOT another sure fire.
By Chad
Jamestown, NC
March 20, 2020
This is a high quality weapon light. I have no issues with the switch function. I've used this on three different weapons and the fit and performance worked with all three,
By Michael
lady lake, FL
Replacing my TLR-1, with an Olight PL-2.
June 6, 2019
This weapon light fits my Bradford Tactical IWB holster, made for a Streamlight TLR-1. Everything about this light is great!
By Eric S.
Oakland, ME United States
Great weapon light w/QD
January 6, 2019
Great bright weapon light. I ordered this particular light because it has 1200 lumen output and it has a QD attachment making it easily transferable between weapons. I have other weapon lights but they require mounting with tools and once mounted, are not easily removed when you want to mount on a different platform. This model is fast to mount and fast to dismount. Changing batteries can be done while mounted which is a plus. Operationally, I like the function of the switches as you can press for momentary light or turn on. Pressing the switch from either the side or the back works well. While it is too large for a subcompact pistol it works fine for a full size pistol or shotgun/rifle. Only downside is it's not for use inside the house doing room searches as it is too bright but works well for large areas inside or outside. Would definitely be good for "blinding" someone of needed. Overall I am happy with this light and may buy another soon.
By AUG41
Clarkston, MI
Likely the best WML for the money today
December 31, 2018
Outstanding output and easy manipulation. I have been using the Streamlight TLR-1 series on my handguns for years. I recently gave these a try and I am impressed. The spill is so much wider and more intense than the TLR-1HL's I have used. The PL2 has also withstood the recoil of my 9mm handguns easily. My night stand P320 RX wears the PL2 instead of th TLR-1HL now. I bought a few more to play with on some of my Carbines. My one and only gripe is that these lights do not take the rechargeable CR123s, even Olights own. If you need a holster made check out Black Rhino Concealement. They have the PL2 on their light list and likely can make a kydex holster for you.
By Jeff
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Olight Hit a Home-Run with this One
December 23, 2018
1,200 lumens out of a small package, sturdy but smooth construction, excellent activation switch. I tested it on my full size handguns as soon as it arrived and then installed it on my AR Pistol as intended. I was so pleased with the quality and value ($59.95) that I immediately went to the website to order 2 more but the price went up to $99.95 after I placed them in the cart. I deleted them from the cart and decided to wait for the next sale.
By M
Clover, VA
Excellent light at a reasonable price!
October 12, 2018
This replaced a Streamlight M3 on my home defense handgun. The light power is amazing, the controls easy to handle, and the attachment lock is much better than current competitors. Will probably purchase another.
By Charles
This light Really Shines
October 4, 2018
This is a awesome light, it's lumen's are second to none. The only thing I don't like about it is that they only last for around 3 minutes. But it will still give you plenty of light after that 3 minutes. But I have to say that I don't normally need a light for more then 3 minutes. And for the money you can't go wrong.
Great Beam For The Purpose
July 17, 2018
Great beam for the intended purpose. The switch is excellent and intuitive which it should be for stressful situations. The only fault I've found yet is heat during extended runtime but that's more of a technology fault than execution on the light build. Best output and features for the money currently! Likely to buy another one myself and highly recommended.
By Purpleslurpee
Banff, alberta
Olight Valkerie Pistol Light
June 11, 2018
Very powerful. Fits my Sig Sauer p226 very well. It is a heavy light so I would only use it on full sized frames. Tough and durable. The finish is easy to clean. A little clp and the crap comes right off.
By Rick G.
Indian Trail, NC
Rifle light
April 27, 2018
A fantastic light I mounted on my rifle. Wanted a bright light and this one is perfect. Another great thing about this light no need for a pressure pad to activate light. You don’t even have to loosen your grip touch the light. I like it so much I bought two
ProsThis light can be easily removed from a rifle to handgun in seconds.
ConsThere are no cons!
By Patrick
Charlottesville, Va
For the big ones
March 30, 2018
Great light, lots of output with good beam pattern and easy user interface. Secures on weapon well, easy to remove and then put back on. Some complain about too much light for a pistol, I'm not sure I agree. If you were to use this light after waking up in the middle of the night it would make you squint it's so bright, but so would 500 lumens or even 300. And If I was unsure of what's in the house or yard, I'd use a regular light first. When I'm using a pistol with this light on, I want it to blind whoever looks at it and I want it to light up everything well. This light does that. I think it's great. Biggest issue with light is the size, so if you're hoping to hang this off a sub-compact you'd better get the mini one. But I hang this off barrels of 5" or 6" and it's really good size for those guns. What I bought it for was to use on my G40 10mm with 6" barrel. That light goes with me camping and for outdoor use, where the big 1200 lumen light is very helpful. But I like the light so much, it sits on the somewhat smaller (though still big) .45 that gets pulled out if I hear someone in the house I don't want there. Overall great light, I've shot with it multiple times and it soaks up the recoil and keeps working. Make sure to put the right adapter on though, the first time I used it I just clipped the light on the rail of my pistol with the quick release only, and it slid off the end after a few shots. The adapter piece is needed to keep it from sliding.
ProsUser Interface Beam and Light output quality mount looks good
Conslarge light, too big for subcompact maybe even compacts don't forget to put adapter on so it doesn't slide off
By Matthew
Love it!
