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By Larry
It's alright I guess?
February 11, 2021
For the money it's an OK light. I don't care for the QD lever sticking out the side of an otherwise sleek and compact package. I feel like this lever could be about 50 percent smaller or somehow made REMOVABLE after mounting? If you lay your gun on the lever side it will sit weird and I found that pretty annoying. The charge cable is WAY TOO SHORT. I also found the ratcheting base to light positioning about as gimmicky as it is innovative. Once you get the two pieces very far apart it just seems sort of clunky & I question the solidity of the system.
By Travis
Deep South
Much brighter than I expected
December 27, 2020
This light is awesome. This is the first mini light I've used and and it's all you'll ever need for a pistol.
By steve
Maple Hill, KS
Compact& Bright
September 10, 2020
Very pleased with my purchase of Olight PL- MINI 2 VALKYRIE Rechargeable Weapon Light . Fits many compact firearms . I am very happy with how bright this little light is, very impressed . Will be purchasing more products from Battery Junction.
By Glock L.
Fantastic Light for Glock 17 Gen 5
September 7, 2020
Outstanding price and it’s so bright. Don’t let 600 lumens fool you. It is plenty bright
By Walter
Virginia Beach
Great Accessory
September 3, 2020
This light was easy to mount and the magnetic charging is super simple. Tried it at night down a 20 foot hallway, almost too bright with white walls. Will definitely stun and blind someone not expecting the beam. Attached to an AR forend, it is easy to use a finger tip to turn on/ off. Wish I had one years ago. Beats fumbling with a separate tac light!
By Timbo
Best handgun light!
April 21, 2020
This is my second OLight. Quality made light and the quick release locks very secure. No batteries to buy and charges quickly. Best light on the market! Battery Junction has the best price!
By Tony W.
Hampton Va.
Great product!!
December 23, 2019
The light is better than I expected, a prefect fit for my weapon system.
By Joseph
Richmond, TX
Versatile light
July 21, 2019
I really like that I can quickly and easily switch this light from handgun to handgun. The magnetic charging makes charging way more convenient as I don't have to unload the weapon before removing batteries to charge. Light has the best and most intuitive controls on their weapon lights. Brightness is good. Value is great!
By Mark
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Great compact weapons light.
June 18, 2019
Really bright blinding light. Great for cqb. Fits on everything I own. Walther, Glock, Sig p226. I got the bronzed one to match my 19X slide. No more batteries with the charging system. Would buy more in the future. I have 3 olight valkerie already.
By Michael
lady lake, FL
"Wish I'd thought of that."
June 6, 2019
Olight Makes great products. But this weapon light moves for & aft. This can be mounted on any gun that has a 1913 rail. I've been looking for this for years.
By Maurice
Glen Burnie., MD
Refreshing Update to this series
February 27, 2019
This light is what I expect from Olight, I already have two of their lights and this one compliments the others, bright, long lasting and durable. Love the fact that there is now a light for the sub-compact category of pistols. Olight for the win....again.
By AUG41
Clarkston, MI
Awesome light
February 4, 2019
Finally a great metal bodied light that will work on many sub compacts. I have been searching for the right light for my S&W M&P9c 3.6. For years. To date I have damaged through normal use a few TLR-3s. While those worked well they were too weak and fragile. I think this one is it. Its small and powerful. It requires no altercation of the trigger guard like the TLR7/8. Its metal and not polymer and should be more durable than the TLR 3/4 with 6x the output. A custom holster will soon be ordered.
By Jamison
Fits compact pistols that the original won't!
February 2, 2019
This light is beautiful because it fits PERFECTLY onto my Ruger SR9c. I debated blindly buying the original PL-Mini, but decided against it after some research and googling into whether it would fit (it would not have). Thank you Olight for coming out with the shorter more compact AND ADJUSTABLE version 2! My experience is only with my SR9c. According to the specs it has a 3.4 inch barrel and I can also tell you it uses the Glock-style rail (or at least I'm using the Glock piece on this light's mount instead of the 1913 piece). Once in place and adjusted back to the trigger guard the light extends perfectly to the end of the barrel. That being said since it IS adjustable this light is a game changer to the market of pistol lights, especially with how small it is to begin with! I assume it should fit on most everything, since you can literally just slide the light portion along the mount back and forth to accommodate different sizes of rails and trigger guards on different pistols. Interestingly when putting it on my FNX9 it also fits very very well and about flush to the end even with a 4 inch barrel vs. the Ruger's 3.4. Just another data point for you. Personal pictures of the light on my SR9c posted, as well as a bonus pic of it on the FNX (though not tightened down only because I didn't want to switch to the 1913 rail adapter).

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