January 30, 2018
Using one on a Glock 19 and planning to purchase a second one to keep on an AR. The user interface is simple and the attach/detach systems is best I have seen in the industry. Light output is fantastic, the manufacture's did a good job with balancing throw/hotspot/spill/flood... you definitely light up your target with a blinding hotspot, but the light also produces a generous amount of spill, so it floods the surrounding area with very usable light (no tunnel vision.) I have used Insight Tech Surefire and Streamlight weapon lights in the past and the new Olight PL-2 Valkerie is superior in quality, user interface, mounting, light output, light throw/flood balance, and is priced right!! The only downside at the time of this review is the lack of holster options. However, I'm sure that holster manufacturers will catch on quickly that this light is sure to become one of the most popular ones out there.
ProsMounting system Light throw/flood balance User interface Quality construction/materials Fair price Its 12000 freaking lumens!
ConsHolster manufacturers need to hurry up and start providing more options for us
By Raymond
Palm Coast, FL
Fantastic Weapon Light!
January 18, 2018
This Weapon Light was a Christmas gift from my wife.She is very smart because she picked the light that I really wanted and purchased it from Battery Junction! This light is the perfect weapon light in my opinion. It is not too bright, it is the perfect brightness for any situation. Lights up a whole room and will probably stun and blind any intruder. Another fact that some may want to know is that it works perfectly on the SigSauer proprietary rails. I have put it on a P220R Carry and a P226 and it is rock solid. Perfect ergonomics.No reason to pay all that extra money for "The famous must have brand" if you know who I mean. This Olight is solid. I love it!
By vjm
January 12, 2018
It has a wide enough beam, with light spill, so it lights up a good area. The beam is very bright, but not blinding to the user. Controls are intuitive and function well.
By Kevlar
Olight PL2
December 19, 2017
Impressed I am using this light on a rifle (X95) The output and beam pattern is excellent I like the controls and in my opinion better than a toggle switch QD Mount seems solid and nice feature Time will tell on durability Very happy with this light
By Chris
Denver, Colorado
Great price and awesome brightness
November 23, 2017
If you need a bright weapon light this is really good option and wont break the bank.
ProsUses Cr123A/Rcr123A/16340.
ConsBut will not fit 16340 with built in micro usb port
By Charles
Oklahoma City, OK
Great weapon light
August 31, 2017
I ordered this light and attached it to my AR-15. It lights up easily a person out to 100 yards. Way too bright for a pistol inside your house. Not sure what pistol would need 1200 lumens with no way to adjust the brightness. Just 1200 bright or strobe.
ProsSuper bright Lots of throw Good switches that click small and compact
ConsNo way to turn down the lumens Way too bright for inside a regular house, reflections will blind you
By Andrew
Prescott, AZ
Excellent Light
August 14, 2017
Wide pattern, with surprisingly even illumination. Not a long-distance thrower, but that's not what it's all about. It will definitely light somebody up. ;) Mounting system seems pretty fool-proof and solid.
ProsPower, pattern and mounting system.
ConsSwitch can be a bit stiff.
By Mike
Springfield, MO
Great light
July 18, 2017
This light is bright. Buttons are easy to use and it has a great halo. I tried this light because of the lumens and love it. I primarily use a Streamline TLR 1s which mounts with a screw, this light uses a throw lever and seems to be solid. I have not shot with it on the gun yet.
ProsSnug fit easy to use activation and bright.
ConsBit of a reach on a block 17/22. Seems to be a better fit for 19/23.
By will f.
Almost Perfect! Outrageous light output!
July 15, 2017
I had the Olight striker for about a year, never failed me in any indoor or field operations. I was entertaining the TLR 2 G with the green laser because some field activities require us to daylight activities the some if not most red lasers will be difficult to have visual of, I was hoping he green laser would do better. But most of all the activities require a dependable high output light to have positive outcome, as we needed to spot the locations that may serve as shelter to our subjects of interest when we are on the ground. Some equipment may not be used in our area for the technological confidentiality. This product stuns a subject on the other end and gives us the time element needed to identify their threat level and although the striker does the job, this product gives this user a free hand to assist in manuevers...I have 2 products from Olight and 1 from Fenix....so far I am entertaining acquiring the 2300 lumens from Olight
ProsNo movement whatsoever upon attachment to the pistol (FNH 45). streamlined fit to my High Threat Concealment Holster to entertain the TLR 2 G outrageaos light output!
Consbatteries may be? (please see question on this site)
By Bull30213
Atlanta, GA
Impressive output and familiar form factor
June 30, 2017
I am extremely happy with this light. It is very sturdy and fits my Glock perfectly with a slightly more secure fit than my venerable TLR1-HL. The cam to lock the rails in place is secure and lays flat enough that it doesn't snag. Output is superb, and operation is easy with the switch orientation that allows me to push in from the side or push straight forward with my thumb. Perhaps best of all is that the form factor is almost identical to the TLR-1 series from streamlight. The body shape, width, height and bezel are all almost exactly the same. The bezel diameter is just barely smaller than the TLR1, but you have to look carefully to see the difference. The benefit here is that all of my holsters that are designed for the TLR1 work perfectly with the PL2. I've done testing and draws from Blackhawk, Safariland, and Crossbreed holsters with the new PL2 and they have all worked perfectly. Based on output performance so far, I'll be doing future testing soon to see if it can maybe replace the TLR1-HP units on some of my rifles and lower their profile a bit. So if you're looking for a weaponlight, you can stop now - this is it.
ProsExtreme light output Compatibility with existing TLR1 holsters Picatinny cam lock doesnt loosen like the screw on TLR1-HL Price is competitive at $99
ConsMust use trigger finger or other digit to activate strobe function since this mode uses switches on both sides simultaneously. Free shipping was nice but took forever to get here (DHL slow boat then handed off to USPS)

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